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I Need You


Y/N is a singer from the U.S. She is called back to her hometown of Seoul to collaborate with one of the world's biggest k-pop boyband BTS. Her and Min Yoongi start getting along well until she had to go back to her home in Los Angeles, California in the U.S. Will Yoongi follow her or will he let her go? Find out soon on "I Need You".

Drama / Other
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Do dreams become reality? It's like one day you're wishing upon a star and then the next day you're getting signed into a label. I guess it's just me but anyways let me introduce myself. I'm Seong Y/N, I'm 22 years old. I was born in Seoul, South Korea . A few months after I was born my mother married my dad who happened to live in the U.S at the time I don't know the whole story exactly but they got married and she moved in with my dad in his home in New York City. I grew up there for 15 years.

Until we moved because of a singing competition. It made me sad that I had leave New York, but what other choice do I have. It was my dream since I was like 5 years old and I finally reached my long time dream. A few months after we left I got signed into a record label. You know how that went I started to blow up like crazy in just a year. When I was 18 I finally got a world tour and I got see a lot of smiles from my fans. I told each fan all around the world that I'll be back and that it was a promise that I will keep. I went back on tour right after I turned 20. I was lucky enough to collaborate with many huge singers.

Now I'm 22 and my manager got a call from a label in South Korea named 'BigHit Entertainment'. The label that BTS is under. Who is BTS you may ask. They are a 7 member k-pop group consisting of the members RM, Jin, Suga,J-hope, Jimin,V, and Jungkook. Of course like any other person would. I screamed in joy and I told my mom and dad about the news and they were just as exited as I am. I'm now packing my bags to go to back to Seoul... my hometown and birthtown.

{A/N} *Thanks for reading the prologue more chapters soon. What will happen when Y/N lands in Seoul, South Korea. Stay Tuned my babes. XoXo Eun Kyung.*
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