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When I got home my father had become a shemale with huge breasts and a huge ass that looked just like Formidable (Azur Lane)


I didn't write this. Translated from https://www.pixiv.net/novel/show.php?id=14555098

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Untitled chapter

Pipipipipi…… The deafening sound of the alarm echoed through the room filled with otaku goods. The time was 4 a.m. It was too early in the day to get up. Yuichi Hayase crawled out of bed, poked around under his pillow, and finally caught the source of the noise.

「……It’s only 4:00.…… Go to sleep, go to sleep.」

 He usually wakes up at 7 am. I still have three hours to spare. Something must have messed up the set time. Thinking about this, Yuichi put the covers back on again.

「Wait, wait! I thought it was 4:00!」

 Within a few minutes of falling back asleep, Yuichi jumped up like a spring-loaded machine. Then he grabbed the alarm clock again and reviewed the dial over and over. However, the time remained the same: 4:00 a.m. No, the time had passed since earlier, and the needle was pointing to 4:03 am.

「No, no, no, no. It’s time to get up.!」

 Yuichi throws the alarm clock down on the pillow and rushes off the bed. Today is the day he’s been looking forward to for weeks - no, months - at a doujinshi trade show for the smartphone game-only game he’s into! If I’d accidentally fallen asleep, I’d have been too late in line to buy the doujinshi I wanted, and I’d have been heartbroken.

「Oh, man! If I don’t do something, I’ll never make the first train!」

 Yuichi quickly changed his clothes, washed his face and cleaned himself up. Time to finish, only five minutes. “I don’t care what you look like,” he said, “but wearing clean, freshly laundered clothes is the least you can do as a participant in an auction. The most important thing to remember is that the Yuichi of today is literally just making the “minimum appearance”.

「Oh, good morning.」

「Ah, Dad. Good morning」

 I went to the dining room to have a quick breakfast and found my father, Yutaro, at the table. If anything, Yutaro is more than a head size larger than Yuichi, who is in the small category、he had an overwhelming presence in the chair.

His muscles, which are as strong as a bodybuilder’s, are so taut from the physical labor he’s put into his t-shirt and chinos that he looks like he could rip what he’s wearing if he put his mind to it. In fact, about once a month he would accidentally tear his clothes and his wife would scold him for it.

「Dad’s going to the fair, too?」

「Well, I wish I could go」

 While replying to Yuichi’s question、Yutaro dexterously moved his big, thick fingers and quickly tapped the touch panel of his phone. From the occasional cute voice、Yuichi immediately realized that what his father was playing was『Azur Lane』.

 His hair is cropped short and he has a rugged look with a beard and muscles of steel. Yutaro is an ordinary businessman, but he has a body like a professional wrestler, you’d never guess from his appearance that he was such an otaku. In fact, the fact that Yuichi has become an otaku, completely addicted to anime and games, can be said to be half due to his father’s influence.

「That’s unusual. I never heard my dad say that.」

「I’ve got some errands to run today that I can’t miss.

 The time it will be over……that’s what determines whether I can go or not.」

「D, dad.…… What in world happened? ?」

「Well, It’s just one of those days.」

 Today’s exhibition sale is the only one for 『Azur Lane』. The exhibition sale event of the genre which I am addicted to now in progress 、no matter how small it is, I will go there myself and try to pinpoint as much as possible. I will buy every single doujinshi that I can find that I like. I can’t believe that my father, who is the epitome of an otaku, would have something to do on the day of a trade show. The shock was so great that Yuichi unintentionally dropped the toast he was holding in his mouth onto the table.

「Oy oy. you’re not a child.……」

 He lightly scolded his son who continued to be stunned, then Yutaro puts the toast back on the plate. He stretches out his hairy arms to cover the whole table with his huge body, and cleans up the scattered crumbs with a cloth. From his appearance, people tend to think of him as a rude and rough man, but Yutaro is meticulous, likes to keep things clean, and has a caring personality. In fact, he’s still wiping the table with the crumbs my son spilled on it, talking lightly. And not just the spills, but every inch of it.

「Now that you mention it, what happened to mom? Still asleep?」

 While making instant coffee after breakfast, Yuichi peeked towards the kitchen. However, no lights were on and only the faint sound of the refrigerator’s compressor could be heard.

「Mom went to Osaka yesterday.」

「Oh, I thought it started today, the Osaka expedition.」

 Yuichi’s mother, Akari, was also a hardcore otaku. And even though she’s well over 40 years old, she continues to make doujinshi, cosplay, and attend events as an active otaku. Today, she went out again on a midnight bus to attend a doujinshi exhibition and a voice actor concert in the Kansai area.

