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In Love with Mischief (Fred Weasley Fanfiction)

Chapter 2

The sun shined through the window as Isabella slowly awoke from her slumber, she was bombarded with tickles.

“Stop.... I.....can’t....breathe” She laughed between breaths.

“I don’t know, Georgie should I stop?” Fred continued to tickle her.

“I don’t think so Freddie, Rox?” George shrugged mischievously turning towards Roxanne.

“SURPRISE!” Roxanne yelled jumping on the bed.

“Hi boys’′ Isabella started to get up and hug them both. “I missed you”

“We missed you too Ella” Fred said as he gave Isabella a hug.

“So we leave for King’s Cross Station in an hour, get ready!” Roxanne pushed Isabella into the bathroom.


As the four of them walked up to platform nine and three quarters they all ran right through the way and immediately saw Isabella’s family and the Weasley’s.

“Hey dad, hey Ced” Isabella greeted her family hugging them both.

“Hey honey, how was the leaky cauldron?” Mr. Diggory questioned.

“Good, Roxanne and I had fun!” Isabella smiled turning towards Roxanne.

“Hello Mr. Diggory, looking dashing as always” Roxanne complimented.

“Nice to see you as well Roxanne.” Mr. Diggory greeted Roxanne.

The girls quickly turned to the Weasley family and greeted each and every one of them. As they got to everyone Mrs. Weasley began to talk to them.

“Hello darlings, how was the past week? Did you have fun?” Mrs. Weasley asked as she pulled away from the hug from Roxanne.

“The best ever!” Isabella jumped. “It was so nice to just have my girl, I love the boys but we don’t get much girl time since they always like to be around us.” Isabella said laughing at her own joke.

“Hey I heard that!” Fred snapped playfully as he turned around.

Just then the whistle blew and it was time for everyone to get on the Hogwarts Express.

“Be good all of you!” Mrs. Weasley called out as everyone boarded the train.

“Have fun! Hopefully you put your name in Cedric and you all won’t be home for Christmas!” Mr. Diggory called out after waving goodbye.

“Cedric what fuckery are you up to now? Isabella rolled her eyes as everyone tried to find a compartment to sit in.

“Why are you assuming I know something?” Cedric rolled his eyes back. “You know for a Ravenclaw maybe you should put your smarts to good use.”

Isabella gave her brother a glare as her, Roxanne, and the twins sat down in the nearest compartment they had found.

“Well I’d love to stay but I’m going to go find my friends, have fun!”He called out walking away.

“Wow pretty boy is really in a mood this year,” Fred commented.

“It’s whatever, I’ve got my three best friends and that’s all I need!” Isabella smiled wrapping her arms around Roxanne.

“Exactly,” George smiled back.

“And, you guys can help me with Angelina!” Fred gave a shy smile.

“Angelina?” Isabella questioned.

“Anyways we went to the World Quidditch Cup this past week!” George quickly changed the subject.

“Wait,” Isabella held up her hand in a “stop” motion to hush him. She turned to Fred, “Do you like Angelina?”

“Yeah why?” Fred questioned.

“Oh, uh, no reason I was curious” Isabella stuttered, playing it off. She was hurt since she did have a crush on him for the past year. George was the only one that knew because they have late night talks in the kitchen with the house elves.

It fell silent for about five minutes before Roxanne spoke up. “So about the Quidditch World Cup, how was it?”

As the twins and Roxanne discussed the endeavors of the World cup Isabella stared out of the window drifting in a daydream.

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