"Basically you want us to stop all medications this winter?" The women nods to my question.
"Does it have to be this soon? "Gettting anxiety from how serious they are makes me nauseous.

"Yes so far we want you to be all natural before the season starts. So those leading up days we can't have you take those suppressants. Keigo may not have much of a reaction during that time, but hes most fertile. So we have two peaks you each can reach that will be effective to the process."

So far our class is talking about what we need to do before the mating. A lot showed how our peaks is so close that during that time we could both have a high chance.

After a while the lecture was over. "You should go out with me again."

"Wasn't this morning enough?" He shrugs.

"Honesty its my fault and i cant blame you for being against this. Beside i think you're cool."

"Pass me your phone."pulling out his phone he hands it to me. I put my number in then text myself. Passing it back he look at the contact.

"Nakamura Akira. Sounds like a boy name." He looks at me." Sorry sorry, just contrasts your pretty face. " scoffing i roll my eyes.

"Whatever." I fly off and do a few rounds before heading home. When i finally see my phone i see iv gotten a message.

Bird brain:
Good night kid

I dont respond and get ready for bed.

I dont see Hawks outside of going to the mating class. Ive stopped talking all medications concerning my heat and been anxious on how ill react.

After changing my sleep schedule , i start to sleep and night and wake up in the day. Still having missions at night i take naps with Sato.

We decide after training we should go out and shop. " You should get maternity clothes," He says jokingly pulling out and over sized shirt. "It not bad to be prepared for the worse Kira."

"Stop even looking at that. I told you i dont want kids." We walk over to the men's section Sato goes to get more pants while i look at a few shirts that they have. When i reach for a black shirt another hand joins mine.

"Oh im sorry." The guy pulls back, then scratches his neck laughing slightly. " I'll let you have it. "

"No no, i was just looking." Turning to walk away he grabs my hands.

"Wait. I was wondering if that guy over there was your boyfriend. " He gestures to sato whos still looking.

"No he's my brother," Pulling away. " And i advise you not to touch me. " trying to walk away again he pops up infront of them. Stepping back startled i glare at him.

"Well can i get your number?" He holds out his phone. But before i can say a thing the phone explodes. Stifling a giggle i look at Sato. He looks completely annoyed and takes me to the next store.

"Gosh hes annoying." He huffs over the fact of his quirk usage and we walk to a food stall.

We get onigiri, sato gets salmon and i get vegetarian. Continuing our walk down the the street we stop at another shop.

"So when will you start working at Hawks agency?" Sato pulls a few pants from the rack.

"The beginning of next month. Maybe i can get you in there too. Youre of age." Sato shakes his head.

"I rather stay an agent," he passes me a shirt with my favorite band." Besides i wouldnt want to work with my soon to be brother in law. "

Making a face i pull out a few more shirts, then walk to the shorts. " We arent getting married Sato."

"Might as well kira. "He frowns at the shorts i pulled out i put them back." Tomorrows october and its getting colder. You should get pants."

"Why when i can wear yours. " laughing at his face we head back to the pants section. " that reminds me you should be careful tomorrow ill be off my suppressants."

"Why? Dont you need them?" He passes me a pair of sweats before walking off.

"Since im closer to my bird tendices, and he isnt. I have to get off them to heighten my chance. He'll be on hormone shots by tomorrow to heighten my liking to him."

I see we got to the underwear section and get sports bras. " So you cant have another male mix up scents?" Nodding my head he groans.

"Whos gonna cook for me." Side eyeing him i head to go pay.

" I will, youll staying in the apartment next to us." I grab a few bags but sato only allows me to hold two. One in each hand before he marches out the store.

Gosh this child is too much, following him out we go home.
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