「Just as expected, mom. I don’t know where she gets all that strength from in her slender body.

 ……Well, I’d better get going or I’ll miss the line formation.」

 Yuichi was also an otaku, although he had yet to reach the realm of his mother. I’m willing to leave on the first train for the sales event. In a panic to get ready, Yuichi screwed his feet into his favorite sneakers.

「I’m off then!」

「Oh, take care of yourself. Don’t buy too much.」

 With his father’s voice echoing from the living room、Yuichi went out to the exhibition. However, Yuichi at this time did not know. From this point on, would be the last time he would see Yutaro’s strong body.

「Iya、big catch big catch. I bought a good book.」

 In the multipurpose hall in the afternoon. About two hours after the start of the sale, Yuichi was resting by the wall and sorting through the spoils of war with a triumphant look. I was so lucky today that I was able to get the book I wanted without having to wait in line at any of the major circles!

「But tonight I’m going to be busy.……」

 Yuichi puts the doujinshi away from his tote bag into his backpack while checking the cover. Illustrious, Taihou , Bremerton. Zara, St. Louis, Syracuse. Atago and Takao. And Kashino…… The KAN-SEN who are showing their unbelievable figures on the cover all have unrealistic breasts - to put it plainly, they have boobs that are impossibly large. Yes, Yuichi is a so-called big-breasted lover, and among them, Formidable from『Azur Lane』 is his favorite. He was so in love with this royal aircraft carrier that if his wish came true, he would love to spend the night with her embodied in three dimensions, buried in her violently huge tits, and play with them.

「Haha ...... I knew Formidable was the best!」

 While murmuring words of admiration loud enough to be heard by those around him, Yuichi flipped through his favorite doujinshi containing KAN-SEN’s lasciviousness to check the contents, and then stuffed it into his backpack while suppressing the urge to masturbate now.

「Now then, is that it for here?」

 After spending well over half an hour and storing all the doujinshi in his backpack, Yuichi stood up, looking like a young man embarking on a journey of hope. The aim is the promised land, the cosplay venue. “The real KAN-SEN embodied” in order to record the cute and beautiful cosplayers on his eyes and smartphone, he started walking with a heavy backpack on his back.

「Hmmm, I guess the atmosphere is different at cosplay venues.」

 A few minutes walk, Yuichi arrived at the cosplay venue. The smell that tickles your nostrils the moment you step into the room, I wonder if it’s due to the makeup and perfume coming from the cosplayers. It was different from the sour sweaty smell of the doujinshi auction hall I had just been in, the fragrance emitted only by well-dressed women raises Yuichi’s spirits

 The cosplay venue was already crowded like a festival. The beautiful and lovely KAN-SEN, who have appeared to cross beyond 2 dimensions, are posing as they wish surrounded by the disgusting men with cameras and smart phones.

「Now then, who should I photograph?」

 As Yuichi weaves his way through the crowd of famous and unknown cosplayers, he begins to look around at the KAN-SEN, who are glittering too much to directly look at. Paying no attention to the loli body types or the slender ships, Yuichi finds a battleship, aircraft carrier, or cruiser that boasts a violent chest and takes a picture with a single word

「I don’t know if it’s possible to have those big tits in real life……」

 All of the KAN-SEN boasted breasts so amazing that they literally made him physically shudder, but there was a pinprick in Yuichi’s groin and heart. Of the cosplayers who came here, there was not a single one. It’s true that they all had real big tits, but it was hard to recreate the “amazing tits” of the KAN-SEN girls from 『Azur Lane』.

「I knew those tits were ...... only because they were 2 dimensional.」

 The super tits of dreams are not real. The reality that can be said to be such a death sentence was shown to him, and Yuichi’s shoulders slumped. Still, the breasts of the cosplayers lined up are still very powerful! He told himself that, and he started to wander around the cosplay square again.

「Oy, that Formidable cosplayer over there, seems really amazing.」

「You have tits that look like they came out of a phone?」

「I″ll go take a look.」

「Yeah. And I’d like to see if she really has tits like that」

 It must have been about ten minutes since he started pacing around the hall. Yuichi stopped and turned to the conversation of the event participants who were looking for cosplayers passing by. I would have liked to hear more about it, but the participant disappeared into the crowd. But if I’m not mistaken, there’s a Formidable cosplayer with “genuinely enormous breasts” at the event. Suddenly excited, Yuichi begins to search for the rumored “Formidable boobs that boast a huge power that has appeared in real life”.

