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In Love with Mischief (Fred Weasley Fanfiction)

Chapter 1

It was August 1994, in the last 5 years so much has changed for the Diggory twins. Cedric was sorted into Hufflepuff while Isabella was sorted into Ravenclaw. Fred, George, Cedric, and Isabella would be inseparable during their first year of Hogwarts but slowly as the years went on Cedric turned to his Hufflepuff friends and dropped all three of them. Cedric will still talk to his sister when they see each other (which is rarely between being a quidditch captain and a prefect) so she naturally clung to the twins. Though Cedric would come to his senses and check up on his sister and be there for her when she needed him to be. Fred and George would obviously get annoyed at Cedric for only coming to his own twin sister’s aid for part of the time so during their second year at Hogwarts they taught Isabella how to break out of her shell and not be so shy around people that were not them. By the time spring term of that year came around she met Roxanne Mighty.

“So our sixth year are you ready for it?” Roxanne turned towards Isabella.

Roxanne was a tall thin young lady, she had plump lips that complemented her dark brown eyes. Her wavy, curly hair fell below her collarbone and would sit gracefully whenever she would not move.

“Yeah, I’m just excited we got to spend a week at the Leaky Cauldron!” Isabella giggled. Mr. Diggory never let Isabella go anywhere without Cedric and the same for him but this summer they both begged their father to spend at least one week apart.

“It would have been much fun at the burrow, we could have been playing pranks on Percy, and Ron!”

“Okay Fred!” Isabella threw a pillow at Roxanne.

“Hey don’t disrespect me like that!” Roxanne joked, throwing the pillow back.

“It’s still unbelievable to me how we all have been friends since our second year! You guys surprisingly still like me” Isabella had never believed she had made an actual friend after Cedric abandoned her, Fred, and George as a friend group.

“Hey I’m better than your brother anyway plus you’re way smarter than him that’s why you’re ravenclaw!” Roxanne perked up.

Isabella laughed, the two girls had always been close as sisters, so it was a known subject that Roxanne knew how to cheer up Isabella or make her feel better about what Cedric did those years ago. Roxanne knew that deep down Isabella still hurt from it but she knew her friend accepted it and although the brother sister duo weren’t as close as they were when they were younger, Roxanne knew that they both still loved each other.

“Well I’m going to sleep I will see you in the morning” Isabella pulled the sheets back and tucked herself in.

“I’m going to write an owl to my parents and let them know that we’ll be going to Kings Cross Station in the morning and we had a good time.” Roxanne walked over to the small desk in the corner and sat on the stool while writing on a piece of parchment.

She’s completely buying it! See you tomorrow boys lets get her!

With love,


Roxanne turned towards Isabella’s bed to assure she was indeed sleeping before tying the note to her owl Falcon’s leg. “Remember the burrow,” She whispered softly to the bird. The owl hooted in response as if it understood and flew off.

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