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A knock at my door wakes me up. Looking at my phone for the time i see its 10 am. "Crow? Wake up Hawk is here." Groaning loudly, shuffles of slippers walk away from the door.

Taking a quick shower and putting on leggings with a long sleeve crop top. The black and dark green theme went well with my hair and wings.

Putting on makeup to conceal the dark bags under my eyes. I exit out to see hawks waiting patiently. " Ready bird braid."

"Dont call me that kid." He get up and we walk out the house together.

"Yeah yeah." We enter the elevator and i yawn. "By the way i work at night and sleep in the day." Walking out we exit the apartment. " So don't wake me up this early ever again."

We casually walk down the street." Why do you work at night anyways kid. You cant be a hero if you only work at night."

" We have the same quirk but my quirk is called shadow wings. Its stronger with natural darkness of the night, heck i dont even have all my feathers in because im too short for them. "

He stares at my wings, moving them to show the few main feather missing from their place. He chuckles at the site. " Well you are pretty short baby brid."

Rolling my eyes ,we stop at my favorite restaurant. They cater well to my sensitive stomach."Come on kid." Hawks heads inside and i follow in tow.

The regular hostess sees me and immediately takes us to my favorite place to sit. The back room booth i normally share with Sato. "Normally the wait is long so i reserved a table. But this isn't the spot i asked for. "

His eyes land on me and i look away from him. "Do you come here often baby bird?" His teasing tone made me look at him. Before a response could be said the door opens.

The waiter sits down my drink and ask Hawks what he would like. He oders a chicken dish and a few other before looking at me. "And you kid?"
The waiter pipes up and ask if i want my regular on my days alone. Nodding i sip my ice tea.

"So you do come here often. " smirking at his discovery. " anything else you'd like to tell me?"

" You're commiting cannibalism you over grown chicken." His face falls and i laugh. " Guess you never heard that one." He grumbles and leans back.

"I'll be honest i asked Ito what was your favorite food and she directed me here. I asked other questions and she ignored me."i lean forward raising an eyebrow. Surprised Ito would disclose information no matter how small it is.

" Well we both come from the same facility, so you of all people should know ,because i havent debuted as a hero all information down to my allergies are kept secret." He shrugs. " what were you trying to find out anyways."

"Your name age birthday you know simple things." Smiling at me , he looks uninterested in what hes trying to know.

"Yeah maybe next time." This catches his attention. He sits up and the waiters bring in our food.

"Are you saying theres a second date after this kid? You must really like me."

I stab my food making a loud sound." A cocky loud obnoxious bird like you? A completely over grown chicken who commits cannibalism and comes from the same place as me to know that personality you show is a front? No thanks ill pass." He looks shocked and i continue to eat.

Luckily i dont eat much when i come here by myself so i wouldnt have to stay here long. "Youre no better kid. " i look up at him.

"Youre no better than me by projecting your mean personality. At least i have a conscience unlike you running through life unfiltered." He looked serious.

I scoff, " Im so sorry ,i dont live my life showing fan service and catering to people. I also dont keep my opinion in my head instead i voice it out to others." Losing my appetite i get up and leave.

I pay for both meals and leave back for home.
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