「Ah, that one.……」

 Less than five minutes after starting to search, Yuichi found the cosplayer he was looking for. No, to be precise, he found a crowd of people centered on a cosplayer. On the other side of the double and triple wall of people, there is the “real Formidable”. With that in mind, Yuichi couldn’t help but wade through the crowd and head for the center, not even bothering to think about the inconvenience he was causing.

「It’s…It’s really real……」

 Yuichi proceeded while neglecting the slander against his selfish interruption、“It” was shining bright. A cool and refreshing appearance. The smell of the fragrance tickles your nose on the wind. The sight of “her” figure, sparkling in the soft sunlight, was exactly what he had always imagined the aircraft carrier Formidable to be.

 A black and white ribbon with a unique design was tied up in twin tails、sparkling silver hair so long it touched the ground. The dignified eyes that shine as red as rubies. An off-the-shoulder dress in black, suspended by straps, covered by a white overskirt. The long gloves tightened up the impression that she might be too exposed and sexy.

 And what catches the eye is the tie-like fabric that extends from the choker. The cloth, which hangs between the cleavage of her breasts, which are so full that even the word “bountiful” cannot describe them, has been given the official name of “boob cloth,” which is embarrassing to hear. This cloth is sitting on top of the boobs as per the setting firmly. The fact that she was able to faithfully recreate a setting that no ordinary cosplayer would be able to is a clear indication that she is a “formidable figure who has flew over the dimensional barrier”.

「Please look at me」

「Pause, please」

「I’ll take the count! 10、9……」

 Formidable smiles as she strikes various poses while answering the voices of the ten or twenty surrounding cameramen. Whenever the hem of the dress is flipped, the twin hills of the great power that is also ridiculed as “long tits” shakes plumply. Yuichi’s ears could feel the bouncing sound from several meters away, and the noses of the cameramen surrounding her naturally extended.

「That’s really awesome, those tits.」

「But don’t you think they’re a little too big? Tall build.」

「Broad shoulders, too. But I’m pretty sure those tits are the real deal.」

「Yeah. The way they shook, they couldn’t have been fake.」

 Yuichi overheard the conversation of the cameramen nearby and thought that it was not possible, so he reobserved the Illustrious Class 3 ship that had manifested in the world he was in. Indeed, as they were saying, the rare bombshell carrier standing at least five meters away from them seemed tall for a woman. At the very least, above 180cm (5′11"). The width of the shoulders and other parts of the body give the impression of being somewhat bony.

 But still, the flowing silver hair and cool eyes、white skin that still shines in the sunlight, graceful and supple appearance、and above all, the soft and bouncy boobs that are difficult to produce artificially、She was making a strong case that she wasn’t some kind of impostor woman--a crossdresser or a newhalf, to put it plainly.

 In the first place, it no longer mattered to Yuichi whether the girl in front of him was a woman or not. Even if the lovely and graceful KAN-SEN in front of him was a crossdresser, the male Formidable a few meters away was the “genuine article” for sure.

「Aa, ano! Please look over here too!」

 Yuichi squeezes out words in desperation to the idol of his dreams, whom he can’t reach even if he tried. The faint, inaudible voice miraculously reaches the super-tits aircraft carrier, and Formidable smiles at the virgin otaku. For a moment, Yuichi didn’t know what had happened, but he rushed to snap the shutter of his phone. A series of brisk electronic sounds ring out, capturing the moments of KAN-SEN that he is truly in love with.

「Ah, ah, thank you, thank you, thank you!」

 Bowing deeply, Yuichi uses his whole body to show his gratitude for posing for him. Formidable waved her hand at it and answered. The time it took was a little over 10 seconds. For Yuichi, the time of his heavenly dream ended a little longer than the flick of a finger.

「……Just now…… No、You’re imagining things」

 Just a moment before the aircraft carrier, whose tits bob with every movement, cuts her gaze from Yuichi. Yuichi felt as if Formidable had winked at him. But I’m sure it was just the right time to blink, no other intentions. Telling himself that he shouldn’t have unnecessary dreams, Yuichi slipped away from the crowd.

「……But at this point today I’m tired.」

 It was about two hours before the date changed when Yuichi, who participated in the after-event and enjoyed the doujinshi exhibition from head to tail, returned home. Unlock the front door and enter the house. The ordinary, uneventful scenes of daily life as usual. ...Or it was supposed to be.

「Commander, good day to you」

 Yuichi opens the front door and there she is, with ruby eyes and silver hair twin-tailed, bound with a two-tone ribbon. An enormously endowed young girl was standing there, smiling, flipping the hem of her long black dress. It took Yuichi quite a while before he realized that it was the third Illustrious-class aircraft carrier that he had been allowed to photograph at the cosplay plaza during the day.

