Y/n Herondale Stark


What happens when tony starks Twin shadowhunter children show up to avengers tower with a injured Y/N Herondale-Stark

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Full name: Y/N Skylar Herondale-Stark

Father: Tony Stark

Mother: Céline Herondale (deceased) died when born, Valentine killed her

Twin: Jonathan Christipher Herondale-Stark (Jace)

Nonbio sibling’s: Alexander Lightwood (Alec) Isabelle Lightwood (Izzy) Max Lightwood

Half-sister: Morgan Stark

When you and Jace were born you were taken out of your mother’s cold dead body because valentine killed her. Maryse Lightwood found you and took you to your father tony stark, when he saw you to, he fell in love and immediately was ready to care for you two. Then Maryse explained to Tony that when we turn 5, we must start training to become Shadowhunter’s, Maryse told him that her and her husband Robert would watch and care for them and that we can visit while we train but must live at the institute because training starts early and ends late. Tony agreed to this. Years later when you and Jace turned five you went to live with the lightwoods You and Jace immediately had a good relationship with their 2 children Issabelle and Alexander though they wanted to be called Alec and Izzy, so you did. Through the years you would visit and spend time with your dad your dad was now an avenger, but he kept us a secret for our own safety. we grew to become siblings with the lightwoods and considered them all family, Alec and Jace became parabatai and you and Izzy did the same. Later, Dad married an amazing woman named Pepper Pots and had you and Jace's little sister Morgan Stark. The Avengers still do not know about us But we are 19 what happens when Y/N gets badly injured with a demon claw stuck in her stomach and you can not use an Iratze until its out and avengers tower is the closest place for Izzy to be able to take out the claw so you can heal. find out in Y/N Herondale-Stark

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