The next day im at Hawks agency. Walking up to the secretary desk i ask her if Hawks was in.

" No hes not in yet. Do you have a appointment to see him?" She ask me with slightly annoyance.

"I don't because i dont need one. His office is on the top floor right? " pushing my hands in my pocket not concerned of he attitude.

"Look here he doesn't need a groupie in his office. So make my job easier and leave, before i call security." She huffs and gets ready to pick up the phone.

"Your boss is gonna love this." Pulling out my phone i dial his number. It rings once and he picks up, putting him on speaker." Hey im at your agency."

"Youre here early. Come on up im in the office kid." I look at the secretary. Her face drops a bit and she gets angry.

"You are? I was told by your secretary that you weren't in."

"Huh? Why would she do that?" Rolling my eyes.

"Why else would she do so bird brain." He hangs up and then the desk phone rings.

Her face becomes pale and she nods. I continue to head the office not caring for the after math of it all.

Exiting off the elevator im met with Hawks waving me over from down the hall.

" Im so sorry. I had just got back from getting that shot. Damn thing hurts like hell." Nodding i sit myself down in a chair.

"By the way baby bird im loving the pants suit. " chucking and wiggling his eyebrows hes met with a raised eyebrow.(simple slacks and a buttoned up shirt no jacket)

" maybe i should ask them to use a longer needle.Now what will i be doing." He opens a file and i look at it carefully to see whats inside.

"Its not what you think so calm down kid." Not looking up from the papers ,i study his face. "Well since we are simular in quirk youll protrol with me today." Nodding i accept the deal.

Looking up he frowns," you should wear warmer clothing next time. So today no flying."

"I can fly just fine in this." He frowns and crosses his arms.

"No." Sighing i walk out. "Hey, dont just walk away kid." He follows after me and trys to get close.

Glaring he gives a two feet distance as we head down to the lobby. The secretary seems to be causing a fuss, but hawks ignores it and leave out with me.

We delt with one dispute before heading out to get lunch. "Want some onigiri?" Nodding i sit on a bench while hawks get some.

He comes back and hands me one." The flavor?" I ask before biting into it.

"Salmon like mine." Passing it back to him. He looks confused." Oh, we're you not craving salmon."

" im allergic. Im actually allergic to all seafood." He panics and goes off back to the onigiri stall. Coming back with four vegetable onigiri.

"Thanks," taking a bite. "You're not so bad."

"Back at ya baby bird." Our lunch is over and we head back to his office. Working till late we go separate ways when leaving work.
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