「Eh? Eh? What’s wrong? What’s going on?」

「Greetings, commander. I’m Formidable, third ship of the Illustrious-class.

 Pleased to meet your acquaintance」

 She pinches the edge of her skirt and lightly bends her legs to show her respect to Yuichi, who is flustered, with a unique curtsey, a graceful and dainty royal lady. As she moves, the tits that are fully ripe and plump make a delicious sound. Yuichi can’t hide his excitement that the spectacular view of the shaking chest, which he had only seen in the video, was unfolded at a distance of less than 1m.

「But but but, but why? But why?」

「What can I do for you, commander. First of all, why don’t you come in first?」

「R, right, I’ll do that……」

 Yuichi does as he’s told by the carrier, who speaks with the exact same “vocal cords” as in the game, and tries to take off his shoes. However, the flowery scent emanating from the graceful, dainty girl right beside him, and the voice as light as a bell, and more than anything, the overwhelming sense of presence, which is so close that you can reach out and touch it, pressurizes me, and I can’t untie my shoelaces properly.

「Wa, waaaa」

「……Commander, this kind of behavior is unbecoming of a man.」

 Yuichi, who has lost his balance, reaches out for physical support. Yuichi almost fell down, but was saved by something like a soft airbag just in time. It didn’t take him long to realize that the out-of-this-world cushion bouncing around was the result of an aircraft carrier that had suddenly appeared.

「I’m sorry, sir, but I have a disease that gives me headaches when my commander is near.

 please go someplace where I can’t see you.」

「Ahhhhhhh I’m so sorrrrry!」

 Yuichi realized that he had unintentionally touched the faintly peachy shimmering skin of the royal aristocrat, the aircraft carrier, which is also a symbol of motherhood and femininity. He apologizes to the royal lady, who raises her willow eyebrows, with such force that he gets down on his knees. But her anger doesn’t subside, and she glares at him with such vigor that she could annihilate the rude man in front of her with a shipboard plane.

「……What do I do. Are you surprised, Yuichi?」

「N-no way!Dad! ?」

 The royal lady puffs out her chest like a child who has successfully pulled off a prank. The true identity of the Formidable, who is more than a head taller than him was, impossibly, his father. Yuichi is confused and doesn’t know what’s going on. A lot of thoughts go through his head, and his only-human brain starts to panic. Completely confused, Yuichi was struck by a dizzy spell、he loses his balance again.

「Otto, watch out, Yuichi」

「I’m, I’m sorry……」

 Yuichi is saved by Yutaro, who looks just like Formidable, when he almost falls down. He hadn’t been hugged by his father since he was in elementary school, but his chest was overwhelmingly softer than he remembered, and it smelled like roses.

「I see, it was a day trip procedure at that clinic.……」

「Ah. The price was reasonable, and they say there are no side effects.

 For that reason、he really became Formidable without consulting his family. I knew my father is different. Yuichi was staring at the royal aircraft carrier, which should only be on the screen of the smartphone sitting in front of him with half anxiety and half respect.

「Right right, because the only thing that’s changed is the look, not the gender.

 Just because you Iike Formidable、don’t get any weird ideas.」

「I’m not gonna do that!」

 If his father’s story is correct、he’s just changed his appearance to look like Formidable, but he hasn’t had a sex change. This means that underneath the skirt, on the lower abdomen wrapped in silk underwear, is Yutaro’s pride and joy, a magnificent cock that has made many men lose their confidence in public baths and hot springs.

「What’s the matter? You’re not eating well today.」

「No、uun、about that……」

 Drinking green tea with my favorite teacup as usual、a father worries about his son, who is not eating well at all. What Yuichi has lined up in front of him is a set menu of fried chicken, shredded cabbage, miso soup, and rice, which is something he seemed to like. Of course, it was his own favorite meal, but today it was hard to get it down his throat.

 Father and son. Conversations across the dinner table. It should be the same as usual, but in front of a scene that is too unusual, Yuichi still does not know what to do. Yutaro, who until yesterday, or even until this morning, had a gorilla macho physique that made him look like a professional wrestler, has disappeared. Now he was sitting right in front of me in the form of the bewitching Illustrious Class Carrier III, a ship that fascinates all who see it.

「What’s wrong? If you’ve got something to say, you might as well say it out loud.」

「I don’t know what to say……」

 As usual, Yutaro acts as a dignified yet caring father. However, to his son around the age, he only looks like a beautiful young girl with boobs larger than melons and fluffier than freshly baked bread.

