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Soulmates met in heaven. (Muichiroxreader)


They say that if you fall in love in heaven you’ll be reborn in another time and be attracted towards your soulmate. (Y/N) died when she was 13. Today should’ve been her 14th birthday, and it seems that the world has a present for her.

Romance / Humor
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Trigger warning, but this chapter is important. You can still skip it if you want.
(Y/N) was bored, so she decided to walk around the forest. She finds a frozen lake, and as she got closer something jumped out of it. Breaking the ice.
(Y/N)'s POV
"Ooh a girl, how old are you?" I back away slightly. "I'm 13." "Ooh just the perfect age. Not too young, but not too old. Just how I like my food." My eyes widen. He gets closer and opens his mouth. Suddenly his head falls off. I'm safe. "Not sharing food with me brother? She grins evilly, and turn to me. She bites my arm, and then rips my arm. I scream in pain. I start losing my consciousness.
Did I die?
What was that thing?

Demon slayer's POV
I was assigned to kill a demon hiding in the forest, when I heard a scream. I start running towards it. When I arrive I see a girl laying unconscious on the red stained snow. She is missing an arm. Is she alive? She might be death. But I should take her to Kocho-Sama.

(Y/N)'s POV
I wake up and see a light. "Can anyone turn off the light?" My vision adjusts, and I see a boy with long black hair with turquoise tips. "Uhm, who are you?" "Tokito Yuichiro." "W-where am I?" "Heaven." "I-it can't be, I'm not dead. This must be a dream, I just have to wake up, right?" "This isn't a dream, you aren't waking up. At least not yet." "How old are you." "I should be 13." "I'm 13 too."
Yuichiro's POV
She's too young, she shouldn't be dead. "How did you die?" Her eyes widen. "This thing ate me." I frown. "They're demons, they ate me too." "I'm (L/N) (Y/N) by the way."
Author's POV
Ever since then they have been friends.
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