Olivia Gagon


about a girl who is discovering who she is in this wizard world

Fantasy / Action
Age Rating:

Chapter 1

A girl who lived on a quiet street, well most of the time got adopted by a single mother who had rosy cheeks, freckles every where, Porcelain skin, darkish brown hair but at the hairline you could see some gray in there and hazel eyes. The girls birth father didn’t even know she existed, but her birth mother never wanted to see her, so she never got to meet her. The girl was named Olivia Stormy Joy Gagnon and yes, she had two middle names because Stormy was going to be her name before she was adopted. Her adoptive mother, Christine but everyone calls her Christie, she had big news life changing in fact.

Christie walked down to the basement where Olivia’s room was. Olivia’s room was sort of messy and very pink it was like a purplish pink, she wanted her room pink only when she was in the grade school, but her mom didn’t want to repaint her room, she had canvasses covering her window so in case someone wanted to spy on her they wouldn’t. Christie opened Olivia’s door, while Olivia was drawing in her sketchpad. “Olivia, we need to talk, and I told you no drawing until you do your chores” Christie always longed for a relationship with her daughter, but she didn’t trust her daughter at all and when someone doesn’t trust someone there can’t be a relationship.

“Sorry mom I got distracted, uh did you even knock, or did you just barge in like you always do, like I always tell you I could be changing” Olivia set her sketchpad down on her gray fluffy pillow, sort of jumped and rolled out of bed at the same time and took her hood off so her mother could see her face. Olivia had dark blue eyes like the ocean at night, she was tan but a mixture of pale, she had freckles on her face, but you had to be very close to see them but when you were up close, they were gorgeous, she had dark brown wavy hair that was shoulder length, and she was wearing an over-sized hoodie with black leggings. “well then good thing you weren’t changing then” Her mother then sighed and pointed her head at the ground.

“We need to talk about your birth mother” Olivia furrowed her eyebrows. “What about her?” Christie looked at her daughter and told her to sit down. “Well, you see your mother’s name is not named, Dezarae and she’s not normal, nor are you. So, you are going to a special school called Hogwarts and before you ask why, it’s because you’re a witch, your birth grandma, grandma Phyillis told me it would be a good option and don’t worry two of your friends are going, Megan Sonders and Alex Umbridge are going, now go do your chores.” Olivia didn’t know what to think right now, all she wanted to know was what her birth mom’s name was. “Wait if my birth mom’s name is not Dezarae, what is her name?” Her mother turned around and all that came out was “Bellatrix” She then walked away.

Today was the day Olivia was going to Hogwarts. Christie led her to a train station as they approached a wall. “Okay, I want you to go through there” Christie pointed at the wall. Olivia was puzzled her mother wanted her to walk into a wall, but she did as she was told. Which led her to a different train station which on a sign said the Hogwarts express. Olivia gathered her things and went on the train where she found Megan who had dark greenish eyes like the green m&ms, she had Ivory skin, blonde shorthair into a bull cut. Alex on the other hand had dark brown eyes they were expressive and large and sweet and luminous. She had brownish skin and black curly hair but not too curly nor wavy, but they were like springs.“ Hey guys can I sit with you?” Alex looked up from what she was doing and smiled. “Of course, I didn’t know you were a witch, or I would have told you I was.” Olivia sat down and sighed, “I just found out” Megan was looking out the window zoned out and she looked like she didn’t want to talk.

As the three got off the train a woman approached them, whom she said her name was Professor McGonagall. As they were walking a toad jumped in front of McGonagall. “Ahh there you are” A boy shouted who had brown hair a round face, Beige skin and crooked teeth. McGonagall looked down and seemed very annoyed. The boy looked up, picked up his toad and walked awkwardly back to the group. Professor McGonagall then told them to wait so she could talk to Professor Dumbledore. So,it’s true then. What they’re saying back on the train. Harry Potter has come to Hogwarts” A boy with pale skin and Platinum hair that was slicked all the way back with hair gel pronounced. The group then whispered amongst there selves. “Whose Harry Potter” Olivia questioned out of curiosity. Alex gasped, “just the boy who lived.” Olivia then looked back at the two and could tell that the Platinum hair dude and the Potter guy were going to be great enemies.

Professor McGonagall then came back to let them enter The Great Hall, where there was ceremony going on and a big feast. “Hey guys we should all try to get the same house, that way we could share a room together.” Alex uttered. Olivia and Megan nodded their heads. “Draco Malfoy come up please” Professor Dumbledore then put the sorting hat on his head. “You are Slytherin” the sorting hat declared. Alex went up and she got Raven-Claw and Megan did as well, it was finally Olivia’s turn and she just had to get Raven-claw. Professor Dumbledore put the sorting hat on her head. “You are raven- woah hold up how the heck did I get that mixed up? You are definitely Slytherin” Slytherin? The hat must have been broken. Olivia quietly walked over towards the Slytherin table unamused.