 The way he pours tea from a teapot or picks up a teacup is the same as the old Yutaro, but the scent produced by his little gestures is no longer the distinctive smell of old age, but a gorgeous fragrance.

 And that’s not all. It may be unconscious, but Yutaro had placed the large and powerful sudden surprise breasts on the table. The boobs that are the pride of the Formidable on the table are deformed by their own weight, and shiver like another creature as he breathes.

 Even though he knew, in front of his eyes, that the lovely, elegant and somewhat devilish woman - well to be correct, shemale - was his father, the information he was receiving from his five senses was at odds with it, and Yuichi’s thought process was about to overheat.

「Oy oy. you’re not a child.……」

 Yuichi, who moves his chopsticks in a daze, spills a few drops from the edge of his mouth. The father, unable to see this, tried to clean the messy table while lightly scolding his son. He stretched out his arms covered with long gloves to cover his body over the entire table, and wipe it carefully with a cloth. Whenever Yutaro’s arm moves, his chest, which is crushed by his torso, deforms strangely, and his boobs, which have sought a place to escape, stick out from his side. The meticulous father cleans up spills, oblivious to the side boob that protrudes from the right side when he strains to the right and from the left when he puts his weight on the left. He picks up the last remaining grain of rice with his fingertips decorated with black nail polish and brings it to pale pink lips which resemble a cherry blossom. Yuichi could only watch the scene with dismay.

「What are you doing. That’s why you spill it all over the place」

「No, uun…… oh, right. What is that black box?」

 A father scolds his son for spilling food as if he were a small child. As if to deflect his anger, Yuichi asked a question about a small box that had been placed in the corner of the table. It is about the size of the palm of your hand, and the surface is covered with dark blue velvet, and、gold decorative lines dance along the dividing line running parallel to the bottom. The navy blue box, with its aura of luxury, was sitting on the same table as the fried chicken and miso soup, looking somewhat uncomfortable.

「Ah, this was. It’s what’s called a 『Ring of Promise』」

「Hmmm ...... this」

 This is a unique system in “Azur lane” that allows you to marry your partner by placing a 『Ring of Promise』 on the ring finger of the right hand of a KAN-SEN whose sensitivity is set to “Love” - in China, it seems that wedding rings are placed on the ring finger of the right hand. The item that plays a central role in the system is right in front of Yuichi’s eyes, not as digital data but as the real thing.

 Yuichi picked up the box and opened the lid. Inside, a ring with a large, sparkling gemstone sits proudly. Yuichi lightly picks up from the ring pillow and gazes at the wedding ring shining in silver. As he gazes at the expensive looking ring, a question suddenly arises in his mind.

「Hm? What if I put this on my dad?」

「There’s nothing you can do about it? it’s was said it’s an atmosphere item.」

「Atmosphere item……」

 Yutaro says it’s a gift for people who have been converted to KAN-SEN, and it’s used to recreate the game. It’s too well made to be a novelty item, and what happens when you actually use it? Yuichi’s interest shifted in that direction.

「Well, let’s try it on......?」

「……Let’s try it. Let’s do it.」

 To the son’s suggestion、the father reacts with a hungry smile. He didn’t show it on his face.、Yutaro was also wondering what would happen if he actually used this 『Ring of Promise』. Curious parent and child take immediate action to resolve their questions.

 Parent and child facing each other next to the dining table. Yutaro silently holds out his right hand to Yuichi. His father’s fingers, which until this morning had been hairy and burly, were now white and supple, and his nails were adorned with black enamel nail polish. Taking the hand that has completely changed into that of a woman, Yuichi puts the ring of vows on the finger of KAN-SEN in front of him.

「……! ?」

「……! !」

 The moment the ring was slipped onto his ring finger, a shock like an electric current rushes through their bodies around the ring. His body is on fire and his heart fills with longing for the person in front. The next thing I knew, a familiar melody started playing from my ring case. Father and son gaze at each other with passionate eyes. Gradually, the distance closes and the silhouettes eventually become one.



 Yutaro understands that the young man in front of him is his son, but the feeling of “beloved commander” that comes up no matter how hard she tries to cancel it overrides it. Driven by a heart completely painted over with desire, she begs for kisses to devour.

 Yuichi, on the other hand, is well aware that the KAN-SEN in front of him was his gorilla macho father until a day ago, but he can no longer see him as anything other than his beloved Formidable. Then, with the impulse of love, he exchanges a hot bāsiāre with “her”.

