This Time I'm Ready To Run.

DayDream: 6


The lights are out and the city is still wide awake.

Luna tiptoes with her bag on her shoulder as well as guilt and pain. Thrill, sadness. The floorboards creak as she makes her way to the front door.

This is it.

She was escaping the place that made her feel like the murderer she thinks she is.

She’s been planning this for a month now. Each night she tiptoes to the same place, but she couldn’t bring herself to do it. But this time she’s ready to run. Run into the far future.

She places her shaking hands on the cold door handle and she holds it, trying to brush all her mixed emotions aside. “I can do it.” She whispers to herself. She clenches her eyes shut as she twists the handle, exposing the outside world.

She stares at the empty hallway for a while contemplating her decision. She goes over the things she needs: phone, phone charger, clothes, toothbrush and paste, her moon necklace, the money she stole from her parents.

She takes a deep breath in and out before she steps into the open.

With tears streaming down her sad face, she quietly closes the door behind her.

She checks her phone. 01:34.

“Shoot.” She snickers under her breath. She needs to get a taxi before it’s too late.

“Goodbye mum,” She whispers from behind the door. She looks at her necklace. “Bye, dad.”

Her dad left for a business trip. She was thinking she could wait a while longer until he comes back, but she couldn’t. This was it. She had to go.

She takes a brief look at the door, the hallways, the chipped, ugly wallpaper, all her childhood memories, and runs for her life.

She knows she’s set free.

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