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Why Save Me? (Toga Himiko)


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himiko toga X fem u.a reader plot: reader saves himiko toga and kiss her and then run away so himiko toga like wtf and sneak in to class 1a dorm room to confront her (change is needed)

» The gender never really comes up into play so this can be considered neutral. I changed it up only slightly, but not too heavily.


Toga's eyes were wide and slightly tremoring as she laid unharmed in your arms bridal style, obviously confused by your actions as well as the whole scenario that had led up to this current position—her mind clouded and hazy.

But it was all slowly coming back to her . . .

She had been fighting you on top of the building that you had been on top of with your superior that was obviously for your internship. It didn't take her very long to do quick work of them before having had turned towards you who she had saved for last—the true target.

With that, you and she had soon gone head-to-head with each other.

But after a few minutes of fighting, she had made a miscalculation in her attack and soon slipping and, before she knew it, had been falling off the edge of the building. But in such a state of shock, she hadn't bothered to try and save herself as her body continued to fall.

Her eyes had instinctively closed as she had awaited the hard and brutal impact she was to face since it was too late for her to even bother trying to save herself from the inevitable fate. But the impact never had come for her, or not the impact that was to be expected anyway. Instead, she had landed into what had felt like arms—your arms to be more exact.

So here you bother currently were, being held by you as you both just awkwardly stared at each other with you being just as shocked as she was by the current situation though you soon broke away from your confused trance.

"Uh, here." You soon steadied Toga on the ground though it took her a moment since she was still in a bit of a trance.

She stared at you for a moment, her eyes still wide, "You . . . you saved me." However, you were unable to hear what she had just said because her voice was so low.

"Uhm . . ." You began to shift in your spot while looking anywhere but her, "I-I . . . have to go."

With those words, you quickly turned around a raced back towards the building you originally had been on top of to check on your superior and to call the situation in—leaving the girl behind you.

Toga, still frozen in her spot, just stared at your back as you got further and further before soon disappearing inside the building; however, she, too, quickly left the scene as not to get caught—disappearing in an alleyway not to be seen for a very long time . . .

In bed, you hugged one of your pillows tightly to your chest as you replayed the events of today, the window open from when you had entered to allow a cool breeze to enter the room.

When you had gotten back to the U.A. dorms, everyone had instantly surrounded you instantly—having heard about the little incident that had happened to you while on patrol with your internship hiree.

You had assured them that you were alright—as well as your superior who just was a bit knocked up—while telling them about what all had gone down though making sure not to tell them one certain fact before telling them that you just needed some rest to process the events that had occurred. Thankfully they were all quite understanding of your needs and allowed you to head into your room in which you now resided for a few hours at this point.

With that said, you still couldn't believe you had done that—that you had saved Toga.

Of all people . . .


After all, she was a villain part of the renowned "League of Villians." Plus, she was even trying to kill you! Which wasn't really all that surprising.

You placed the pillow over your face, "Ugh . . ."

You let it stay there as you just laid in your bed like that for a long while, unmoving as your mind was running with so many thoughts. However, you were soon snapped away from your thoughts as you heard a shuffling sound in your room. Removing the pillow from your face, your eyes instantly landed on a familiar figure.

More specifically: Toga.

Your eyes widened and gasped rather loudly as you fumbled to sit up. But you weren't able to remove yourself from the bed as Toga instantly dashed towards you and pinned you back down, one of her hands resting on the headboard of the bed.

"W-What are–"

"Shut up." She pulled a knife out and placed it at your cheek.

A bead of sweat appeared on your cheek and swallowed but complied to her words lest you wanted a knife lodged in you somewhere though you were unsure if your corporation would even make a difference in the end. Your body began to shake underneath her as you studied her face.

Her lips were in a tight line, her brows knitted, as she looked down at you and into your eyes—it almost looked as if she was annoyed about something. But that was the last thing on your mind.

How had she gotten in?!

U.A. was supposed to have tight security. That was why they had made the dorms after all—to protect you from incidents just like this!