 Yutaro, Yuichi and their son disappear from the peaceful Hayase family dinner table, and in their place, a commander and a KAN-SEN who love each other appear. Because the Formidable is more than one head taller than him, a hot, hot kiss exchanged as the commander is held in her arms. The mucousy sound of tongues tangling with each other and the sweet breaths of those who seek their beloved mingle together. The long, deep kiss that seemed to last forever slowly drifted apart without either of them realizing it. As if to express their feelings, a string of droplets of saliva trailed between the commander and the aircraft carrier, glittering and shimmering like jewels in the fluorescent light.

[Yuichi ......, Ore wa ....... no......, watashi wa.......」

Misty, wet eyes.

A flushed face.

A racing heartbeat.

Without even trying to hide the expression of a maiden in love, Yutaro - no, Formidable、lightly fixed the hem of her unruly skirt with her hands, she straightened her appearance and gave Yuichi a gentle smile.

「Formidable, I have given my lifelong love to my commander, in happy times, in difficult times, in rich times, in poor times, ...... Kya!」

 Formidable’s words, which she was supposed to omit because they were too long, are interrupted by the commander. She bends down when the so-called “boob cloth” connected to the choker is pulled, and her lips are quickly blocked. They kiss again, a deep, deep kiss that only those who love each other are allowed to have. No words are needed between them any longer. The only thing needed now was “proof of love”.

「What do you think, commander? Does it feel good?」

「Ah, ah……a、amazing……」

 On a king-sized bed that was made to fit the large build of Yutaro, Yuichi was pushed down by his father who turned into Formidable. She twisted her dress open to expose her tits between Yuichi’s wide open legs, and sandwiched her son’s cock, which was slithering from arousal. The warm, moist human skin and a feeling softer than the finest chiffon cake. The pleasure produced by the inexplicable weight feeling on the entire groin is an unknown territory for Yuichi, a virgin.

「Fufu. Commander, you’re very cute, aren’t you?」

「Ya、aah! Really, it’s really amazing.……」

 Formidable crushed the penis between her breasts with both hands, the force of the compression traveled like a wave through her natural meat bag, caressing the commander’s penis with exquisite ease. Yuichi was completely fascinated by the technique, which is different from a handjob and masturbation with an onahole. After this、I’m sure I’ll pursue this pleasure even when I do it myself. In a corner of his mind, he worries about his future masturbation life.

「Formidable, I won’t let you down, will I?」

「N, No! It’s too tight! I’m going to come!」

 Despite his son’s worries, Yutaro’s aggression becomes even more fierce. She puts her own arms around the outside of Yuichi’s legs, and tighten each of his thighs her my own tits. She also moves her upper body up and down, incorporating squeezing motions as well as rubbing. A soft and constrained feeling, this three-dimensional stimulus attacks the commander.

「It’s over.」

 A concentrated load filled with passion burst between Formidable’s superior tits, which trembled impatiently. Yuichi’s commanding milk overflows from the pulsating meat rod and violates the royal lady’s breasts and boob cloth. Formidable’s cleavage slowly unbinding. was lewdly sticky with an impossible amount of fresh released commander’s milk.

「……Really、my breasts are going to get pregnant.」

「I’m, I’m sorry……」

「Truly, to do it like this…… Commander, Please do your best.」

 Formidable scoops the semen that clings to her tits, which make a mucousy sound, with her fingers and licks it off with her tongue. Then, with her pretty lips that are slightly stained cherry red, she takes Yuichi’s penis in her mouth, which has just been released and has lost its power.

「N……Nfuu? Fu? Fuu? Afuu? Nfuu?」

「Uwaaah、please wait a bit……」

 The aircraft carrier sips the royal extract that remains in his urethra with a vile sound and licks and cleans his dirty rod. The commander’s cock regains its power through the royal lady’s cleaning blowjob, which obscenely disrupts her innocent and elegant face. Yuichi’s “son” was changing into an adult in her mouth, and Formidable was tasting it with her wriggling tongue like it was a different creature.

「Commander, good day to you」

 The royal lady pinches the edge of her skirt and gives a reverent curtesy bow to her “commander,” who has regained all his strength. Her secret place where unwanted hair was completely processed and became smooth can be glimpsed from the hem. Her main gun and ammunition storage, which should not have been on the Formidable, were on the verge of war and looked like they were about to explode.

「It is the etiquette of a royal lady not to show mercy to her enemies.」


 With the face of a fierce beast aiming for its prey, the royal lady placed Yuichi’s main gun between her legs and thrust it into her own secret place. The so-called cowgirl position. This unruly and sexy aircraft carrier violently moves her body up and down in order to devour her beloved commander. The mass of her sloshing around his lower abdomen makes Yuichi say the forbidden words without thinking.

