where two boys don't like each other. Both live in the rent houses. Every time they met, they started to fight. They are like cats and dogs. one is rich, forced to live in a rented house by parents. Their house owner is fed up with their war. Is their War ever shifted into 'LOVE'? let's see what happened? Main ship- Taekook side ship- yoomin, Namjin. No smut. short chapters.

Romance / Humor
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Character Introduction

Jeon Jungkook


Sexuality- bisexual

A college student. Rich parents. But lives in a rent house.

* Parents are worried about him. They forced him to live another place because they thought it would help him to learn about life outside the mansion.

* Best friend: Min yoongi (suga).

* Relationship status: single, but date many people...Kinda flirty.

* Hate his neighbors especially Kim Taehyung.


Kim Taehyung.

Age: 21

Sexuality: gay

*A part-timer employee in a company, live by himself.

*Hate his neighbors ( especially Jeon jungkook).

Best friend: park jimin.Also his roommate.

*Kinda sassy, hardworking, not easily give up on anything, love his best friends very much.

Relationship status: single.


Park jimin

Age: 21

Sexuality: gay

*Part-time employee at the same company with Tarhyung.

Best friend: Kim Terhyung.

* Sexy, cutie little mochi. Romantic person. Always melt when it's about love.
Loves singing.


Min yoongi aka suga.

Age: 24

Sexuality: Gay

*Lives with jungkook. Loves to sleeping.

Best friend: jungkook.

Relationship status: single.


Other characters are introduced slowly.

I hope you like it.

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