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My Moon Is My Life (BxB)


"Krist Perawat Finally Weds" One headline sprouted controversy, gossip, and rumors. Two eligible and most popular bachelors, The perfect marriage and perfect match. There was just one problem: It is not a fairytale wedding Because... They are not in love. DISCLAIMER: I DO NOT OWN ANY VISUALS All Rights Reserved

Romance / Drama
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Chapter 1 - Marriage

“Krist Perawat Finally Marries”

Krist Perawat stares at the morning news headline. He never thought this day would come so quickly. The day he gets married.

He slowly packs his suitcase, remembering his bachelor days of being single and private. That ends today.

Krist looks around his home, it is a simple and tidy apartment; unlike his childhood home or his soon-to-be-called-home with his future partner. Luxurious is not the word, but it is the closest he could describe.

Krist’s POV
Making my way through the airport, I see several cameras flashing at me as I try to ignore them. Being back in the spotlight is a welcome gift of me coming home. I remember all the familiar sights. I have not been home for years.

Being the only son of the richest female aristocrat of Thailand is not easy. No matter how many years have passed, I am still not used to the attention and spotlight. When I chose to study overseas, mother always understands and supports me.

I slowly make my way to the chauffeur waiting at the entrance. “Welcome back sir.” He greeted me with a smile. I nodded in silence. The ride back home is the last bit of my time alone. Every second count.

“Welcome back Khun Krist!” A chorus of voices greets me as I step out of the car. There are familiar faces as well as new ones. I enter the main door, hoping to find my mother waiting for me. There is no one. I guess she is not home yet.

“Where is mother?” I ask our house butler, Korn.

“Madam is visiting the royals for the marriage discussion. She will be back in an hour.” Korn formally reports, as usual. “Your suitcase will be sent to your room shortly. Khun Krist, would you like a bath? Or some tea? Or would you like to rest?”

“Thanks, Korn. I’ll rest in my room. Can you let me know when mother is back?”

“Yes sir.”

My bedroom still sits the same, reminding me of the days before I left for studies. I laid on my bed and stared at the ceiling. My life will change tomorrow.

Tomorrow is the day. The day he gets married. To Singto Prachaya Ruangroj, the second son of the most influential person in Thailand; the King.

I, Krist Perawat Sangpotirat, will be marrying a prince. The prince of Thailand.

Imagine the moment I received the call from mother. I was mortified. How was I even handpicked for this?

We have never met!

Correction: he does not know my existence.

But I do. Very much so.

So all I can do is nod. As always. I have little control over my life.

What is not known about me: I am excited. Beyond excited!


I am marrying the man of my dreams!

There is just one minor detail: we are not in love.

Or the truth is: Singto is not in love with me.


Knock knock!

“Khun Krist, madam has returned.”

Krist blinks out of his daydream. He got up to refresh himself before meeting his mother. A lot needs to be discussed before the big day.

“Krist.” A soft motherly voice fills the room.

“M-mother! I thought I’ll be meeting you in your study...” Krist stutter surprisingly.

“Come here and let me see you.”

Krist kneeled in front of his mother and laid his hands on hers. He missed her touch. He tilted his gaze to make eye contact before lighting up the room with the warmest smile that is only known by his mother. He never smiled this warmly to anyone else.

“Are you ready for tomorrow?” She whispers while her fingers brushed through his cheeks. “Everything is prepared. All you need to do is attend the wedding and say your vows.”

“Yes, mother.” Krist shows his determined expression. He is ready for his future. Regardless of what lies ahead.

“I just wish you could marry your own choice, instead of accepting an arranged marriage.” His mother signs deeply. Ever since her husband passed away, she tried her best to provide Krist with a private lifestyle away from the spotlight. She even agreed for him to study overseas despite how much she will miss her son. All of that effort, still could not escape the fate awaited for her son’s future.

“I’ll be fine mother. I enjoyed it enough during my studies. Now it’s time to do my duty to this country.” Krist gave his mother his most assuring smile. “I’m happy I can be closer to you.”

Korn silently stood a short distance away. Just for a short second, his mouth twitched upwards. He always feels warmhearted during the mother-son reunion. After a couple of minutes, he slowly cleared his throat and reported the daily schedule.

“Khun Ying, the royal tailors will be arriving shortly for the royal fitting. The dance and etiquette instructors will arrive in two hours to ensure the wedding rehearsal flows smoothly. The papers for the publication are laid on your table for your review. The deadline is before 5 pm. By 6 pm, the royal limousine will be arriving to escort Khun Ying and Khun Krist for the royal dinner. Madam Kaew is also expected to call in a couple of minutes regarding the confirmation of the wedding discussions.”

Both Krist and his mother broke their hug and hurried to prepare before the wedding dinner. It will be Krist’s first time meeting his future husband.

With the last couple of seconds alone, Krist takes a deep breath before leaving his bedroom. It is way too late to look back now.


By 5.45 pm, Krist is standing below the stairs waiting for his mother. He is dressed in a navy blue suit, with a white shirt underneath that compliments his fair skin. His short dark hair is combed back neatly with style. As confident as he looks, Krist feels his heart beating wildly and uncontrollably.

Soon, Khun Ying appears at the top of the stairs, dressed in an elegant white silk gown; showing her slim figure. Just in time as the limousine arrives on the dot.

Krist promised himself, he will make his mother proud.

Finally, they arrived at the royal palace and Krist stepped onto the red carpet laid out for their arrival.

This is it.

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