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Hawks x Oc character Crow is a commission trained agent Having a similar quirk to pro hero Hawks the commission decides to play match maker. Crow is against her children possibly being under the commissions control. Hawks wasnt sure the mean agent crow could be a hero let alone a good mate.

Romance / Other
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Chapter 1

Looking down at the flashing red and blue light, a voice rings in my right ear. "Crow you there?"

Pressing the button i respond, " Yeah im here."

I gather all my. Feathers that was scattered from the mission. "We have someone to take over as a public face you can go home."

Not answering i slide on my black headphones, and shoot a feather to Ito telling her im leaving.

I jump off the other side of the roof going back to the apartment.

(🐔= Hawks pov)

Agent Ito gets pushed forward and glances up.
"Is there someone here?" I question her wondering why i cant see them.

" No they left already. But don't worry, you're only here to take credit for this mission."

I raising a brow at her ,she smiles and passes me the report made so i can answer to the press. " also come down to the commission at 11am we have someone we like you to meet. They're a new agent who we'd like to be a hero. "

Nodding," So you want to put this kid in my agency and mentor them?"

"Yeah and its not like you have much of a choice to do come on time." ito walks away and gets in a car before driving off.

(🐤 Nakamura pov)

Walking into the living room i see Sato on the couch sleeping. " I told you not to stay up for me Kiyo. " heading to the kitchen i turn the tv off with a feather and eat some leftover dinner he had made.

When im done i clean up and do some laundry. Spending about an hour i look at the time, it was 2 in the morning . finally i go to my room and sleep.


After meeting with Ito in the morning we head to this apartment not to far away. She avoided all questions on why i had to take in this kid when there was others who could do so.

We head up to the top floor and knock on a random door. " Sato open up. " After those words the door was opened and showed a tall guy. "Wheres crow?"

We follow him to the living room, "Its day time, you of all people know shes asleep." The guy yawns and stands by the kitchen.

"Its pretty dark in here, id confused day with night as well kid." chucking at the state of the homes dim lights and black interior.

"Crow likes the dark, that's why its like this. " raising and eyebrow i look at the guy. " Oh , im Sato Kiyoshi. You must be hawks. Number 2 hero."

"You got it kid." Sitting down on the couch by Ito. "So this the kid i got to take?" A door slams down the dark hall. Sato throws his slipper down the hallway.

A black dart shoots out past his face. Getting up Ito pushes me back down " Why are you so damn loud." A girl with dark green hair exit out the corridor.


"Morning Crow. " turning to Ito with irritation i give her a face then keep walking to the kitchen. " You know its pretty rude to ignore others."

I make me a cup of ice coffee then stand in the door way." You are one to talk. Now why are you and that over grown chicken in my couch and in my house."

The bird brain took offense to my words while Ito sat there emotionless. " Well im here to give you news. You're to mate with hawks."

My eyes shift to the bird and he looked shocked and speechless. I start to chuckle then straight to gut clenching laughter. I stop suddenly then look at Ito," You're gonna have to do better. I didn't fight my way out of your facility to get this place. Then become a incubator to this over grown chickens eggs. Now get out."

" Come on Crow you'll get to be in Hawks agency and become a pro hero. " sipping my coffee Hawks decides to speak up.

" i thought i was just suppose to hire the kid at my agency. Not to be auctioned off to a stranger. I'm still young Ito."

" That's my line brid brain. But i agree I've made better deals than this. If i was to sell myself off its not to him. Now get out."

Ito stays put while hawk gets up, " Ill cut off your allowance. " threatening me didn't scare me one bit. Had worse threats and promises made to me.

" fine by me get out." I didn't stand down.

" ill move sato away." Sato looks at Ito in shock. Grinding my teeth i look at Hawks.

" Come back tomorrow we can go on a date or something. Now get out Ito. " walking back to my room i slam the door closed.

Sato was the only kid who wasn't afraid to be my friend and didn't hate me for my special treatment at the facility. We've been through thick and thin. I hated how i caved in when it came down to him.

Going back to sleep exhausted of today's insicent
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