This Time I'm Ready To Run.

My Love On This Day


She doesn’t move. I almost collapse from the realisation that I’ve been best friends with the person that is trying to kill me. I feel ill, lied to and my heart throbs.

The person who was there for me is also trying to kill me. It all makes sense now. She wasn’t busy. She was just trying to find out where I am. Her parents didn’t visit, she wanted to kill me.

She’s been lying this whole time.

My throat is dry as if all the water in the world has been sucked. I can barely breathe and I feel defeated that I fell for it.

I would just call the police right now but in all honesty, I feel wrong doing so. The girl in front of me is my closest friend, not a criminal.

I guess nobody’s perfect.

She looks down at her feet and drops the knife in shame. Or what looks like shame. “D-did you- did James get locked up?” She asks timidly.

She takes a step forward as I flinch. “Don’t come any closer,” I command, petrified but trying to stand tall.

I have so many thoughts that I don’t know how to start. I’m confused, angry and most of all disappointed. “Is he locked up?” She reiterates, taking a step back.

I hesitate to answer but nod. “Why?” I start to crack, a tear shifting down my cheek.

“James is a bad person, Blossom.”

“Nice of you to have found out.”

“Blossom, I-” She pauses and looks up at me. Her eyes have guilt in them, filled to the brim. His lips are trembling, her chest rising up. “The night he asked if he could see you.”

I pause, confused but not showing it on the outside. She could pick up the blade and stab me right here. I’ve said on many occasions that I would like to be sucked whole and right now, I want the opposite.“He said that Harry replaced him and he wants his turn,” Tears start to overfill her guilty eyes as she comes closer. I don’t resist as she continues. “Blossom, I’m sorry I-”

She comes a tiny bit closer, fighting on the spot. The blade is way behind us now. “He threatened me. My family. He told me that he wanted his turn and the plan was that if you didn’t want him, he’d kill you.”

I feel an uncomfy feeling fill my stomach as I feel myself go pale, my jaw clenching. “He threatened that if I didn’t help, he’d bring me down along with my family and you too. I couldn’t do it, Bloss. He offered £1000 for it, not including flying from place to place. I was assuming what he had done was unsuccessful and that he’d been taken away but I didn’t want to risk it. That’s why I bought the knife and mask.”

It all makes sense but how can I trust that? Emma is the most amazing person in the world and I’m not throwing that away. I don’t think I’ll ever be as close to her ever again, or at least for some time. She’s lyed to be and slit my throat. She’s caused physical pain. But then again I’d rather be dead or be with James than for her and her family to die.

“Why did you cut my throat?” I ask, stepping back.

“Because that day I thought he was still out there. That day he said he’d hide whilst I got you. He said to make a cut but I couldn’t kill you. Little did I know he was already gone and I realised that when I went to the hiding spot and he wasn’t there.”

I don’t respond. I feel lied to. I feel disdraught.

Most of all I feel as if my best friend was just an act.

“Call the police.” She says, raising up her shaking hands.

“Emma n-”

“Do it. I don’t want to live knowing that I-”

“Emma no.” I say sternly. “No. I’m not doing that. It was rather one person dying or your whole family dying. No one is calling anybody.”

She opens her mouth but refuses to say anything else. I see the pain in her. The guilt in her voice washing all over me. She lowers her arms as her eyes flicker to mine.

After a moment of silence, she continues. “C-can I.. Can I hug you?” She asks.

Without a moment of thought, I embrace her in a warm, heartfelt hug.

“I’ll never deserve you.” She whispers.

“Harry.” I whisper, staring at the angelic boy lounging in the bed.

Just because of what happened already doesn’t mean I’m not going back to my parents.

“Blossom.” He answers back in his most amazing morning voice. “Good morning,” He smiles, making my heart melt. He’s so so perfect to the point I don’t think he’s actually real.

“We’ve got a busy day.” I smile.

His confused face enters the room. I expected it, though. He doesn’t know anything about today and that’s what makes it so exciting. “My love, today we don’t have a-”

I interrupt with a kiss.


My love.

My. Love.

I’m his love? Blossom that was such a late reaction. My cheeks burn to pink as I jump off the bed that I’d love to slumber in for the rest of my existence and make my way to the kitchen. My love. Something about that makes my heart want him more than I already do. It may not be much for him. What if it isn’t? What if he didn’t mean to say that?

Blossom, no.

I hear him close the ensuite bathroom door as I put the bread into the silver toster.

Excited and high on energy, I go to the door where I find the missing paper and my shoes.

I slide on the shoes with my face moulds into a big smile.

I skip around as I hear Harry exit the bathroom, meaning he’s getting dressed.

His routine is not too planned out. He brushes his white pearls, puts his clothes on and has breakfast. It’s pretty simple and easy to remember.

The toaster pops as I see a golden brown piece of toast pop out. Perfect. I glide my buttered knife along the piece of toast and make my way to the door with it.

“No breakfast?” I hear Harry say as he enters the living area. Cleary didn’t see me make the toast.

He smiles at me. I’m probably humming or something like that. I shake my head and place the toast in his mouth.

I then lead him out of the door making our way down the building.

So much emotions are fizzing up, like a coke bottle ready to explode. It’s truly amazing. I mean today I get to see my dad and the amazing soft smile he always shines. I get to see his wall where he displays all my awards on there. I get to see everything and I almost can’t contain myse-


I bump into the glass entrance, not noticing we’ve already gotten this far. I discard my brain as I know I would be more embarrassed if I used it. I turn to Harry as he smiles profusely. As it turns out, Harry’s smile seems to be extremely contagious as I smile back.

This is the day.

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