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Braiding (Eri)

(A/N: Rewritten one-shot. Reader also has medium/long hair.)


(Female Reader) / *Platonic*

Being a college student, you needed all the help you could get money-wise and to have something to do in your spare time since you didn't like to stand around and do nothing. So this, in turn, had caused you to search out for a simple yet easily schedulable job . . .


The job was actually quite enjoyable as you liked children. After all, you wanted to be a pediatrician when you got older—so it was a must. Plus, your quirk was perfect for the profession so it worked hand-in-hand with each other.

Not needing to actually support yourself fully yet as you lived with your parents and them wanting you to focus more on schooling rather than worry about a job that could possibly become stressful and hinder your schooling but with you wanting to work and not sit and do nothing, babysitting was the best option.

It wasn't too hard but it also wasn't an easy task either, especially with certain clients' children; however, most of the people you sat for on a regular basis were the ones who were better behaved considering you usually never took a job back with the more troublesome ones after you had had them once.

Today was one of your normal clients, Aizawa who was the adoptive father of the child, and one of the better children⁠—probably even the best⁠—out of all you sat and had sat, Eri.

Though unlike your other babysitting jobs, this one usually required you to stay the night since Aizawa was a pro-hero and his job required him to go off for long periods of time. Thankfully it usually ended up falling perfectly into your schedule for you to be able to do it for him.

You had not always stayed the night at the start of your babysitting of Eri. But as you had gotten more comfortable and actually enjoyed sitting her when called—more so than the other children—you decided to finally offer that in your service (only for her) to help make it easier for Aizawa so that he wouldn't have to try and find other sitters and would just have to call you.

This arrangement soon became pretty normal. Resulting in you at least doing it every other month or so—not that you minded one bit—you currently doing it right now.

Smiling at the now sleeping girl in her bed, you quickly placed the storybook on the nightstand beside the bed before exiting the room to go to the couch.

Today had been a bit eventful as you and Eri had gone off to an amusement park to spend the day in hopes to tire her out so she'd sleep for the night though it seemed to have mostly only tired you out, having not done anything to her considering she seemed to be her normal and active self.

Checking the time on your phone after laying down on the couch, you put it back on the table beside you—getting ready to go to sleep yourself. It didn't take long for you to drift off once your eyes were shut instantly going off into a light sleep.

Though unbeknownst to you, Eri had not actually gone to bed when you had left her. In fact, once you had left she instantly had opened her eyes and just stared at the closed door of her room as her little hands clenched the top of her covers. She didn't know why . . . but for some reason, she couldn't, for the life of her, go to sleep.

After waiting a bit longer in hopes her mind would eventually settle down and allow her to sleep, she decided to get out of bed and make her way to where she knew you to be lying on the couch, tiptoeing quietly so her feet wouldn't make any noise on the wooden floor that had a tendency to squeak.

Finally in the living room having successfully not made any noise coming down, she peeked behind the couch taking notice to you already sound asleep with your front facing the back of the couch. She soon came out behind the couch and peered down at your sleeping form with her large bright crimson eyes, blinking a few times before they caught notice to your hair flowing off the side of the couch.

A small blush made way to Eri's cheeks as a sudden urge to touch it took over her. Reaching out, she instantly stopped herself unsure if she should really touch the soft-looking (hair color) locks. However, as she continued to stare at it, her urge finally won over as she once again reached for your hair and touched it.

As it looked, it felt soft to the touch and she began to subconsciously comb through it with her fingers. There appeared to be no tangles whatsoever as she continued going through it with her little fingers.

With that said, she had been wanting to braid your hair for the longest of times though had never had the courage to ask for such a request even though you two were decently close. She felt she had no right to do so and afraid that you might say no to her.

Or worse . . .

Be mad.

However, you were currently asleep and would be unable to say no so she could do it now . . .

On the other hand, it was probably wrong to do so without your permission. Well . . . it was wrong, but she really, really, really wanted to do it. Plus, you were out like a light it seemed as you didn't even stir from her current actions.

Making up her mind she took her hands out of your hair before quietly making it to the bathroom to get the needed essentials and quickly coming back as she sat on her knees.

Not bothering to comb it as she had done so previously with her fingers, Eri began to separate three chunks of hair⁠—them uneven and such from her being so young and not really being a good braider⁠—before trying to remember what to do next from what she had seen from Aizawa when he had, on some occasions, done this to her own hair.

But right as she finally remembered and began crisscrossing and placing the strands together to the best of her ability, she failed to notice your awakening form—too busy trying to perfect the braid she was concocting.

Having an assumption of who was currently behind you given the size of the hands that were currently messing with your hair, you glanced back as lowkey as possible, doing your best not to startle the girl too bad taking notice to her trying to⁠—what you could assume⁠—braid your hair.

This caused a small sleepy smile to make way to your lips as you continued to silently watch her, to the best of your abilities anyways given the position.

After a few minutes, Eri had finally completed what could probably not be called a braid. But to her, it looked like a masterpiece with the twisted and looped (hair color) locks with multiple (favorite color) pins and rubber bands all bunched up at the end.

Proud of her work, a triumphant smile made way to her lips as her eyes soon made way to your face though it instantly changed to one of horror upon realizing that you had awoken and had caught her in the act.

Eri instantly backed away and bowed lowly as you finally decided to raise yourself and give the girl a questioning gaze, confused by her actions, "I'm–I . . . I'm sorry! I . . ." She began to shake as tears pooled at the edges of her eyes, "I just couldn't . . . couldn't sleep and . . . and your h-hair looks really pretty. And I-I just . . . wanted to braid it. I-I'm sorry!"

Tilting your head, you frowned before placing your hand on top of the girl's head causing her to look back up at you while you began to smile once again at her, "Want to redo it? Might be easier if I'm sitting up. I'm sure it was tough with me laying down like that."

Her eyes widened slightly, "R-Really?!" There seemed to be a hint of excitement in her voice.

You nodded, "But there's one thing . . ." This caused her to tilt her head, urging for you to continue, "You have to let me do yours after."

"Ok!" Her eyes lit up, seemingly forgetting all about her sadness as she instantly hopped up on the couch beside you and began to take down the "braid" she had made to make a new and "improved" one.

This caused you to smile as the girl began sectioning your hair into three—still uneven—strands after having undone the previous braid and taking out all the clips and rubber bands that were in it.

After she had finally finished your hair into a less-than-presentable braid, you both quickly switched directions as you started on the off white locks of her now. Taking less time to make hers into a braid than what she had for your hair.

Once you were done, she soon jumping up and down, liking the new hairstyle you had given her before asking if she could do yours again with you agreeing to it.

Let's just say that most of the night consisted of Eri and you braiding each other's hair over and over again until she had finally fallen asleep. You had a feeling your hair—and even hers—was going to be super tangled the next day but, in the end, it'd all would be worth it if it made her happy . . .
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