Then again, you knew Toga's quirk to be that of transformation. So there was also the likelihood she had used that to her advantage . . . but there was also the part of IDs. If you didn't have one, you couldn't enter no matter from what direction you came in because U.A. would auto shut down . . .

With that said, you wanted to scream. But you had a feeling that if you did she wouldn't hesitate to cut you or slice your neck open. You could only hope that someone would barge into your room though that seemed highly unlikely given that you had told them earlier.

"You dropped this." She suddenly spoke up once more and pulled out your student ID before letting it fall beside you on the bed.

Well, that explained it.

"My ID . . ." You turned your head slightly, being careful to avoid the knife, as you looked at the card with your U.A. picture on it.

She continued to stare down at you before soon speaking, "Why did you do it?"

Your eyes widened as you looked back at her, "W-What..?"

"Why . . . why did you save me..?" Her hair shaded over her eyes as she lowered the knife a bit though it was still quite close to your face.

That was a good question . . .

Why did you save her?

If you were being honest, you didn't know why you had saved her from the fall.

No . . .

You did know why you had saved her.

After all, you were a hero—well . . . a hero in training that was. As a hero, it was your job to save people no matter what. And even though it was Toga, she still, at that moment anyway, deserved to be saved.

Yeah, that was why.

"B-Because . . ." You swallowed as you began to repeat your thoughts, "I'm a hero. And . . . and that's what we do."

Toga's eyes widened ever so slightly before a sadistic smirk soon made its way across her face, "A hero you say? Is that what you are, (Last Name)-chan~"

You swallowed again, "Y-Yeah."

She frowned at your words before her eyes widened in an almost demented way. She allowed her arms to go limp to her sides—the knife leaving your face—as her body began to shake a bit. It started with the light sounds of her giggling, her soon leaning her head back as it slowly got louder and louder. But it was still low enough to not be heard outside of your dorm room.

This was the perfect time to knock her off you. But you just blinked up at her—feeling her body shake above you—as confusion clouded your mind by her weird reaction to your words.

"Why . . . why are you laughing..?"

She stopped upon hearing your voice before looking back down at you with the off-setting look she had. Though her eyes soon reverted back to normal while her mouth closed as it turned into her regular smirk though there was still something a bit off by it.

Slowly, she began to lean into you—her face getting closer and closer to your own—until she stopped only a few inches from your own, you able to feel her breath on your lips.

You swallowed and tried to lean your face back though that was impossible given you were as far as you could go against your pillow, "W-What are you doing..?"

She hummed and pressed the side of the knife against your cheek, the metal cool to the touch, as she studied your face for a moment before closing her eyes and closing the distance between your lips and hers.

Your eyes widened at the contact. But the kiss only lasted for a few seconds until she had instantly pulled away from you, her eyes half-lidded as she stared down at you before she removed the knife from your cheek and placed it in her pocket then got off of on top of you—landing on the ground beside your bed.

You remained frozen in your spot, eyes still wide from the action—from the kiss—while she slowly made her way to the window she had come from before stopping and looking back at you.

"You're cute, (Last Name)-chan . . . ~" Toga started as she tried you as she slipped only half her body through it then

This snapped you away from your current state as you quickly sat up and looked in her direction but didn't speak nor move anymore as she soon looked past the window, a smirk and light blush plastered on her face.

"But I should take my leave now . . . until we meet again.~" With those words, she soon slipped past the window, a loud thud sounding soon after.

You quickly jolted out of bed as you ran to your window, peeking your head out as you tried to search for the girl; however, it was like she had disappeared out of thin air as you couldn't find her anywhere in the dark moonlit dorm grounds.

You stayed like that for a few minutes until you pulled your head back inside and shut the window before turning around and sliding down the wall, leaning your head back against the wall as you let out a sigh.

You couldn't understand what had just happened.

One minute she was in your room holding a knife against your cheek. Then on the next, she had kissed you before abruptly leaving you to your own.

That was right . . .

Slowly you raised your hand to your face, running your hands lightly against your lips as you recalled the short action before swallowing, your cheeks beginning to warm at the recollection:

She had kissed you . . .
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