This Time I'm Ready To Run.

DayDream: 7


It’s been some time. Luna started fresh.

Or so she thought.

“Blossom” her boyfriend calls her new name from the kitchen.

She hops off the chair to answer him. She loves James.


“Do you have money? Me and my friends are going out tonight.”

“No.” She answers, already feeling a pit in her stomach “I’m sorry, Jam. I just- I need to buy food for us and-”

“Us?” He asks, standing up, towering over her. “Last time I checked you don’t live with me. You don’t even have a job to keep ‘us’ alive. Your laz-”

“James, I’m sorry, I’m trying to find a job,” She flinches, regretting to let him in the door this morning.

“And now you’re fucking butting in? What the hell’s wrong with you?” He asks, his blood boiling.

“I- I don’t know, James I’m trying to find a j-”

“You said you used to have a job. Where’s the money?” He asks forcefully. “Huh? Wheres the fucking money Blossom or so help me.” He pushes her against the wall, Blossom in tears, her heart thumping in her chest.

“I don’t have an-”

“I need money for tonight, Blossom. Give it to me.”

“I don-”

“Don’t give me that bullshit. You’re a fucking liar, give it to me,” He screams in her face.


“Give it to me!” He screeches, slapping his hand across her face, making her freeze in pain.

She falls to the floor, unable to comprehend everything. “Where’s your purse?” He asks, timider than before.

“T- the- my coat.” She answers, telling the truth.

She loves the other side of James. The one that cares. But today’s James isn’t the James she enjoys. She’s fallen in love with his other side. She can’t give him up.

She’s not running away, not this time.

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