This Time I'm Ready To Run.

Nuggies and Orange Juice

The silence is, as usual, overtaking us.

I try to battle the silence by asking him about his music, yet nothing seems to be able to exit my mouth. Probably for the best. It’s difficult for me. Maybe him. But, for me, I don’t want to sound intruding, as if I need to know everything about him. He doesn’t know me. I mean he knows I’m Blossom, which seems to be ‘Love’ in his language. I don’t judge. What do I possibly say to him to not be in his business?

We make eye contact in unison. Oh god. My face turns into a vivid red, and I swiftly look away, back at my lap. This is no longer awkward, just embarrassing.

I give a side-eye, back to his face, which hasn’t moved since we made eye contact. Why isn’t he looking at the road? We arent possibly at the location already. I don’t think it’s even been 10 minutes. I mean I didn’t think he’d want to kill me that quickly. I probably would, but I’m not him. As quick as possible, I look up at the road, concerned that we will crash. I mean why is he looking at me? I wouldn’t. Nothing flattering about me. Luckily, we are at some traffic lights surrounded by some small shops and fast foods. Probably unlucky for him. He as a slight frown and I try to catch on why. He probably sees the body language change.

“You okay, love?” Yes. He does see my body language change. My hands are more clammy and my muscles are as stiff as ever. Not in a good way, though. “You hungry?” Yes, I forgot to eat my cereal this morning.“Need a drink?” Considering I haven’t even answered his first question yet, he keeps on adding on questions. He seems genuinely concerned about me. But why? I mean, thank you, but why? I don’t. I barely know what’s going on right now, let alone be concerned about how I’m acting. I guess I always act like this when I’m nervous.

“Yes, I’m fine,” His face still doesn’t move from mine, his frown not wiping off his face. I am pretty hungry and thirsty but, I don’t want it to be as if I’m using him. I didn’t ask to be here in the first place.“Some food and drink would be great.” The words stumble out my mouth. I didn’t mean to say that. He will probably just drop me off after. He probably thinks I’m using him. I’m really not.

He nods swiftly, then almost immediately changes his gears and enters the Mcdonalds drive through. He doesn’t have to do this. I have to tell him. But what if--

Happy thoughts Blossom.

“Harry,” Why do I hate saying the name so much? It’s not as if I hate it I guess, I think its just because I don’t know him well. I think.“I... you know... ” Say it then Bloss.“You don’t have to buy me this. I don’t want you to waste money on this.” I wave my hands around my body as if I’m trying to sell myself. “I’m not worth it Harry.” His name again.

For an unknown reason, my heart races, waiting for an answer. Do I want an answer? I think I do.

The frown re-enters his face.

“Love,” It’s Blossom. Or Bloss.“If you’re hungry, I’m going to feed you. I’m not going to let you starve,” I would let me starve.“If I really didn’t care, I would have left you with the ducks.” His eyes pierce through mine, but not in a way that made me feel lifeless and unwanted. More of just uncomfortable. As if the sun is next to me giving me a painful heat beside me. I already feel my face heat up to a bright, hot red. “Love,” Not my name.“Blossom,” Well done, you got my name right.“Bloss,” We’re friends? My face turns red once again, my heart slowing down, yet so fast, taking up all my energy. “You are worth it. Everyone’s worth it? Even criminals... okay maybe not criminals.” I chuckle at his speech. I probably look like a dying cow laughing. In a way, I can tell he’s not finished. I feel by jaw detach from but face. I look up at him, face still red like Rudolph’s nose, “Please let me buy you food.” I just stare at him in a non-weird way, just speechless on what to say. Although he sounded like he was telling the truth, I can’t believe it. I’m not worth that much.“Pretty please?” His eyes sparkle from the sun. I’m guessing this is him using ‘puppy eyes’ to persuade me. I’m speechless. My mind is blank and I don’t know why.

He leaves me completely bewildered once again. That’s twice he’s done this. I stare back down at my lap. “You sure?” I say in the timidest voice. I feel him look at me again. I side-eye him again. He gives a reassuring nod, before reverting his focus to the road.

We pull up to the outside menus.

“What would you like, love?”

A smirk overtakes my face, as I know exactly what I want. “Nuggies- I mean nuggets.” I’m such a child. His faces lights up with the brightest smile. I look up at him, surprisingly without feeling wrong doing so. “Happy Meal nuggi- nuggets please.” Is that choice to baby-ish? I am almost certain he at the very least dislikes me now. Yet the things he said earlier. About me being worth it? He probably didn’t mean it.

“Good choice.” He replies. I hope he meant that.“Drink?”

Usually, I would get plain water but I’m treating myself. Well, not really treating my self. It’s just that today’s been a huge blur so why not?

“Orange juice, please.” He nods in agreement, smile not leaving his face.

“Sides, love?”

Fries. I mean why would I want to get fruit in at fast food place? “Fries.”

He hums in agreement.

“Harry,” yes, that’s a name Bloss, don’t freak out.“You sure, you want to do this. I mean... you don’t... I’m not... YouDon’tNeedToDoIt.” I hope he understood the last bit. I barely understood it myself.

“Course I’m sure.”

I reply by giving him a nod. “Thank you,” I say in a timid voice. I can tell he heard me, as he nods back.

Waiting for our food now. I’m getting hungrier by the second.

After eating our food we set off again. I feel tired for some strange reason. I mean its probably because I barely see the sun, normally in my room sorting out my book.More like me trying to write the first word. I still don’t see me eating Maccie Ds is going to help me battle my writers block in any way. Aside from that, it’s nice seeing the sun. I’m very happy with today. Even though I’m sure I’ve made well over 100 mistakes already. Whilst eating, I got to know about him. Like how he likes the colour orange, and how he has over 56 tattoos. He didn’t really find out about me. I mean, there’s not much to know. He knows I’m writing a book. I guess he found out that I like chicken nuggets, and how I call them nuggies without thinking. Embarrassing. I feel like a mess compared to him. He seems to know himself a lot. He seems like he’s got his act together, though I still don’t know him. I try not to think of it. We halt at the red traffic light and make eye contact. I quickly revert my eyes to the steering wheel, though my face doesn’t move. I go bright red. Once again.

“To the tower bridge.”

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