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Build-a-Bear (Bakugou Katsuki)

(A/N: rewritten one-shot.)


Bakugou's eye twitched as he watched you looking through the multiple bins of random unstuffed animals trying to figure out which one you'd want.

How you had convinced him to come here to the damn "Build-A-Bear" place was beyond him. You both didn't even have any fucking kids for crying out loud! Thank God for that, however, since he didn't want any at the moment, or that was what he'd tell himself anyway . . . but with that said, this was far from how he had wanted to spend his precious weekend that he could actually enjoy since he had it off.

If he was being honest, this was embarrassing.

Two adults, no kids, in a stuffed animal-making place.

Thankfully he was wearing a "disguise"—one that at least kept him from being recognized by the public since he was a pretty well-known hero (rank fifteen as of right now). So at least he had that going for him right now and could basically hide his identity a bit since being found out in a place where kids were currently running rampant wasn't a scenario he'd like so it saved him from some of the embarrassment he was feeling at the moment.

You, on the other hand, weren't in one at all though you also weren't very well-known either—being more the underground hero—so disguises weren't needed for you and you didn't have to ever worry about being recognized in public.

Though you still walked in here with no shame whatsoever as you excitedly scavenged the stuffed animal making place showing excitement any child would upon entering such a store. You were usually a very calm, collected, and serious person but sometimes you did get childish spouts here and there . . .

Like now

However, they could be cute which he would never admit to so openly to as it was his nature not to be very open about his thoughts, especially ones like that.

"Hurry the fuck up so we can leave." Bakugou mumbled beside you.

You looked up from your decision-making of trying to figure if you wanted a dragon, tiger, bunny, or just a plain old regular bear and glared while he just did so back, "Language. There are children here."

"Tch. Just hurry the fu–" He paused for a second seeing the glare you were giving him causing him to reevaluate his sentence, "Just hurry up already . . ."

"Then help me choose!" Holding out all the ones you were trying to decide on, you looked up at him, "The dragon, tiger, bunny, or the bear."

"I don't see why it matters . . ." Bakugou grumbled as he looked at them all, honestly unable to decide himself since he didn't give two flying fucks of which one would be chosen in the end. After a few seconds, he finally spoke up, "The shi–" Though he stopped himself before he let the word slip, "The tiger . . . I guess." He mumbled while gritting his teeth together between every word.

Humming, you looked down at the four animals in your hands while Bakugou furrowed his brows as he waited for you to finally get done choosing.

You soon began to place the ones you weren't going to use back in the bins, "I'll go with the bear, it's easier to dress." You held the unstuffed brown bear up causing the male's eye to twitch.

Of course

Bakugou hadn't expected any less. You usually never went with the option he chose anyway though it didn't make him any less annoyed, especially when it was for more important decisions that required both of your inputs on. However, he'd let this slide given this was not on a list of important things that needed to be decided on.

"Now. Let's go stuff it!"

You excitedly grabbed Bakugou's arm and began to drag the reluctant male along with you to the stuffing machine soon handing the person who looked just how Bakugou did⁠—unexcited to be here and only here for the pay that probably wasn't worth shit⁠—though they had also given you both weird looks upon not noticing a child in sight (which Bakugou couldn't even fucking blame the worker at this point) before beginning the stuffing process while you then watched excitedly as they stuffed the bear before boredly handing it back to you.

"Great. Now let's go." The ash blonde insisted.

"Have you forgotten, Katsuki?" You asked as he furrowed his brows urging you to go on, "We have to get him clothes."



Before he knew it, you'd already be choosing a name for the shitty stuffed animal.

You instantly made your way to the clothes area of the store with your newly acquired stuffed bear, the male soon following reluctantly behind you until he caught up to you once you had stopped in front of a little place with different styles of guy clothes that could only fit the stuffed animal.

Bakugou began to mentally prepare himself for you to take your sweet ass time here as well, knowing it'd be a much longer time spent in this area than when you were choosing which animal you wanted to have.

And he was right.

He could positively say it took you almost an hour of looking through a bunch of shitty clothes to find one you preferred over the five hundred ones you had said you liked, asking him which ones he thought would look nice⁠—him choosing random ones knowing you probably weren't going to pick them anyway (which he was right)⁠—choosing (outfit choice).

Thankfully, that was the last thing on the list to do and you both were now on your way to the counter to pay and leave this hell hole of a place and hopefully to never return to it.

"That'll be seventy dollars and fifty-eight cents." The—also unamused—counter worker said.

"You've gotta be . . ." Bakugou gritted his teeth, "Kidding me."

"No sir, I assure you . . . seventy dollars and fifty-eight cents." The worker said with a drip of sarcasm, obviously not wanting to deal with a customer longer than he had to.

Bakugou's eye twitched as he reluctantly took out his wallet and swiped his card before putting it back in the wallet and placing—more so shoving—it back in his pants pocket. If it weren't for him being in public while also trying to keep a low profil in this God-forsaken place, he'd have had an outburst at this point.

Though before the worker handed the receipt, he outcasted a piece of paper towards you—no doubt having already taken a dislike towards the ash blonde)—as you just tilted your head but grabbed the paper anyways and looked over it.

"What's this?"

"Your child gets to name their stuffed bear."

"What should I name you?" You held the bear up, ignoring the word "child," looking at it for a moment while the worker soon put it together that you both didn't have a child in sight and seemed to not even have one at all having him talk before he could think.

"Aren't you a bit too old for–" However, catching the Bakugou's hard glare piercing into him, he gulped and stopped what he was going to say.

You looked at the worker, "Huh?"

"N-Nothing . . . nevermind." The worker gave you a strained smile.

You just shrugged and went back to examining the bear in hopes to figure out a name you'd like, the worker just remaining silent not wanting to anger Bakugou who was practically giving him the "if you say one more damn word, I'll kill you right fucking here with no remorse" look.

After s few more minutes of pondering what to name the stuffed animal, you finally spoke, "I'll name it . . . Katsuki Jr!"

Bakugou scrunched his nose up at this but didn't say anything as you handed the paper back to the worker who shakily grabbed it back with a nod, not bothering to question the name choice.

"Seriously, Katsuki Jr.?" Bakugou questioned in a disgusted manner as you both walked to the car.

"I thought it was cute." You smiled as you held out the bear in front of you, the male beside you rolling his eyes.

"Tch. I hope you know you fucking owe me for going along with you to that shitty place and wasting seventy fucking dollars on a shitty bear."

"Oh?" You raised a brow before placing your arms down and leaning a bit into him though not too close as you looked up at him, "And . . .what might that be?"

Bakugou smirked as he placed his arm around your waist and pulled you a bit closer before lowering himself a bit so he could whisper in your ear, "I think you know."

You rolled your eyes and shook your head in slight amusement as a smile played on your lips, knowing exactly what he wanted in return for humoring you in today's trip though you didn't really have a problem with what he was requesting either since you did think he did deserve at least something for going along with you.


With that answer, Bakugou loosened his grip on you but didn't fully let go as you both continued walking towards the car, the smirk not leaving his face.

Perhaps this trip was worth it in the end . . .
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