Boku no Hero Academia Oneshots and Imagines

Borderland (Midoriya, Todoroki, Bakugou)

(A/N: Alice in Borderland AU one-shot with our 3 favorite boys [few others who just, oof] and reader because a friend live-streamed it on Discord and I actually liked it even though it was a live-action by Netflix, nonetheless, lol.

This basically follows the first episode with similar dialogue that has been tweaked with some additions per character I used—you basically replace Shibuki. It's also a bit longer than I usually make my one-shots.)


You didn't know how it happened . . .

One minute you were at home in your room as you finished an essay for your English college class—your family downstairs. The next, it had suddenly gone dark while the power suddenly shut off.

You had muttered a string of curse words as you called down to your mom and dad frustratedly; however, there had been no answer as you called them repeatedly.

In great reluctance, you had started down the stairs—it dark and oddly quiet. Once you had made it down the stairs, you called out to them once again—having had been greeted by silence once again.

Slowly, you had begun on your way to the kitchen, looking in the living room to be sure neither were there though it was obvious they weren't.

When you had peeked into the kitchen, you were only greeted with the deafening silence and emptiness that had been accompanying the entire house at that point.

Sooner or later after constant searching and calling out verbally, you had tried the next big thing: calling them on your phone. However, your phone had refused to work.

But something had felt off about the whole situation.

Though at the time, you didn't know just how right you were . . .

During the first few hours, you had left your home—only bringing a jacket and a backpack—because of the feeling. It hadn't taken you long to figure out the emptiness of the whole city of Musutafu.

It was like everything had stopped.

It had been suspiciously quiet as well.

All the cars had been at a standstill—some in the middle of the road and odd places that'd be much safer if they hadn't been—no bustling of the normal city life . . .

Just nothing.

That had been three days ago, however.

You somewhat understood your situation albeit still rather confused at the same time. But you knew that in order to leave this place, you had to play the games that were randomly set up and also random.

But there was a gruesome catch to them all: there was no guarantee you'd make it out alive through any of them . . .

The first few days had been rough, you'd admit even though you had only played one game at this point.

The first game you had played had been one you had to board a train. There had been two other people who were already waiting at the game site at the time—a midget male with balls-like dark purple hair and another male with blonde hair with a lightning bolt in it with phones in their hands.

They looked about your age, you were unsure nor cared to find out at the time since it had been unimportant information. You had asked them what was going on though they had no idea aside from some building lighting up and ushering them into this area—similar to what had happened to you.

But they had said you apparently needed to grab a phone on the table that had been beside you that also had three gas masks and nine cylinders of what you had figured to be full of air sitting near it.

When you had grabbed the phone, it instantly turned on with the words "Facial Recognition" on the screen with a load bar that soon disappeared before a female AI voice spoke saying “ Game difficulty, two of hearts. ”

You had been confused and asked them what this meant but they just shrugged in response while saying they had no clue either and that their own phones had said something similar. You had also asked about the other two items but they also hadn't known anything about them either.

They had eventually introduced themselves to you as Kaminari and Mineta—the blonde had been Kaminari and the purple haired one had been Mineta. In turn, you had also introduced yourself as a courtesy.

However, any more communication between you and the group had been quickly dispersed as the phones suddenly had booted back up, the female AI voice sounding once again as it had said the "game" was about to begin in thirty seconds and to head to the tracks.

The three of you had looked at each other before slowly complying and making it to the tracks. Once you had, the phone AI voice had resounded giving you a rundown of what was required.

The requirements were to board multiple trains and to successfully make it to the last one—the fourth one. It sounded relatively easy when you had heard it described to you from the AI voice.

That was until it had said the end part:

“ One of the four cargo trains that would come for you to ride would have poisonous gas in them. There are three gas masks and nine cylinders of air beside the table that are required to pass. Each person gets three, use them wisely. ”

In shorter terms:

• If you are able to get through all four carriages, Game Clear.
• One of the four rooms is filled with a lethal poisonous gas. If you open the door and breathe in this gas, it is Game over.

The game was basic but with a horrible twist.

In the end, you had made it—somehow.

But Kaminari and Mineta . . .

They hadn't . . .

By the end of the game, you had gotten a three-day visa pass which was basically that you were free from having to participate in games for that amount of time. However, if you didn't play a game once the time was up . . .

Well . . .

You'd die.

So here you were now heading to the next game. You had no idea what it'd be, nor did you want to know . . . but you had no choice unless you wanted to die—at least with no chance of avoidance as doing a game would give.

You slowly made your way into the tall building, passing a car and a lot of lighted things on the wall as you followed the arrows to the next gaming area while gripping the straps of your backpack. But as you near the corner at the last arrow, you could hear hushed talking coming from nearby—no doubt in the next game area.

Once you had made it to the corner, you peeked behind it as you spotted three males. One had ash blonde hair, another toe toned of white on his left and crimson on his right, while the final one had dark green hair. They all looked to be your age, maybe younger or older by a year or two at most.

"What the hell is this fucking shit?!" You watched as the ash blonde practically snarled at the phone in his hand.

"It'd be a phone. I'm sure you've seen plenty of those before though." The dual haired male stated bluntly.

This caused the ash blonde to whip around and face the other male, "That's not what I fucking meant, you half-and-half bastard."

Half-and-half bastard? What an odd name. Though you were sure that wasn't the dual haired male's real name, it sounded like a nickname of sorts and you were sure it was.

"C-Calm down Kacchan . . ." The green haired male began to wave his hands in the air as he looked at the ash blonde, "If . . . if we're calm, m-maybe we can figure this o-out."

This caused the ash blonde to glare over at him, "Shut the fuck up, Deku!"

"He's right . . ." The dual haired male came in.

