The (second) chosen one


Willow Jay is the daughter of Remus and Sirius. She is a Slytherin, it didn't come to much surprise to her dads. Willow is sweet and kind but have a wall and only few know your true ways. Willow feels comfortable around everyone since she grew up knowing all types of love is okay. She gets confused about her own life. She falls for a girl, but she is scared. What has Willow got herself into and will it be worth it in the end?

Romance / Action
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Hi, I'm Willow Jay Lupin Black. A long name I know. I was adopted by two lovely people when I was 4. My parents are Remus Lupin and Sirius Black. They are both British and so am I. Although they are both from London and I am from Scotland. We live in Edinburgh. We own a beautiful house that is near the middle of town. There is a big library and cafes close by. I love it there very much.

My father, Remmy, works at this magnificent library. There is this large fountain in my town but there is something strange about it. If you're a wizard, you can walk right into the fountain and it'll lead you to an amazing library. There is a book about almost anything. All types of magic, it is really cool. Besides the point, my father works there. Yet he longs to be a teacher and use his knowledge for good. My dad, on the other hand, Sirius, is part of the order and works for the ministry. He doesn't always agree with them but he likes to play a role in making a change.

I am 10 years old. That means I'll be attending Hogwarts next year. I know I know, how can you know you're a wizard if you're adopted? Well, when they went to adopt me they asked if there are any strange kids. They said I was. The only reason I was so-called strange was that I could talk to stray cats that passed by the orphanage. That was enough to show I am a witch. Besides over the years, I was able to do things like making things move without touching them.

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My writing style

bold: it is me talking

italic: to emphasize a word

wow: bold+italic is narrator

---: start and end of chapter

"": someone talking

'': someone's direct thoughts

(): definition or extension to a sentence can be skipped
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