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Ritza thought growing up in a small village would be alright and nothing bad would happen to her right?.. " Ritza please don't go out by yourself!" not after what that titan did to her father. she wants revenge " hey kid what are you doing her alone you shouldn't be here?" what she didn't is the one she looked up to the humanities strongest soldier raising a kid who lost her father and ran away from home at age 8, can Levi raise ritza to live this tragic of humanity in the future?

Horror / Action
Hyojin Kim
Age Rating:

Chapter 1

" Hey Ritza, remember how you said once this will be all over you promise you will run far away from here?" is it going to be over though?..”

That was just the beginning, not everything is going to be a happy ending now is it. " ritza get down here you need to come help your brother with the yard work!" I hear my mother yell from downstairs as I lay in my bed looking up at the ceiling hearing the creaks of the floor of my mother coming upstairs. " are you going to lay in bed all day and be a lazy fuck or go help your brother?" I can feel her glare burning through my skull but I ignore it and roll out of bed and past by her bumping my shoulder into hers, " at least say it nicer won't ya"

I feel a hard grab on my arm pull me back onto the ground causing me to hit the back of my head, " you brat, you do you think you are talking back?!" she says pointing her pointer finger in my face feeling her spit hitting my face as she is screaming but all I hear is muffling. why did dad have to go? " get your ass up and go help your brother outside " she kicks me in the stomach before walks out leaving me on the ground like a rugged doll.

Why... Why!!!

I Get up feeling a pain in my stomach and head, since what did I ever do to her to hate me so much? I feel a warm liquid dripping down my face what I see is blood. Seems like she doesn't care how she hurts her children, huh, i just wiped off the blood with a cloth and quickly headed out with Aito who was raking the hay for the animals. " Oh ritza there you are!" Aito turns around smiling at me with his apple cheeks showing, " hey aito mom told me to come help you" he nods handing me over a rake and pointing over to where I can help, " you can help me over there, there is some hay I need to rake"

"Ritza!..." all I can see is the titan grabbing my father and eating him right in front of my eyes

" you alright" I snap out of it and realize aito was looking at me worried seeing I was looking in the direction where.. it all happened, " oh.. the accident" aito rubs the back of his neck trying to think of something. " listen I'll go with you and make sure nothing happens okay?" I smile nervously and he walks with me beside the barn and we begin working on the haystack together while Aito makes sure nothing comes out. Having only aito by my side is what I needed since dad's passing mother has changed a lot what I mean by a lot. I never got to see her smile again or feel love from a mother all she does is yell or hit or even drink and she never does that.

After my 7th birthday, she went out and never came back for a whole week but once she did come back it was a nightmare. " Ritza! Aito ! where are you little shits?!" we hear our mother screaming as she trips over furniture, while me and Aito are hiding in our bedroom closet from preventing her from doing anything. " I said where are you!" she slams the glass bottle onto the closet door where we were and Aito Screams and I quickly cover his mouth but it was to late...

" there you are "

as me and Aito finish our yard work he offers to head into the village to go out and have some lunch, " you sure mom won't mind?" aito shrugs rolling his eyes. "like mom would even care we are right now she kicks us out most of the time Ritza" he is right. " alright then let's go" he puts his arm around my shoulder leading the way hopefully mom doesn't mind us gone.

In the village

" so what are you thinking to eat?" Aito says while looking at the stalls people are selling at the market I look around and see a bunch of good food hitting my nose that makes my stomach growl loudly. " Hehe sorry I guess I am really hungry" I smile up at Aito and he laughs at how awkward I am " don't worry little sis I'll get you whatever you want" my mouth makes an " o" shape feeling comforted by my brother keeps me warm, he is the only one who I don't want to lose in this time like this. now those creatures called " titans" are out eating people are ruining lives are causing families troubles.

Always forever right?

" hey Aito that looks good!" I look over to where they have bread with cheese inside aito looks over and I see him lick his lips I smile and nudge his side, " that looks good huh?" he nods and walks over to the stall ordering us to two cheesy pieces of bread. " here you go sir" aito hands the man the money but the man put his hand up refusing the cash, " no son it's on the house, since your father has done so much for me I wanna give you something back" I took a glance at the man and remembered how he would come over and buy milk from our farm back then. "Mr. Albertson!" my eyes light up as he chuckles noticing how a child could get so excited " that is me"

Mr. Albertson was very close to my father but now since the accident my mother forbid us to speak to anyone who my father spoke to. " how's your mother" Mr. Albertson asks, me and aito feel our body go cold when he asks that question. " w-well uhm" before I can answer I hear a bunch of people run and scream " move the Scout regiment is coming!" my eyes widen I've never seen the scout regiment in person before aito grabs my arm and pulls me to the side where I can get a better view of the scouts coming through.

" Ritza look they are coming," aito says and I can see his eyes light up once he sees the scouts passing by, they work so hard to save lives huh? can I do that too?. I was so memorized by them I didn't even notice I was looking at someone .. someone who was so imitating and cold " hey isn't that the new squad leader?" " squad leader? that humanity's strongest soldier! they scouted him not too long ago since he came from the undergrounds"

Humanities strongest soldier... Can I be like you?

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