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I had taken a nap before training and woke up to take a shower and get ready.

Slamming my bed room closed i sit at my vanity. Red eyes stare back at me, before picking up the scissors and cutting my over grown bangs. I cut some hair to frame my face before getting ready for training.

My phone rings and i answer it to find ito calling me. " What now Ito."

Setting it on speaker her voice rings out. " You are so lucky he agreed to seeing you again. "

I turn to the phone mid dressing. "What are you talking about. " walking over i put on my training shirt. Sitting by the phone ito explains herself.

" Hawks came in after your date and said you was an interesting character. He wouldn't mind going out with you again, and kept in mind not to mess up your sleeping schedule." I stare at the phone in disbelief, the over grown chicken wanted to see me again. " Nakamura don't be difficult it wont be the same for your children like it was for you."

"Who said i was gonna have kids Ito. You know i don't want to bring any child in this world when you have so much control. I will keep biting back. " putting my hair up i then grab the phone. "Ill be in for training bye."

Hanging up i head out to the door and slide my shoes on. The roof is two floors up from my floor so i go through the stair well and make it to the top. Sliding ear plugs in and flying away all my feather gather while im in mid air to help fly faster.

I reach the commission's facility in a few minutes and land on the edge of the roof.

"You shouldn't do that kid ." hawk walks up to me and holds out his hand i simply jump down to the floor and walk past him.

"You make things difficult." We had entered the building and went down the stairs.

"How so?" He keeps up with my pace and we enter the training floor. Walking down it to reach the last door.

"You lied to Ito and then come here when i show up." Halfway through the hall my name is being called.

"Nakamura ," I keep walking. "Nakamura." I turn around glaring at Ito.

"What? What do you want Ito." While Ito walks up to us Hawk decides to speak.

"So Nakamura is your name. Who would have known." Smirking from knowing more about me i roll my eyes and look at Ito.

All these tall people around got on my nerves. I never asked to stand at 5'3.

"We changed your schedule youll be taking a class with hawks about mating." The silence met after that statement was loud.

"Nakamura? Akira did you hear me." I finally zone back into reality.

"I wish i didnt. " Hawk pats my shoulder and I brush him off.

"Go to floor B room 106. " nodding I walk down to the elevator and push the button. We both enter and i stand away from him.

"You know mating season is coming up. And most birds get into ruts." I glare at him stopping Hawks from finishing.

" I take a pill to help me. " getting off the elevator i head to room 106.

"Hey, welcome. You guys can just sit here this lesson will be short for today.
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