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Y/n Herondale Stark

Chapter 1

Jace's Pov

Alec was carrying Y/N to the Avengers tower because it closest place. O by the angel dad is going to be so mad that we are exposing ourselves to the avengers but it's the only place we know close enough to help Y/N. We get to the door and Jarvis askes four my retinal scan then we get in the elevator. By the angel, this elevator is so slow.

Tony's Pov

Me and all the avengers are sitting in the living room chilling out when all the sudden I see the elevator open. I see my son Jace running in then I see Alec holding My daughter and she is screaming and bleeding she is in pain. I instantly run over to them and ask "Jace what happened to your sister?" " We were on mission and there were to many demons so Y/N went to Kill the last demon and it scratched her so deep and the claw is still in her abdomen and if it does not come out in the next 20 minutes she will die "Jace says. Steve than says " Who are these people and why did they bring an injured girl here." Then I say " Steve I will explain later but for now let them help her" Izzy says" Mr. Stark, I need you to hold one of her hands and Jace hold the other I am pulling out the claw." Izzy than says" Ok Y/N I am pulling out the claw and it is going to hurt like a bitch, but you need to stay awake." Then Y/N says, " Ok just do it." As Izzy pulls it out Y/N is letting out a blood curdling scream. All the avengers are standing there in shock of what is happening. Once it is out, they use an Iratze to heal Y/N.

A/N Note : please give me feedback this is my first story please tell me how I can improve

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