Olivia thought the only person who could help her was Potter because if he’s really that amazing, he could help her right? Plus, she didn’t want to be like her birth mom. She started walking over to Potter who was laughing with his friends, when she heard someone crying around the corner. She went to check on the person who was crying but stopped in her tracks. “Malfoy?!?” Draco rubbed his eyes and looked up. “What are you going to do, tell the other Slytherins I’ve been crying now?” His voice shook at the last words that came out of his mouth. “Um no, I just wanted to see why you were crying and maybe you wanted someone to talk to and have them listen to what you have to say.” Draco raised an eyebrow. “Don’t you know who I am, I’m a Malfoy. He then looked back down, waiting for her to snicker and leave. “I don’t care if you’re a Malfoy, if people laugh, talk behind your back or betray you for crying there not worth your time.”

Olivia slid her back against the wall and sat beside him. “You really want to know why I’m crying?” Olivia nodded her head waiting for him to say anything. “It’s my father, I can never make him happy, I always do what he asks but yet he’s never satisfied, I was supposed to be friends with Harry Potter so we could get rich somehow, but I failed, and my father thinks I’m a disappointment right now.tears fled through his eyes again, Olivia wrapped her arm around his shoulder to make a hug and first Draco flinched but then he put his head down and sobbed into her shirt. Draco finally stopped crying and he felt better which usually never happens. “Hey since you listened to me is there anything on your mind” Draco felt weird saying that out loud, but he waited for a response. “Um actually there is I...” She really didn’t want to be a Slytherin because of her birth mother but Malfoy kind of seemed nice and normalish. “I need help getting settled here, since I’m new to being a witch, could you help?” Draco smiled and nodded his head.

Olivia and Draco talked which felt like hours but his stories he shared with Olivia, she thought they were unique and cool, she loved the one about the pirate and the mermaid it was a great love story but that’s a story for another day. Draco never shared his stories with anyone not even Crabbe and Goyle. Draco went to get a cup of water for Olivia and himself. “Hey Malfoy?” Olivia caught him off guard, but he turned around slowly. “Yeah?” Olivia then took a deep breath. “Can we be friends, like best-friends?” A strand of hair fell over her face, but she quickly tucked it back, she knew it was a stupid question, of course he was going to say no, who would want to be best friends with someone like her? Draco handed her the cup of water and smirked which baffled Olivia. “We already are.” Draco then slowly took a sip of his water. She then perked up and smiled and she noticed that he was being dramatic with his water but let’s just be real, he’s always dramatic.

Olivia then went to find her friends, Alex and Megan. “Where were you? We’ve been waiting for 3 whole minutes now!” Megan bawled. Alex rolled her eyes. “Who cares, I just met the most amazing guy ever, his name is Neville Longbottom, he’s so attractive.” Alex then started dancing and who knows why. “Um I think we should worry about dating at least until we’re 15 years old” Olivia then grabbed Alex’s arm and pulled her to the ground, Alex got annoyed by that, so she pulled Olivia down with her. Olivia then checked the time, she had to go check into her dorm and go to bed, she then said good-bye to her friends and headed out. There was three other Slytherin girls there. One was named Shilo Jones, she had black poofy hair that you could probably hide a book in, she had brown eyes like milk chocolate waves and Almond skin tone. The other one was name Brittany Ambers, she had light blue eyes like a crystal, she wore black framed glasses, she had dirty-blonde hair which was messy I doubt she brushes her hair and she had olive skin. The last one was named Marrissa Naone, she had emerald, green eyes, Café brown skin, she had Auburn black hair color, straight perfection hair and a medium number of freckles on her face and you could tell she had a crush on Malfoy.

“Hey guys I’m your new room-mate.” Olivia quietly said nervously. Marrissa rolled her eyes and pointed to a mattress on the floor that had gross stains on them. Olivia moved her head around and saw some bunk beds and saw there was one extra one below Marrissa’s bed. “But there’s one below yours that’s less disgusting” Marrissa then turned her head to face Olivia and glared. Well, I don’t share with people like you, what’s the word again, oh yeah, someone who’s ugly and empty-headed. She roared, it sounded sweet but oh boy it was mean. Olivia looked at the other two, but they didn’t do anything they were just doing the same thing when she walked into the room. “Sorry I didn’t mean to start an argument, I should be grateful that you’re even letting me be in the same room as you, I’ll go sleep on the mattress on the floor.” Olivia wanted to put up a fight, but it was not worth it.

Olivia woke up and the only person who was left in the room was Brittany. “Good morning, did you sleep well because I didn’t.” Brittany smiled while drinking some black glob of liquid. “Uh I did, thanks for asking, I guess. Uh may I ask, what are you drinking?” Olivia asked while pointing to the cup. “It’s my great-grandma’s recipe it’s called “you should take better care of your skin” it’s good for the skin, you should try some” Brittany then opened Olivia’s mouth and practically had to shove it down her throat. Olivia swallowed it slowly. “Ugh I mean It’s good but the texture thoughBrittany went close to Olivia’s ear like she was going to whisper but screamed instead “you’ll get used to it” Brittany then started running around the room, she either had too much caffeine or too much junk food. After the chaotic moments with Brittany, she had to go to class luckily Olivia made it on time for potions class. Megan waved her hand for Olivia to sit with her and Alex. Olivia sat down as she did the chair made a loud unbearable noise that probably everyone in the class heard.