「It, it’s not heavy! Stay where you are, commander!」

「Aa、aa, ama, zing, aa」

 Formidable bounces up and down like a rodeo machine with his commanding officer under her big hips as he utters the words that should never be spoken. The huge breasts sway and bounce three-dimensionally upward, downward, to the left, to the right, and out of the standard in accordance with the movement that is unbecoming of a graceful and lovely lady. Yuichi, who looks up to the powerful sense of reality that cannot be experienced even in a VR AV, is attacked relentlessly from both the sense of sight and touch.

「N、Noo! I, I’m coming!」

「Commander! Please try a little harder!」


 Yuichi is about to fire his second congratulatory shot of the day into the royal lady who is bouncing on top strongly and violently. However, the lasciviously greedy and terrifying Illustrious-class third ship does not allow the white flag to be raised without doing everything in its power. The proud Kingston valve compresses the root of the commander’s single gun, which was weakening. The poor cannon gate, which was on the verge of firing, is startled and malfunctions.

「More、please entertain Formidable more、commander」

「U, Uwa I-it’s painful……」

 Just when the incomparable feeling of release was close, Yuichi’s shells, which lost their firing timing due to the intense tightening, swelled like magma and accumulated in his lower abdomen. Formidable smiles down at his commander, who is writhing in agony. This fearsome aircraft carrier begins to play Yuichi’s defenseless balls with her free hand. The unexpected urge left him unable to speak, and he could only breathe roughly.

「No, no, noo」

「Aa, ahh, commander how do you like it……?」

 The bulging ammunition magazine becomes hot with libido and begins to tremble wistfully in preparation for firing. A desire that appeals for release rises up in search of a place to escape. Yuichi’s main gun, which has reached its limit, shoots all the ammunition it can at the hangar of the titty aircraft carrier. With an ecstatic look on her face, Formidable realizes the warmth that comes from the proof of love poured out for the first time.


「Haa、haa……As you’d expect, I’m a little tired.

 Commander, I’m going to sleep on the bed for a bit. Wake me up if you need anything.

 Formidable lays herself alongside Yuichi, who lies breathless from the emptiness of ejaculation. The royal lady turned her slightly flushed face to her son and closed her eyes quietly, her breath smelling faintly sweet.

 It was the first time I had skin-to-skin contact with a woman, it was naturally the first time I had shared a bed with one. Just by looking at a lady who is so close that you can touch her if you move around even a little bit, Yuichi’s overall strength will recover in no time at all.

 I want to touch you more.

 I want to make love to you more.

 I want to fuck you more and more.

 The commander, who has just graduated from virginity, is driven by a beastly, gnawing desire to embrace Formidable as he lies in bed. He lifted her skirt up and grabbed her soft but large hips firmly with both hands.

「Mo-more, let’s do it another time!」

「……You’re late, commander. I’ve waited long enough, my dear.」

 Yuichi, who has completely recovered, mounted Formidable to copulate with her in a behind the back maneuver, but it was all stratagem by the royal lady, who leaves no stone unturned in love and war. The fearsome aircraft carrier, which had hoped for a rematch by switching offense and defense, had made the sexually voracious young lion rape herself of his own volition.

「Ah? Aan? C, commander? is、Isn’t this beautiful?

 Ya? Aa? Aan? Nn? Nnn? Na? Aan?」

 Yuichi grabs her white skin and inserts his raging conductor rod into her secret core. The selfish and self-centered swinging of his hips accurately hits the girl switch in the back of Yutaro, who is by chance turned into a KAN-SEN. When he thrusts in, she makes a charming sound, and when she pulls out, she moans sweetly. The young commander’s insides are filled with the desire to conquer and violate his “own woman”, who displays a lovely lasciviousness in accordance with his movements.

「Aa! Da! Da! Dad! Dad! Dad!」

「W, what? Dad?! D, don’t call me that?

 Fu? Formi? Call me Formi? Please call me that?」

「Formi! Formi! Formi! Formi!」

「Commander? Commander? Commander? Commander?」

 They scream each other’s names. Hungrily devouring primordial pleasures. The third ship of the Illustrious Class, which is violently attacked by its own “female” sensation, struggles and gasps as if fleeing from the shock similar to an electric current that surges to the brain with each thrust.

 Her manicured, supple, white fingertips grip the sheets tightly, and her fiercely shaken hair dances through the air, shining like gold thread. Her proud superior breasts are crushed by her own body and protrude from the sides of her thin torso, making a lewd noise and repeatedly deforming.

