This Time I'm Ready To Run.

DayDream: 8


Luna’s family enter this open alleyway with light shining on the damp floor.

This isn’t what she expected. Luna has always thought somewhere so big like New York would have a much more modern look.

With a tiny glimpse of doubt in her body, she speaks “It looks amazing..” She lies, trying to make her parents happy.

Her parents look at each other knowing that Luna is telling lies. “Luna don’t worry, inside will be better,” Her mother says, hands entwined.

Her mother and father swing Luna up in the air so she feels as if she’s flying. Giggles enter the space between them as they walk through the door.

“207... 207... 207...” Her mother repeats, trying to remember their number. “Oh, there it is.”

They enter the open space, empty as ever.

“Welcome home, little one.”

This is the day.

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