Batman Episode 3: Long Summer

Chapter 3

Rubbing at his temples, Commissioner Gillian Loeb sat in his chair, just taking the moment to inhale the scent of his morning coffee in the dark blue GCPD mug. The wracking knock on his office door caused his heavy eyes to open. Leaning in his chair to peer through the half open blinds of the long rectangle windows, he spotted a man in a sharp, dark blue suit. A fine leather briefcase hung in his hand at his side. His slick, dark hair gleamed in the lighting hanging from the department headquarters’ ceiling. Loeb recognized the Assistant District Attorney and suddenly remembered being alerted to an early meeting.

“Come,” Loeb called out loud. The ADA opened the door and stepped inside, careful to close the door before walking across to the desk set against the right side wall of the office.

“Commissioner,” he greeted with a confident smile. Silently, Loeb indicated to the chair in front of his desk with a sullen frown on his face. As the ADA sat in the chair, he couldn’t help but notice the resemblance of Loeb’s expression with that of the portrait of the sad clown hanging on the wall behind him.

“What can I do for you, Counselor Reeves?” Loeb asked. Arthur Reeves propped his brown leather briefcase on his knees as he flipped open the latches and opened the top. From the mouth of leather, he produced a form completely filled out in crisp black ink on a sheet of white paper. Loeb was all too familiar with the form. “I have an outstanding arrest warrant here, authorized by the mayor personally,” he said with professionally pristine diction. With a less than curious look, Loeb reached out for the warrant.

“Who for?”

“The Batman,” Reeves said stiffly. Loeb’s dark beady eyes snapped from the form up to the smug Assistant DA sitting across from him.

“On what grounds?” Loeb inquired.

“Well other than the fact he’s a vigilante, he’s a menace, prowling on innocent citizens of Gotham City.” Loeb eyed him closely.

“Innocent?” Reeves gave a quick smirk.

“Such as the brutalization of Detective Arnold Flass, an outstanding police officer and civil servant,” Reeves explained slyly. It was suddenly very clear to the Commissioner that the Counselor’s words were carefully chosen, Reeves knew more than he led on. “And that’s just the one case that’s been publicized,” he continued. There are countless more all lying crippled in the beds of hospitals city wide. He is dangerous and a serious threat to this city.” Loeb set the warrant down on his desk and sat back in his chair.

“Solid case you have there, Counselor,” he said. “The mayor authorized this?”

“He signed it this morning at an early breakfast meeting,” Reeves smiled smugly.

“Momma Sandra’s, on fifth street?” Loeb inquired.

“No, at the Pinnacle Café, wonderful brunch,” Reeves replied. Loeb smirked back and for a moment stared at the counselor across from him. Caution was thrown to the wind it was time to get to the bottom of it all.

“Counselor, let’s talk frank,” he said seriously. “What’s your interest in the Batman?”

“Frank, huh?” Reeves replied with a telling look in his eyes and a smile that grew smugger by the minute. “Very well. He’s a hot button topic and so far, he’s been untouchable. We don’t even have a picture of him,” he exclaimed. “So just imagine if he was apprehended, just how strong and capable the people to do so would appear. And with the election for DA next year, the man to prosecute the Batman would wipe the floor.”

“So this is about you getting elected as DA,” Loeb stated. Reeves’ eyes narrowed venomously.

“If we are talking frank,” he paused, restating the terms of the discussion with a sudden raise of his eyebrows. “You’ve prospered with Rainer as DA, Commissioner. Rainer and I see eye to eye on many subjects. Were I his successor, not much would change,” he proposed. And I warn you, the same can’t be said about Harvey Dent.”

“The guy on the Sionis case,” Loeb thought out loud. “I thought you were already dominating the polls?” Loeb said.

“I consider this as insurance,” Reeves replied. Loeb looked back down at the warrant on his desk. It was clear that the two men were very much on the same page and so far, Loeb could see no down side.

“What do you need from me?”

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