「Ugu Ha……Ha…… Formi……I li……love you……」

「An? Nnn? Na? Nn? Haan? Yaan?

 Shuki? Shuki? Raishuki?」

 Formidable’s soft buttocks and the commander’s groin clashed violently, Paan! Baan! A sound similar to applause echoes. Yuichi repeats the piston movement of his hips with all his strength in order to devour all of the aircraft carriers that she is controlling, while Formidable spins the lovemaking type turbines brought the by the pleasure he brings. The love for the commander, heated to a high temperature, runs through Kan-Sen’s whole body, making her hair fall into disarray and letting out a gasp like the sound of a bell. Even so, the affection that is left over oozes out of the tip of Yutaro’s remaining “main gun” in the form of extract, creating a naughty stain on the wrinkled sheets.

「I, I’m coming Formi!」

「C, cu, come in me???」

 With an exceptionally strong swing of the hips, Yuichi delivers a fierce blow to his marriage partner, the third Illustrious-class ship, with his third simultaneous shot of the day. The essence of love, released from the hotly pulsing barrel over and over again, filled her hangar.


 The terrifying aircraft carrier reaches its limit and slowly sinks into bed. I feel a warm affection in my lower abdomen, and my whole body is tasting the joy of being held as a woman, which I could never have known as Yutaro. Realizing that it was a good thing that he had been transformed into KAN-SEN, Formidable’s love for her son - her commander - deepened even further.

「Aa……Isn’t it wonderful?」

 The next night. In the Hayase family’s bedroom, Formidable had an ecstatic expression on her face as she pulled up the hem of her dress. At her feet was a crouching figure, ministering to a towering main gun.

「Oh, proud master.……」

「You’re so cute, Sirius」

 The true identity of the human figure serving the graceful and dainty aircraft carrier is the light cruiser Sirius. She was serving the only part of “Yutaro” left in the formidable with her proud superior tits and cute lips.

 The royal lady smiles contentedly as she looks down at the white-haired bombshell light cruiser in a miniskirt maid’s uniform desperately serving her “main gun”. Yes, the true identity of the Dido-class light cruiser Sirius was her son, Yuichi.

 The next day, after having skin-to-skin contact with Formidable, Yuichi couldn’t stand still and went to the clinic where his father had been transformed into a superlative titty aircraft carrier to have himself treated as well. At first Yuichi thought he would get the same Illustrious-class aircraft carrier as Yutaro, but after much thought, he chose the Sirius, which was his second favorite KAN-SEN.

「Aa, proud master. Please be merciful to this lowly maid.」

「I never thought I’d get such a sweet thing from a girl in the maid corps.……Fufufu」

 This royal maid has her mouth full of Formidable’s huge cock and vigorously serves it with enthusiam. Her cool eyes shine obscenely, and she moves her head in a desperate attempt to make her proud master, the royal lady, feel better.

「Please hold still!」


 The Formidable, whose arousal had been urgently triggered, fixed the Royal Maid’s head with both hands and began to shake her own hips. Sirius, delighted to be used as if she were an obscene tool, served even more proudly and used her tongue, cheeks and even his throat to serve her master. A royal lady who shakes her hips mercilessly is currently maintaining a deeply unfitting appearance. The Formidable’s ammunition storage, slowly rising up to an intense rush , let the royal maid know that the time to fire was near. Without a pause, a sticky white cannon shell was released into the mouth of the enraptured and serving Sirius.

「That was a wonderful service. Continue to work hard」

「Such praise for this Sirius, thank you! Proud master……」

 The royal extract that was vigorously released from the Formidable dyed the light cruiser’s skin, tits, and hair even whiter. Sirius, who was given the highest honor for a maid, shows her gratitude to her master with more debauchery in her eyes.

「Proud Master, please give more mercy to Sirius.……」

「Fufu. Formidable, I will not disappoint the maid partner」

 Yuichi flips up the hem of her miniskirt and points her round white hips at the Lord. A royal lady should know immediately what her subordinates want. Slightly above Sirius’s high angle anti-aircraft gun, which was shaking with anticipation, Formidable thrust her own penis into Sirius’s hole. Sirius lets out an inaudible cry of joy.

 A father and son disappear from the Hayase family, and all that’s left are an aircraft carrier and a light cruiser that entwine, embrace, copulate, gasp, and breathe out their love. On the ring fingers of these two girls shines a silvery white 『Ring of Promise』. The lascivious Kan-Sen who have achieved their marriage contract make love to each other, forgetting the existence of the other Hayase family member.

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