family business


cousins, dean Michael winchester jr and sam, james winchester jr,

Cole Johnson
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Chapter 1

Dean Michael Winchester sitting on his bed waiting for his dad to get home. he looks through his play list, dean jr wears lots of dark clothes kinda emo but no tatoos except an anti possession tattoo on his neck. he has braces and dark brown hair. dean's cousin calls him.

″he-ya sammy″ dean says to sam, he cousin.

″its sam″ says sammy and asks ″and have u seen my dad?”

″no i haven’t sammy, he went out on a hunting trip″ says dean. ″so has my dad″

″yeah i know, they went out together″ sam says to dean through the phone, ″i uh gotta go bye″

dean gets up and walks out, and runs into a friend of his.

“sorry, u ok?” they asks.

″yeah,″ says dean, ″i gotta go,″ dean grabs his hat, a black beanie, and throws it in his bag.

″where dean?″

″i have work to do″ says dean and grabs his sweat shirt and throws it on over his ac/dc tank top and red and black flannel.

″pick up my cousin,″ says dean and throws stuff in his duffle bag

″ooh they didnt take the car, so u know what that means,″ dean rubs his hands together, he has a black ring on his right thumb.

″not a good idea″ says dean’s friend.

″why″ says dean knowing the answer.

″he wouldnt let u″

″dude, i’m 17,″ says dean and throws stuff in his duffle bag.

″dude, he wont even tell u who ur mom is, like where did u get this mop of luscious dark hair″ the friend says and reaches out to deans hair touching it for a second, then dean swats there hand away.

″dont touch my hair,″ says dean, ″and my hair is not ’luscious’ i can never get it to cooperate in the morning.

″its freaking all over the place,″ dean looks in the mirror, ″freaking sex hair,″ dean mutters.

deans friend giggles. dean grabs a comb and tries parting it on the side, ″oh geez, i look like a cross between my dad and some angel.″

deans friend laughs.

''shut up,'' says dean

''sorry'' says deans friend

dean shrugs, and looks through his dads closet. he finds something he didnt know his dad had. a tan trench coat.

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