This Time I'm Ready To Run.

Confusion of Greetings

I wake up to the sight of Emma Lee.

Emma Lee with a full frown on her face.

“Blossom!” Considering she’s using my full name, this can’t be good. And even half-asleep Blossom knows that. Dragging me out of my sleep, I see Emma towering over me with her hands on her hips. I sit up and realise I’m supposed to say something. Anything.

What do I say?

I could say anything and everything right now, and no words, sentences or anything comes into my overthinking brain. I just have to improvise. Though, last night, that didn’t end up well. I can’t even remember how I got into the house, but I’m guessing Ems does. Silence enters the room before rapidly getting kicked out my Emma.

“So?” Oh no. Sassy Emma is here. The bad sass.“Where have you been? I told you to go to the park so you can ‘start fresh’ " That’s not how I sound. At all. I did not appreciate that impression.“I was going to send a whole search party for you!”

Somehow, my brain is still very much blank. I don’t know what to say. I don’t know what happened since I got in the Taxi!

“What?” I say in the timidest voice ever. I feel my head tilt to the side. This is not a pleasant alarm clock. And I thought my phone’s alarm was bad.

“What? What! What do you mean what? You left this house at 11 am and came back at 4 am the next day! How could I not be worried?” I guess I get her. I would be worried too. I would be too worried to do anything to be fair. But right now I can’t think straight. I’m hungry. And tired.

I get up from the couch before quickly being sat back down by Emma. You can tell this isn’t good.

“And, and!” She shouts. Though she is at least 3 inches away, it sounds like she is screaming in my ear. I think at the least, our next-door neighbour can hear us.“Some One Direction member carried you to the doorstep?” Wait what? See, this is the bit where I don’t know what happened.

“What?” Why is 'what' the only words that can physically exit my mouth? I still can’t comprehend why Harry Styles decided to not wake me up and decided instead to carry me.

“You’ve got some explaining to do young lady!” Although I’m a week older than her, she is right. I do need to explain. I nod and pat the space next to me for her to sit down to have our ′Blomma Talk’ We don’t really have these talks anymore, as she already knows I’m writing a book and it’s still a completely blank document. And it seems the document of boys seems to be blank to so, we haven’t really had a Blomma talk is a while. Since James.

“Okay,” I say. She cocks my eyebrows. How dare she. Although a good place to start is from the beginning I know I’m going to struggle way too hard to put it into words. “So first...he...then...well,” Told you.“I went to the Park and sat down by the lakes after getting some te--”

“No, no, tell me the bit where Harry Styles comes in!”

“Okay, okay!” I watch Ems lean back into the couch but I can tell she’s drawn to know what happened. In all honesty, so would I. “I sat down to start writing, and then Harry Styles asked me to--”

“Let me guess!” She claps her hand, now leaning into the conversation. “He asks you on a date? Wait, no, he swept you off your feet and drove off into the sunset with you? Yeah, yeah that’s it! That would be why you were so late!” Nope. Not like anything that happened at all. I shake my head no.

“He sat down and offered me some--”

“Oh! I bet he offered you wine! I bet then he kissed you!”

“Oh let me finished!” I never thought it would be so difficult to explain what happened only last night. And considering that it’s barely my fault it taking so long, I must be doing something right. She preps herself and listens. “So, he then took me to London...”

“Wait. So you’re telling me that Harry Styles, like the Harry Styles, took you to London because of your writer’s block?” I nod to her summery.

“And and! He had this thing about keeping my hands warm.”

“I can already see you two being a couple!” I wish. I would ruin his life. Plus, he’s probably to busy for me. “So, why were you so late?” she said in the most calmest voice she’s had since I have awoken to her face in mine.

“His car, which was actually pretty old-fashioned but very nice, broke down, so we got a repair-man and a Taxi.” I like having Blomma talks. I can just unravel my self. Feels great.“The traffic was terrible so we spent a few hours outside the corner shop. He was speaking about Mitch, his guitarist, and how he made Mitch laugh. It was funny seeing him be so thrilled about that. Soon, the taxi arrived and then the night ended.”

Knock knock.

