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The Boy and the Cursed Witch (Bakugou Katsuki)

(A/N: rewritten one-shot.)


It was getting darker and darker as the time passed by . . .

Cursing himself for going out so damn late to track down the shitty animal, a rabbit, he had been hunting⁠—his pride not wanting him to go back home empty-handed upon having failed to get it the first time.

But it was obvious the rabbit had run away⁠ and to never be seen again which had allowed for quite a few strings of curse words to leave Bakugou's mouth as it seemed he would be going home empty-handed after all.

With annoyance following behind him, Bakugou continued to walk along the darkening and foggy forest while the only sounds present were that of him walking on the fallen leaves of the trees that scattered the area as they crunched lightly every step he took as he tracked his way home.

Looking around, he couldn't recall the place being this fucking foggy when he had arrived. Then again, he didn't really know how long had exactly passed since he had entered the dreary and mysterious forest . . . which was actually off-limits to everyone in his kingdom.

Even the most skilled of the skilled besides the royal knights of the kingdom who had above-average abilities and were licensed to do so by the kingdom and were allowed entrance to the small forest because of the dangers of doing so to the average person.

With that said, he was sure he'd get a good yelling from his old hag of a mother when he got back. That was if she had even taken notice of him having been gone for so long—if he had been anyway—and if he didn't try to get back quickly; however, he had a feeling this wasn't going to be a quick trip home.

He hated to fucking admit it, but he was completely fucking lost at this damn point.

Stopping, Bakugou looked around him trying to figure out if he was even going in the right fucking direction back. At the start, he was sure of where he was going. Though as time went on and he continued through the thick and gloomy forest—having had taken multiple odd turns that he assumed to be correct⁠ from his great memory—he wasn't so sure anymore.

He frowned while he kept looking from side to side, trying to figure out which area he should continue from this point on—the fog seemingly having worsened at this point causing the male to scowl though he began to notice a . . .


If that was what he could call it anyway, forming through the fog which caused him to pause and look in that direction.

Squinting, he leaned a bit forward as if it would help him as he examined the area while his eyes soon widened a bit as he thought he was beginning to hear whispering and giggling coming from the direction he was looking in:

"This way."


As the voices continued, the path began to get even more noticeable.

Bakugou furrowed his brows as he took a step back. He had heard the rumors of the forest many times, about the witch that lurked inside and how bad things always happened in it—hence why there was a limitation on the entrance to it.

After all, that was really the only reason the forest was off-limits to everyone in the village though he hadn't been one to believe in such things; however, it seemed he'd be changing his mind rather quickly as that was the only things able to explain what was currently happening . . .

"Don't be afraid."

Bakugou continued to watch as the path formed more and more as the fog just removed itself from that area.

The smart part of him was telling him not to go while the other part of him⁠—the more adventurous one to be exact⁠—was curious as to where exactly this damn forest was leading him to . . .

Deciding to follow the path, he began to walk slowly through the now moved fog while failing to notice as it began to close up as he went farther and farther.

Most people would be scared out of their pants and wouldn't do such a thing . . . but this was Bakugou Katsuki one was talking about. A boy who had plans to also join in on the royal knights in the kingdom which wouldn't be hard since he possessed abilities better than average.

He had already been one of the lucky teens to be allowed entrance to the area to train for the position. It'd take around three years, however. But he was well prepared for whatever would be soon thrown at him . . .

As he kept walking, he scanned the area⁠—the once somewhat audible voices had become just whispers that he could no longer understand as they began to slowly die out into the forest until they were no more⁠. He placed his hand on the handle of his small dagger latched onto his hip, he could never be too careful in situations like this especially when he was in an apparent "cursed" forest.

Though he was soon beginning to grow bored. The path appeared to almost be never-ending and was seemingly leading him to nowhere. Turning back around or averting from the path being shown to him was starting to feel like better options at this point.

However, as he was just about to do just that, he soon took notice to what seemed like a tiny cottage inn. He raised a brow as he stopped in his tracks. He couldn't help but feel how odd that was that there'd be a damn home out in the middle of fucking nowhere, especially with how the forest was forbidden to enter—not that he could talk at this moment.

The thought of it being abandoned was quickly brought out of his mind considering there appeared to be candles lighting the inside of the building. Without much more thought, he began to walk once more, making his way towards the house before stopping once he had made it in front of the wooden door.

Looking at it for a moment, Bakugou soon raised his hand and began to knock on it rather loudly, "Oi!"

He waited a few seconds before he scrunched up his nose, seeing as it appeared whoever was behind the door was not going to make any effort in opening it.

Again, he began to bang on it, "Oi! I know someone's fucking in there!"

Though he received the same treatment yet again.

Being the impatient person he was and knowing someone was behind the door, the male aimed to grab the handle in an attempt of opening the door himself. However, once he did this he could hear shuffling and the start of the unlocking of the door before the handle turned and the door soon cracked opened.

Bakugou looked up with a glare though it soon turned to slight surprise as he took notice to a female⁠—⁠one who seemed to maybe be a few years older than him at most—looking at him with wide (eye color) eyes of her own, more so than his, through the crack of the open door as she remained silent.

Your mouth opened though it instantly closed again. You couldn't really process what was happening at this moment and it seemed the random ash blonde male in front of you was just as confused as you were though most likely for a whole other reason than yourself.

"Ah . . . I'm–I apologize. Would you . . . would you like to come in..?" You opened the door more and moved away to show the mysterious male he could enter.

Bakugou gave you a skeptical look but soon slowly made his way inside. It was better than being stuck outside in the damn forest he supposed. And maybe you knew of a way out of this shitty forest so he could make it back to his damn house in time before it got even later.

Once he had made it in and was now in the middle of your small living room, you slowly began to close the door though soon stopped⁠—having not closed it all the way⁠—and peeked through the crack of the door. Your hands tightened around it as you glared outside at the dark and foggy forest, soon hearing a small giggle coming from somewhere as the fog began to get even worse.

With a sigh, you soon fully closed the door before turning around to look at the boy still standing in the middle of your candlelit living room albeit in an almost awkward manner while looking at you once more upon hearing the door officially shut as you stared back at him.

You couldn't help but wonder what tricks the forest was playing on you by sending this boy to you . . . unless it was just to taunt you to end up just laughing.

After all, it was its job to keep things out while also keeping some things in.

However, there was a part of you hoping that . . . that maybe this boy was the key to something—something you have been waiting for for a very long time . . .
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