Marrissa bursted out laughing and pointing. Draco then walked over and smacked Marrissa’s hand down which’d surprised everyone especially the Gryffindor’s. “But I have trauma like you, like one time I ran into a wall, now that’s real trauma.” Marrissa pronounced in front of the whole class. Now that just made Draco furious, and you could tell. He was very tense, his jaw was clenching, his hands were into fists, his nose was scrunched, he was beat red like a pomegranate and I bet if he was in a cartoon smoke would come out of his ears. “How dare you make fun of Olivia which shouldn’t even be a problem because it was her chair not her and put me in a difficult situation like that.” Snape came back in the room without Draco knowing and hovered over him. “Is something the matter Mr. Malfoy” Draco turned around and just shook his head and walked back to where he was sitting. The class was dismissed, and Harry ran over to Olivia. “Gagon, Gagon!” Olivia turned around sort of unaware what was going on. “Huh? What? Oh Potter, what is it?” Harry pushed up his glasses.” How did you do that? I mean get Malfoy to be nice to you” Olivia remembered that Draco didn’t want everyone knowing that he has been crying. “I don’t know, he just wanted to be friends” Harry just nodded his head and went off and did his own thing.

After the classes it was time for dinner, Olivia had to sit with the other Slytherins at least there was Malfoy, Shilo, and Brittany. They were nice except she hardly got to know Shilo. Oh, my goodness, the giant has escaped.” Professor Quirrell shrieked and then fainted to the floor. “Everyone stay calm” Professor Dumbledore announced but everyone did not stay calm in fact they panicked and ran around like animals on the loose and Draco was just being the dramatic guy he is. Olivia just kept getting elbowed in the face and no one even said sorry. Olivia then caught a glisp of Harry and Ron escaping the chaos. Professor McGonagall then whistle to get everyone’s attention. “I want everyone to get in their groups and go to the dorms, but I want everyone to stay together so ladies stay with the gentlemen and gentlemen stay with the ladies. Professor Dumbledore announced. The Slytherins decided to go the boy’s dorm, since the guys usually go through the girl’s products, when they are in the girl’s dorm. Draco asked Goyle to take attendance to see if everyone was here and didn’t die. “Hey Malfoy, I just wanted to tell you we’re soulmates and I don’t know why you’re hanging out with everyone else but me.” Marrissa tried to clarify. Draco just looked at her in disgust. “Look I don’t like you.” as Marrissa opened her mouth, Crabbe tripped over her foot and spilled water all over her face which made her mascara drip down her face. Marrissa got so angry that she took the glass cup out of Crabbe’s hand and threw it on the floor and screamed so loud that you could go deaf as the glass shattered on the ground. “I guess true colors do show” Olivia said which she didn’t mean for everyone to hear but it made everyone laugh except Marrissa.

Hey Brittany and Shilo, do you smell that?” Olivia asked holding her nose. Shilo nodded her head, “it’s the boy’s dorm, it’s just so messy that stinks. Olivia then walked up to Malfoy and tapped him on the shoulder. “what is it?” Malfoy questioned turning his head to look at hers. “I want to clean your guy’s dorm” Olivia crossed her arms waiting for him to answer. Malfoy rub his hand down his face. “Go ahead I guess but me and the other guys aren’t helping you” Olivia looked back at Brittany and Shilo, “It’s okay, I think Brittany and Shilo will help me. Olivia put the radio on to listen to music, the girls decided to make piles of things that the boys want/need and things they should throw away and then they put the items in proper places, and they used air freshener to make it smell better, it looked much cleaner, the girls then showed the guys were everything was. As they finished up Professor Dumbledor told everyone to come back to The Great Hall. As they made it too their seats the professor’s had news. “I’m giving points to Harry, Ron and Hermione. I also want to give 10 points to Neville because he was trying to stop his friends sneaking out and getting into trouble losing Gryffindor anymore points, he showed real courage standing up to Harry, Ron and Hermione, his friends. So, give a hand to Gryffindors.” Professor Dumbledor announced.

Everyone started clapping except Malfoy, He just looked grumpy. “Hey, suck it up buttercup, I’m sure the Slytherins will get points in the future, so just look on the bright-side its almost time to leave Hogwarts which means you don’t have to see Potter until next year. Olivia then patted him on the back. Which it was true, Draco then gave her a slight smile. It was finally time for them to leave. Draco came up to Olivia. I know what’s coming and it sucks, I’m going to miss u, promise me we’ll still be best-friends.” Olivia muttered and held out her pinky. “I promise” He then wrapped his pinky around hers. They then went on the Hogwarts train and went off.

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