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Candy Apples (Eri)


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Please do more eri and the reader being adorable friends

» She's my baby, so of course. It'll basically be another scenario of "babysitter reader" with Eri. However, unlike my last one, this one is more gender neutral.



Eri waited impatiently just staring at the door while she sat on the couch with her feet swinging back and forth at opposite intervals. She was waiting for you to be more exact. It had been a week since she had last saw you when you came to babysit her last—a week too long.

Plus, Aizawa had told her you had a surprise for her upon your arrival which was quite exciting! You sometimes did get little things for her or had fun "dates" planned for just the two of you while he went away to deal with his basic hero work. Though she was mildly surprised since the sitting request had been a bit last minute.

Aizawa glanced at the little girl as he also waited for your arrival. He was glad he had managed to find a sitter that could handle the girl, even though she wasn't much of a handful though her social skills were still quite lacking given all she had been through. So it was hard for her to form "friendships" or any sort of bonds with certain people.

But either way, he was glad you two had a good relationship with each other.

Right as he was thinking this, a knock sounded causing Eri to quickly jump up from the couch as she ran towards the door knowing exactly who was behind it—him slowly trudging behind her to greet you as well before he left.

Opening the door, your form with three or so plastic bags hanging from your arm soon peeked through. Upon seeing you, Eri instantly jumped into your arms causing you to stumble a bit and almost drop the bag though you managed to keep you both upright and hold of the bag as you soon hugged her back with your free arm just as tight with a smile on your face.

"(Last Name)!" Eri exclaimed as she pulled back from you, red eyes sparkling.

"Hey, Eri." You placed your free hand on top of her head.

"Thanks for coming last minute." Aizawa soon peeked through as he made his way outside.

You looked at him with a smile, "It's no problem at all."

"I've got to get going now. I should be back by eight at the latest. But I'll be sure to get back to you if something beyond my control happens."

You nodded, "Gotcha."

"I'm sure there won't be any problems." He said sincerely.

"Nope! Eri and I will have lots of fun!" You gave a closed-eyed smile.

"Come on, (Last Name)!" Eri began to tug at your hand as she started to pull you inside.

"Uh–I . . . uhm, b-bye, Aizawa-san, good luck!" You gave the man a quick wave as Eri continued to pull you inside rambling on about her excitement and curiosity of what the surprise was that you had for her before shutting the door.

A small yet rare smile played at Aizawa's lips as he had watched you being dragged off by the little girl before soon lower heading on his way to the site of the crime he had to investigate . . .

After Eri had dragged you inside, she wasted no time in prying you for answers as to what exactly this "surprise" was that you had for her.

"Are we going to go somewhere?" She asked.

You shook your head as you started to the kitchen with her trailing along behind you, "No."

She blinked and tilted her head as she put a finger to her cheek in thought once you had placed the multiple plastic bags on the counter and turned to face her, a smile still on your face as you watched her scanning her mind for a possible answer before she looked at the bags you had just put down—her eyes appeared to flash with realization.

"Is . . . is it in the bags?"

You nodded as you turned back around, pulling out a small bag of apples of both red and green that had been concealed by the plastic one to not spoil the surprise early.

"We're gonna make candy apples!"

Eri's eyes widened as they began to sparkle, "C-Candy apples?!"

One of her favorite treats!

But she hadn't had one since the U.A. School Festival which had been quite some time ago . . .

"I heard how you liked them, so I thought we could make our own together!"

"Make together..?"

"Mhm, mhm.~" You nodded, "I was going to save it for next time when I was originally scheduled to come but decided to bring it along today since why not."

"C-Can we start now?" Eri had her hands clamped together as she continued to stare at you with her sparkling red eyes.

"Of course!"

With that, she soon walked up to the counter. You had left the kitchen for a moment to get her a stool to stand on, placing it in front of the stove once you had gotten back before picking her up and placing her on top of it.

Taking all the things you had bought out of the bag and placing them on the counter, separating them in a convenient position for easy access to get started, you placed a baking sheet you had sprayed down with cooking spray so the apples wouldn't stick when you were done before letting Eri stick the apples with the sticks you had bought after you had washed them really well.

You soon grabbed a pot and placed it on the stove in front of Eri before reading the little paper you had bought with the directions of how to make these candy apples.

"Ok, a three-fourths cup of water." You crabbed the measuring cup, putting the water in, then handing it to Eri who placed it in the pot, "Next, some sugar then some corn syrup, and lastly red food coloring." You did the same, handing her the measuring cups and allowing her to put them in the pot.

Once you had let Eri put all of the ingredients in the pot, you soon turned the stove on medium heat as instructed before allowing her to begin stirring the items together as you waited for it to start boiling—it forming into a dark yet bright red color as she continued her stir motions.

After about fifteen minutes it had started to boil, bubbles forming in the red-colored liquid.

Grabbing the candy thermometer, you placed it in the pot to make sure it was the proper temperature before you removed it from the heated area. It reading the perfect temperature, you removed the pot carefully to the burner that was off.

"Now it's time to dip!"

"Yay!" Eri raised her arms above her head.

Grabbing one of the apples, you handed it to ger so she could dip them in the melted candy liquid, "Now be careful, that stuff is still hot."

She nodded as she carefully dunked the apple in the liquid, leaving a quarter of it unsubmerged, before pulling it out and allowing you to take it and quickly place it on the sheet as you both repeated the process ten more times.

"You did good, Eri." You smiled once you had placed the last apple on the baking sheet and looked at them all.

The candy coating on the apples was a bit messy done, but you hadn't expected them to be perfect when Eri had been doing them—she probably did as good of a job as you would have if you were being honest. But with that said, they didn't look any less delectable.

"When can we have them?" She asked as she stared hungrily at the treats.

"When they've cooled, so in about thirty minutes or so."

She didn't seem too happy about such a long wait, but she nodded anyway, "Okay!"

After placing the pot in the sink and washing it out, you picked Eri off the stool as you both headed to the living room to watch a show to waste some time as you allowed the little treats to cool down so you both could enjoy them.

Once thirty minutes had passed, you both soon came back into the kitchen you both stopped to look at the coated apples that seemingly having had finished cooling on top of the baking sheet you had set out on the pan.

Grabbing one, you examined it to make sure they weren't runny or still too warm for consumption before bending down and handing it to her.

Eri gladly took the treat, not hesitating to take a big bite. Her eyes instantly began to sparkle as she chewed and swallowed. She licked her lips, "It's so good!"

You soon took a bite of your own, the sweet flavor practically exploding in your mouth, "You're right . . . they are good. Better even."

"Can . . . can I have another..?" She asked, a now finished apple on the stick.

Your eyes widened slightly, a bit surprised she had finished so quickly but soon shrugged, "I see why not."

Happily, she grabbed another one of the coated apples as she began to do quick work of that one, too. Once you had finished yours, you soon followed suit as you got another yourself and began snacking on—a bit faster than the last . . .

With that, you and she enjoyed the little treats you both had made—perhaps a little too much as you both ended up eating all ten in only the span of about ten minutes . . .
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