This Time I'm Ready To Run.

Love Masks


He turns to me, confused about what I’m saying.

If I’m being honest, I’m confused too. I’m not a person who believes in love. Not anymore, anyway. He swims closer to me and wraps his arms around my bare waist, making my heart erupt into small pieces.

“Happiness, joy and love.” I finally finish the sentence he’s been longing to hear.

Even in the darker sky, I see his cheeks fade to pink. There’s a jitter in the stomach I can’t explain, but it’s not going away. I know exactly how I feel. I feel stupid for not knowing.

Maybe I just was ignoring it.

He smiles as if he knew all along as his wet lips touch mine. His tongue enters my mouth, making the jittering feeling stronger than before, as I feel love.

I feel love.

I move my hands into his wet hair as the kiss becomes more intense, making me want him even more. The taste of sweetness enters my mouth, the smell of his skin mixing with the salt of the water intoxicating my lungs.

I melt into his arms so he holds me up, making our foreheads touch as he smiles into our long kiss.

“I love you, Harry.”

He smiles even more at the words that I didn’t know would ever come out of my mouth. My heart flutters as he squeezes my hips, making me smile against those perfect lips of his. I sink into his body, wanting his touch more and more.

It feels like a first kiss all over again.

The feeling, the taste, everything.

I pull away to take a breath as he’s already sucked all the air out of me.

“You said...” He pants “You said you don’t believe in love.”

I did.

Our noses touch, making him do a soft smile.

“I guess we’re both hypocrites.”

Barely a millisecond later, he crashes his lips into mine making colours explode in my mushed up mind, his tongue slipping in through my lips. My stomach dances as our lips magnetize to each other.

Yes, the candle burns out, but I’m going to enjoy the scent while it lasts.

He slams the door shut, my body connected to his, our clothes wet and transparent.

My stomach explodes as he takes me to the bedroom, too distracted by my lips to care about the fact that it’s midnight and we probably shouldn’t make too much noise.

He takes off my dress, leaving me in underwear before he quickly connects lips again, goosebumps erupting all over. I love this feeling. I moan into his lips as everything becomes a steamy, quick blur.

The next thing I know, he slips on protection as he suctions onto my bare neck making my heart thump into my warm chest. Without processing anything because of the intimate pleasure I’m feeling, I take my hands and spread them out against his bareback, bringing him closer to me. I feel the warmth from him, making my body turn mushy.

“I love you, Blossom,” He whispers, clearly out of breath. My cheeks turn pink, butterflies roaming my stomach as he smiles into the long kiss, making me moan into his neck.

That’s probably a hickey.

He kisses me down the middle of my breasts, making my chest rise like a balloon. He makes his way back up to my lips, longing to meet his, and when they do meet, I feel his hard dick insert into me, making me whimper through my teeth.

I notice how it’s a little more comfortable than before and I feel more pleasure in doing it. I can take in his features.

His dark, crystal eyes focused on mine, his forehead lined with sweat as he grits his teeth. I see that colour of burning red is flushed across his soft cheeks. He’s got this focused frown on his immaculate face, being more shaped the more his grinds.

Without thinking, I purse my eyes shut, not being able to contain myself much longer.

I peek up at his damp, red face once more as he moans then his lips come crashing to mine again.

He sucks all the air out of my trembling body as I reach my brink. “H-harry,” I moan out his name “I.. I’m gonna cu-” I don’t bear to finish the sentence as he grinds further, making me moan loud.

I watch him smile “Shhh,” He laughs, panting for air “You’re gonna wake up the neighbours,” He jokes, making me smile profusely, to the point where my cheeks ache.

He places his lips on mine as he cups my breast, making my stomach flip. I once again moan his name as he lets go of the kiss, to let air come through to our lungs. He doesn’t stop to grind harder and faster, making me bite my clammy fingers. “Bl- Fuck,” He moans. “You’re gonna kill me one day, you know that?” His words tremble out of his mouth.

Everything around me becomes nonsense as I forget to comprehend thoughts or anything. All I hear are loud moans coming from each of us.

I’ve reached my brink. He’s reached his.

We both moan as he pulls out as I turn into a pool of goo.

Yes, I have fallen in love with Harry Styles.

I hear Harry’s muffled singing from the stage so far from where I am. It turns out backstage is like a maze.

I hear the tapping of my shoes as I turn to find another set of hallways. It’s nice to have some peace and quiet. I know fair enough I can hear Harry singing, but it’s distant, and no one is running around me every two seconds.

Finally, a toilet sign.

I turn a sharp left, as the sign says, leading me to another set of corridors.

My phone starts buzzing as I pick up the pace, now dying to use the loo. “Blossom?” I hear out of my phone. “I’ve been busy doing some stuff.” She says, muffling the last word. “Sorry I couldn’t call sooner.”

She sounds nervous and scared, making me feel on edge.

“It’s okay Ems. I’ve got a lot to-”

I hear this echoing sound, making a pit drop into my empty stomach.

“Tell you...” I finish, trying not to look back.



The phone becomes silent. It lost connection.

At least I’m in the bathroom, though.

I hear this bang, making my heart pound in my stomach. I don’t feel safe. Maybe it’s okay and everything’s fine, but I can’t exactly ignore my feelings. I’m not going to take the risk.

I look in the mirror and take a deep, long breath.

I can do this.

I exit the bathroom and make my way back.

This is gonna take a while.

The pit still in my stomach, I turn back, hearing another loud band.

Surly, even if it is anything, it’s safer to go the other way, so I do.

Me walking as fast as possible quickly turns into a run.

And then, I pause.

The other masked person.

So, I start sprinting for my life.

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