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Secret Relationship


Brianna’s POV:

I get out of my closet with excitement pouring out of me.

Me: Bro when is this day coming already? I am ready to fuckin’ graduate!

Ty: Aye, I am still shook that you are leaving.

D: Yeah, you leaving us and shit.

I look at her face as it fills with sadness. I walk towards her and place my hands on hers.

Me: Now don’t get sad on me. You know I’ll try to visit yall or pay for yall to see me.

I get closer to her.

Me: I know you would enjoy the highlights of New York.

Dee smirks and rolls her eyes.

D: Fine, but because I wanna see what the hype is over there.

I giggle and go to the mirror to check myself.

Ty: Facts. I feel like they overhype the city because they have the big ass buildings and every damn celebrity wanna go over there.

D: On the plus side, you might see your favorite celebrity over there.

She says referring to me. I shake my head before speaking.

Me: That is a slight chance. I’ma be too busy at school and being at places around the school.

Ty: She lying, but okay.

We all giggle as my parents walk towards my door.

Dad: Is it safe to walk in?

Me: Yes dad.

Mom: And what yall talking about in here?

Ty: We just catching up before Bri leaves us.

Dad: Ah yes, but I know she will stay in contact with us, especially her dad when the boys start moving onto her.

Me: DAD!

We all laugh.

Mom: Well we will let you girls continue chatting. Brianna, don’t forget to send the invitations by tomorrow.

Me: Yes ma’am, I will send them to the post office while we are out today.

Dee’s POV:

I cannot help but think how this New Orleans native gon handle that cold ass weather up North. Oh well, if she likes it I love it.

Me: So are we going to be back before the Awards tonight?

Bri looks at me like I was crazy.

B: You damn right! I already have an alarm for when it starts.

We all laugh at her response.

Ty: Damn this girl ain’t tryna miss shit!

B: I don’t know when he is gonna perform, so it is best if I stay ready so I don’t have to get ready.

Ty: You right.

Me: Alright, let’s hurry up and do what we gotta do so we be back before it comes on.

Bri grabs her keys from her nightstand as we head to the front door.

Dad: Be careful mamas!

B: Yes sir!

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