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In Love with Mischief (Fred Weasley Fanfiction)


"Falling in love with your best friend is a disaster, because sometimes it can break your own heart." The thought that ran through Isabella Diggory's mind as she realized she was in love with Fred Weasley.

Fantasy / Adventure
Ella Marie
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It was a crisp hot day in the month of June 1989. The day was Wednesday the 12th, Cedric and Isabella Diggory were about to get their letters today. They would have gotten them on their eleventh birthday but since their birthday is in October the headmaster Albus Dumbledore decided to send out their acceptance letters the next summer they were supposed too start. The small petite girl was and had gorgeous mesmerizing blonde curly hair that fell just beneath her shoulders. Her eyes were a piercing blue, a piercing blue just like the ocean. While her twin brother had light brown hair and brown eyes. Isabella and Cedric sat on the bright brown couch, while Isabella had her left leg particularly shaking as if she was nervous - No she was nervous. She was hesitant about going to a boarding school where no one knew her except for her twin brother Cedric. Her twin had always been the outgoing one and would make friends easily while she was the introvert. Just then their dad Amos Diggory walked in with the mail.

“Hey look what I got!” Mr. Diggory waved the letters while putting them down on the coffee table.

Cedric immediately grabbed his letter and ripped it open while Isabella reluctantly grabbed hers praying she was a squib (a child born from two magical parents but not inheriting magical powers) or this was a joke and she was actually a muggle. As Cedric shouted with joy Isabella groaned, this was real life to her she was leaving and going to Hogwarts with just her brother.

“Ella why aren’t you excited!?” Cedric questioned as he shook her.

“Shake me again.” Isabella glared at her brother. “We’ll be away from dad.” She sighed heavily.

“I promise it will be fun, I bet we will get the same house!” Cedric tried cheering Isabella up. Getting the same house would mean she would be with her brother and not alone.

“I guess I mean we are twins, we have to get the same house.” Isabella giggled

On the last week of August the Diggory family went school shopping in Diagon Alley. Mr. Diggory had gotten everything his children needed that was stated in their letters the last item on their list was a pet.

“ Ced, Ella I have to use the loo, I will be right back can you both wait here for a moment?” David pointed.

“Alright dad, we will be right here.” Cedric called out as Mr. Diggory was walking away. As Cedric and Isabella stood talking waiting for their father, Isabella began rummaging through her bag to make sure she did not miss anything on her list. Just then a tall five foot ten inch redhead bumped into her with another redhead that looked like him?

“Oh hello?” Isabella smiled tilting her head.

“Hello!” Cedric looked at the boys as well.

“Hello!” Both boys choursed.

“I’m sorry are we in your way?” Isabella took a step back.

“No, No love you’re perfectly fine!” The one to their left reassured her.

“Love?” Cedric raised his eyebrow.

“Ced relax,” Isabella put her hand on his shoulder.

“Are you two twins as well?” The redhead on their right asked.

“Yes!” Cedric smiled.

“But you two don’t look the same?” The redheaded boy on the left pointed out.

“Ahh but I can assure you my dear boy they are twins, fraternal twins,” Mr. Diggory came up behind the twin boys.

“Ella, Ced, I see you made a couple of new friends!” He smiled, putting his hand out to shake both of the boys hands.

“Fred! George!” A small plump woman ran up to the boys in distress. “What have I told you about running off!?” She exclaimed, scolding them. She quickly turned to Mr. Diggory, Cedric, and Isabella apologized “I am terribly sorry I hope my boys weren’t bothering you all too much” She tried gathering them both.

“No, not at all they were keeping my children company when I was in the loo” Mr. Diggory smiled, brushing it off. “I’m Amos Diggory and these are my children, Isabella and Cedric” He gestured to his children.

“Molly Weasley, my husband Arthur Weasley should be coming soon I was trying to find my children. She raised her eyebrow looking at the two redhead boys. “But those two are my twins Fred, and George, my oldest is Bill, this is Charlie, Percy, Ron, and my last born Ginny” She pointed to each child one by one.

“Oh the Weasleys!” Mr. Diggory smiled.

“Dad, you know them?” Cedric questioned.

“Why of course I do, well, Arthur I work with him at the Ministry of Magic!”

Just then Arthur walked up and both families spent the rest of the day together. From that point on Isabella knew she found her lifelong friends.

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