Emma and I race to the door in unison, our feet sliding across the wood. I just about beat her and opened the door. And boy I was not prepared.

Harry’s here.

He greets me with an extremely warm hug. I’ve not seen what I look like, but I bet it’s a state. I can’t possibly look anywhere near good. I mean, I barely slept last night. I feel my face go red and I want to just sink right now. In fact, I need to sink right now.

“Hello, Blossom!” He says with my brightest smile across his face with his luminous dimples. “This must be, Emma.” I’m very surprised he remembered my name or even is here today. I thought he’d forget about me. But I guess not because here he is. He walks over to Emma to shake her hand. I also notice that Emma also has a smirk on her face, making my cheeks redder. “I’m Harry nice to meet you.” I probably look like a pumpkin.

But none of this links up. Why is Harry at my doorstep? He isn’t meant to be here. He was supposed to forget about me. If I were him, which I’m very obviously not, I would forget about me. Another thing that makes no sense is how they’ve not met yet. I mean, how haven’t they met if Emma knows how I got into the house. How does Emma know that the ex-bandmate of One Direction carried me to my doorstep? See, there are loads of gaps in the story that needs filling up.

“What?” Oh god, I’m back to the whats. I see them turn their face at me, Harry’s face has his dimply smirk and Emma’s, the most puzzled face ever. Though this time, I feel like me saying what was completely valid and 100% necessary. “This doesn’t make sense. How have you not met, Emma how do you know he carried me here if you haven’t greeted each over? And Harry, why haven’t you forgotten about me? Why haven’t you just carried on with you Harry Styles things?” I said too much.

I cover my mouth in shock of what just came out. I feel my face fade into a deeper shade of red. I bet it looks like my face is about to fall off. I feel like I’m going to cry from embarrassment. I feel my head look back up to theirs and Harry has a bigger smirk and Emma has a smirk as well. Emma walks up to me and wraps her arm around my shoulders. She chuckles. I look back to Harry and it seems like he’s frozen in his steps.

“We have met, Bloss,” Emma says. “He said ‘hello I’m guessing this is Bloss’ house as she told me-- Are you Emma Lee?′ I nod and realise who he is and he says ‘Hi Emma! Nice seeing you again!’ It turns out that Harry and I went to primary school together, I was a year younger than him. My parents knew his parents so we just had to become friends, then I left that area and moved around here to go to High School.” Well, I have a lot of things to think about now. Firstly, I’m very surprised he remembered where I lived. I would’ve forgotten. “He placed you on the couch and then we had a cup of tea and a catch-up. Then I said ‘It was great talking to you!’ then he said ‘You two Emma! Talk to you soon!’ before he left! That’s it! The end!” She finishes her speech with jazz hands. Secondly, they went to the same school? I have so many questions but they all seem to be answered. I’m fine with the questions not being answered, though.

I nod. “Sorry for rambling,” I say in my timid voice.

“And, love, how can I forget about you?” was that an insult?“I genuinely enjoyed our day in London, I could do it all over again” Same.“Plus, I’d never forgot a good person.” He raises on and up in the air whilst the other rests on his heart. I turn to see Emma with a gleaming smile on her face, as I feel my own face blush from Harry’s statement. “Love I got to tell you two things. One thing is better than the other,” I nod. “Firstly, you left your coat in the taxi but I picked it up,” He passes me my coat and I reply with a thank you. “The second thing is, I got two tickets to this couples cooking show.” Well, I’m not a couple with him. And I will blow the place down. I’m really terrible at cooking.“So, I was thinking, you and I can go and Emma and whoever she decides to bring can go!”

I’d love to but I am terrible at cooking. I will kill somebody If I do go.

“Thanks, Harry but I’ll have to pas--”

“Yes, yes we’ll go,” Emma says, she turns to me and says “Won’t we” I give her the death stare before she continues “What time, what do we bring, what are we making?” Bubbly Emma’s back.

“It starts at 5 pm so, we still have time. And I still don’t know what we have to make, but we’ll have to find out.”

Once again I’m left completely bewildered by Mr Harry Styles.

Rule number 1321, Never Cook.

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