A week or so past and i walk into hawks office.
"Hey baby bird you look gorgeous as always."

Ive gotten use to his compliments everyday and his urge to take care of me. Its the second week of his treatment and hes been gifting me small things.

" On the way here i picked up a rock. Isnt it pretty?" Raising an eyebrow to the white pebble hawk holds out to me.

"A rock? You mean a pebble, its quite small."

"Yeah yeah, ive been having the urge to pick up rocks and pebbles. And i decided this one might have been acceptable." Taking the pebble from his hand a sigh of relief leaves him.

Placing the pebble into my pocket i look over at pile of rocks on his desk. " it's 11 in the morning how many rocks did you find on your way here?"

"This whole damn week since the second shot i been picking them up kid. These hormone shots are annoying." Picking a few rocks from the pile i pocket them.

"You don't have to take them , i was gonna toss them."

"Don't , next time you pick a bunch let me pick out of them. Besides that i came here because of Ito. She wants us to go on another date."

"Are you asking me? Maybe i should pick up rocks more often." Shooting him a look he zips up his lips and fake locks it.

" Theres a movie coming out in two days. We'll go there."

"Just a movie baby bird?" He questions,sitting down in his chair.

"Yeah just that. We cant do much without people crowding you bird brain. I'll seen you then." Walking out his office and agency i meet up with Sato at home.

"Ew whats that smell ?" Walking down to his room and see boxes.

"Im guessing its me?" Sato sits on his bed packing away his clothes." Its getting closer to your month."

"Yeah it is. So far ive gotten lots of rocks today from him." Pulling out the rocks and pebbles stuffed in my pockets.

"Are you gonna add it to your rock collection?" Shrugging i put them back in my pocket.

"Not sure, maybe i should toss them."Sato gives a look." What? Its just rocks."

"You would not be saying that if i did it to you." Crossing his arms he waits for a better answer.

"I wont. Gosh youre annoying." Walking to my room he screams 'youre welcome' to me.i sit at my vanity and push all my own rock pile into a jar.

Pulling out the ones in im pocket i layer and place them in a circle.

Starting a new rock collection with rock i got from him. It feels like its missing something. In mid thought i get a notification.

Bird brain🐔
Hey baby bird

Are you napping

I wanna nap with ya;)

(What shes saved under in his phone)
Baby bird🐤
Keep your mind out the gutter or youll end up in a ditch

Bird brain 🐔
Why are you so mean

i thought the hormones was working

Baby bird 🐤

Far from working bird brain

Bird brain 🐔
You wound me

But ik you've gone soft for me

I mean who hasn't

Baby bird 🐤

Bird brain 🐔
You know lying is bad

You took the rocks i picked

In bird language that means youve accepted me

Baby bird 🐤
Shut up

Annoyed at his antics to get me to confess, i go and take a bath. Bubbles cover the surface and mango soap fills my nose. Humming pleased i sink down submerging myself.

Resurfacing i push back my now curly hair. Washing up head to toe, i go and rinse off in the shower. Hot water relaxing my body and steam filling the bathroom.

The month was almost over. We both dont know what they'll make us do for the next month.

Getting out and drying off i walk to my room to get dressed. Putting on shorts and a over size shirt,i head to the kitchen to eat.

The doorbell rings and look at the time. Did Sato forget his keys? Walking to the door i peek through the peep hole.
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