Boku no Hero Academia Oneshots and Imagines

Demon Slayers (Todoroki Shouto & Bakugou Katsuki)

(A/N: rewritten one-shot.)


(This is intended for female but this story uses the male pronoun once, for a reason...)

Turning the corner, you just about tripped on your hakama. But you didn't let that make you falter as you continued strongly through the quiet and dark streets of the small and currently empty village.

You were being chased . . .

But by what . . .

Well, you knew that they weren't human—far from it.

From their red glowing eyes, the demented look on their face, to the odd amount of above-average strength they seemed to possess . . . and you couldn't forget the way they lapped away at the blood that had gotten on their swords after they had killed those samurai.

However, if it weren't for those attributes, you'd have thought them to be human and samurai themselves. And perhaps they had been at one point, you were uncertain.

Maybe that was how they easily got their victims . . .

After all, you hadn't thought much of it when you had been passing by⁠—having had peeked behind a corner once you had heard voices. It wasn't uncommon for others to go at it with one another in the villages. Be it for fun or other reasonings one may have. Though it was obvious this one was on the more serious side of things . . .

The little squabble⁠—which had appeared to have been one-sided as the two odd-looking "people" didn't say a single word⁠ during it—had soon turned bloody in an instant, however.

This had resulted in you letting out a loud gasp that had then alerted the two odd-looking beings with them soon taking notice of your form hiding behind the little corner, having had witnessed such a gruesome scene befall in front of you.

They had looked at you with their demented eyes that glowed a striking red color in the night, peering over at you almost hungrily—no doubt for your blood—as they slowly walked over towards you.

In an instant, you had begun to back away slowly before fully turning around and running away from them.

You weren't one hundred percent certain of what they were aside from the common name that went around for them among the majority of people residing in all of Japan including your home prefecture referring to them as "demons." More specifically: "Demons of the Night" since they only ever did come out at night though there were some that'd be out during the daytime—rare, however.

But with that said, this hadn't been the first time you had seen these creatures obviously—these demons.

They had randomly appeared only some months ago, terrorizing villages and such . . . some more than others. Your village had been one of the unlucky ones to get the larger quantity of demons in it.

In fact, that was the main reason you were currently out and about—to find help for your village . . .

You had been searching for help for your village. More specifically going to the Musutafu village yourself as it had been rumored about the village settlers there having the power to be able to take care of these beings unlike other prefectures of the other Japanese area that did have minor abilities but weren't strong enough to handle that of these creatures that had begun roaming as of late . . .

That was if you could make it long enough to find one of the settlers . . .

Looking behind you, they appeared to be gaining on you as you continued to run for your life. Slowing down a bit, you turned another corner sharply though you soon came to realize that to be a bad move on your end as you soon abruptly stopped in front of the wall that blocked your path.

"No . . ." Your eyes widened.

You placed your hand on the wall. Swallowing, you turned around only to be greeted by the two that had been chasing after you. You began to back up a bit⁠, shakily laying your hand on the sword at your side, your back soon hitting the wall while your whole body began to shake in fear—too scared to even bother unsheathing the sword.

You may have been somewhat skilled in the art of the sword and could usually hold your own for the majority from learning from your father back at your village, but you knew you were no match for these super-powered "demons"—even with your small abilities that you possessed.

The creature's steps were slow at first as they began nearing your shaking form.

So this was how it'd all go down, huh?

Impatient as they were—to taste your blood most likely—they soon began to pick up once as they jumped towards you. On instinct, you squeezed your eyes shut and squatted down with your hands covering your head as you awaited for the death you knew would soon come upon you.

However, as seconds passed, it never did come. Instead, hearing the sound of what sounded like . . . ice forming..? As well as a small chilled feeling surrounding the air around you.

But as quickly as it had come, it was soon silent once more.

After a few more seconds, you removed your arms and slowly began to look up from where you squatted. Right in front of you appeared to be a male with two-toned hair of white and crimson from what you could tell from only the moonlight. He also appeared to possess a striking scar over his right eye.

The mysterious male had his sword unsheathed and it seemed to be dripping with blood which you could only assume to be that of the demons that had been chasing you who appeared to be . . .


Ice appeared to cover both of the creatures' bodies as they looked to be frozen in place. This caused your eyes to widen a bit. That explained the noise and slight chill in the air. You slowly began to look back at the mysterious male.

Could he be..?

Sheathing back his sword, the male soon turned so you could see his full profile, in turn, allowing you to take notice of his eyes that also appeared to be of two shades though it was hard to see with just the moonlight shining down.

"Are . . . you ok?" The male said in an almost awkward manner.

This snapped you from your little daze as you soon began to nod slowly, "Y-Yes . . ."

He opened his mouth to speak though before he could say anything another voice rang through the alley.

"Damn you, you Half-and-Half bastard! I wanted to kill the both of em'!"

You instantly peered behind the dual male to take notice of another male with ash blonde hair making his way in the alley as he scowled at the one who had initially saved you, his hand gripping onto his sword tightly as if he would unsheath it at any moment and cut the other male to shreds.

"If I had waited any longer, another innocent person would have died." The dubbed "Half-and-Half Bastard" simply replied.

"Tch." The ash blonde male glared at him before he looked down only to realize you were there staring up at him, in turn, causing him to scrunch up his nose as he looked down at you, "Who the hell is this?"

Swallowing, you quickly got up as you dusted yourself off, "Who . . . are you two..?"

"I fucking asked fi–"

"Bakugou." The male who had saved you gave the male beside him a look as the ash blonde just glared back before looking back at you, "I'm Todoroki Shouto."

"Tch." The ash blonde reverted his attention back in your direction as well, and you swallowed, "The name's fucking Bakugou Katsuki. You better not forget it."

"We are both from the Musutafu village." Todoroki stated, "Now . . . who are you?"

Your eyes widened a bit though they instantly went back to normal. So the males had been from there as you had assumed when you saw the aftermath of the defeat.

You couldn't believe you had been lucky enough to run into a Musutafu villager, two of them to be exact! It seemed you still had some luck on your side after all.

"I'm . . . I'm (Last Name) (First Name). I'm a La–I mean . . . I'm a samurai of the village of Nagasaki."

"A Nagasaki Samurai..?" Todoroki mumbled as he skeptically looked you up and down.

Bakugou scrunched up his nose at this, "You're telling me, a scrawny guy like you managed to travel this far?" He looked you up and down as well, "Tch. Whatever. We gotta fucking go. We don't need to be wasting our damn time in a single village too long."

With that, he turned as he made his way out of the alley though he stopped for a moment soon stepping on the half-frozen demon causing it to shatter before looking back over at Todoroki, "Hurry the fuck up Half-and-Half or I'll fucking leave your ass."

Todoroki sighed⁠, giving you one last sideways glance⁠, "Be more careful." He simply stated before he, too, started on his way out of the alley.

You watched their backs as they began on their way. But you knew you couldn't just let them go, however. Taking in a deep breath, you started running towards them.

"Wait!" You grabbed hold of Todoroki and Bakugou's sleeve in an attempt to stop them and gain their attention.

It worked.

This caused the both of them to turn around⁠—Bakugou giving you a glare and Todoroki just blinking⁠ in a confused manner before they glanced at each other for a moment then returned their gazes back at you.

"What the hell is it now?" Bakugou furrowed his brows as he snatched away his sleeve from your grip.

Swallowing, this was your chance, and maybe even your only one . . . they were who you had been looking for after all. Well, not exactly who—they looked pretty young and about your age. But anyone would do at this point.

They seemed to possess skill or at least this Todoroki did. But you could presume the Bakugou boy had great skill as well if he was traveling alongside the other male and considering he was also from the village.

Taking in a deep breath, you soon let go of Todoroki's sleeve before looking at them with the most confident expression you could muster. With the words about to come out of your mouth, you could only hope that one of the two males would be willing to help you.

At least just one of them if anything . . .
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