As you continued to peek behind the corner as they continued to bicker amongst one another, it was quite obvious this group of males were new.

Boy, were they in for a surprise.

You frowned, but that also meant you were stuck with them. Unless you found another game to partake in . . . but you were running low in time and there was no telling when another game would pop up before your visa expired.

Things weren't looking too hot for you. But there wasn't much you could do. It wasn't like you could really pick and choose your "teammates" for the games that popped up.

With a reluctant sigh, you soon popped out from behind the corner as you headed towards the group of bickering males—mostly the one dubbed "Kacchan." It didn't take long for the green haired male to take notice of you, his eyes widening as you neared them.

"Uh . . ." He shakily pointed to your form.

This caused the other two males to stop as they looked in your direction, watching as you passed the red sensor and headed straight to the phones. You picked it up and it instantly turned on, showing the all too familiar words "Facial Recognition" and the loading bar before popping up a card.

“ Game difficulty, three of clubs. ”

A bead of sweat appeared on your cheek as you tightened the grip of your bag strap. This was really going to be "fun."

"W-Who are you?" You heard the meek voice of the green haired make ask.

You hummed as you turned to face all three of the males who were staring at you, the ash blonde more so glaring. As you studied them for a moment, you saw no harm in telling them your name."(Last Name) (First Name)."

The green haired male instantly perked up, "I-I'm Midoriya Izuku."

"I'm Todoroki Shouto." The dual haired male said directly after.

The ash blonde studied you for a moment, looking you up and down skeptically, "Bakugou Katsuki."

It seemed "Kacchan" was just a nickname.

Midoriya began to shit in place, "Uhm . . . w-what is this..?"

"A game." You simply replied.

"Where is everyone?" Todoroki asked.

You shrugged, "I'm unsure."

"This is fucking bullshit." Bakugou grumbled, "I don't want to play any fucking game." He began to stomp towards the red sensor.

Midoriya's eyes widened, "K-Kacchan, wait!"

You quickly gripped Bakugou's arm, causing him to jerk back.

"What the hell?!" He glared over at you.

You didn't falter at his hard stare, "I wouldn't do that if I were you."

He narrowed his eyes, "Huh?! What the fuck do you mean?"

Sighing, you let go of his arm as you searched for something. Your eyes soon landed on an old name tag that had probably been left from previous competitors. You wasted no time in grabbing it before instantly throwing it past the censor.

Just as you did that, a laser popped up and instantly shot through the old name tag, causing all three of the males' eyes to widen—especially Bakugou's as he backtracked a bit.

"What the fuck."

Todoroki blinked, "What was that..?"

"W-Was that a . . . a laser?!" Midoriya's eyes began to tremor.

You looked at them, "Once you cross the borderline, you can never return. You have no choice but to participate in the game."

"You've gotta be fuckin' shitting me." Bakugou frowned, a bead of sweat on his cheek as he continued to stare at the old name tag.

"Oh!" A random voice started causing you all to look up from the name card and at the periwinkle haired girl who had just appeared from the corner as she soon began to walk towards you all, "I'm so relieved! I thought I'd never find anyone here. I'm Hadou Nejire, It's so nice to finally see actual breathing humans!"

"W-Wait, Hadou!" Midoriya outcasted his hand to stop her, but it was too late.

She passed the censor just as he had said those words of warning, giving you all a confused look from the odd expressions you all were giving her.

You frowned, "You shouldn't have done that."

Then again, if she hadn't . . . she'd probably die.

"Fucking idiot." Bakugou grumbled under his breath though anyone could hear it.

She blinked, "Huh?

You sighed, as you outcasted a phone you had grabbed. She continued to blink down at it before slowly taking it from you—it doing the basic start-up before a dinging sound soon echoed throughout the room.

“ Registration closed. The game will now commence. ” The female AI started.

"Game..?" Hadou mumbled as she stared down at the phone.

“ Game, dead or alive. Difficulty, three of clubs. ”

"Three of . . . of clubs..?" Midoriya mumbled.

A bead of sweat appeared on Todoroki's cheek, "What does that mean..?"

“ Rule: select the correct door within the stipulated time. ”

Bakugou scrunched up his nose, "The fuck?"

“ Clear conditions: leave the building within the time limit. ”

As the AI finished saying this, an elevator door dinged. This caused everyone in the room to averted their attention behind them as you all stared at the opening elevator, the word start written on the back wall.

Not hesitating, you quickly walked towards and inside of the elevator as you refaced the others who had confused looks on their faces "You'll die if you keep spacing out."

They all looked at each other aside from Hadou who quickly trudged inside though in an almost giddily manner.

"We probably should listen to her . . ." Todoroki muttered as he glanced back to you.

In reluctance after a few more glances among themselves, the three males all followed suit as they entered the elevator with you and Hadou. Right as Midoriya entered, the elevator closed as it began sending you all to the top floor it seemed.

After a few seconds, the door soon opened again—revealing a square room with black and white checkered floors—your phones instantly dinged once more.

“ The time limit for this room is two minutes. ” Right as the AI said that, a timer popped up on the phone as it began counting down the minutes.

You all slowly shuffled out of the elevator silently, taking notice of the two doors with two different pictures on them: one with a cute anime angel girl, the words "live" above it, and another that was black with a skull, the words "die" above it.

"What's this..?" Todoroki broke the silence.

You looked at the cute anime angel poster, "Live: to live . . ." You then looked at the skull poster, "Die: or to die."

"Tch." Bakugou began to wander around towards the two doors, Todoroki followed along silently.

Midoriya swallowed as he did the same, "I-Is this really a g-game..? Maybe . . . maybe this is just an event o-or something."

"Ooh, an event?" Hadou clasped her hands together as she looked around the room in an almost excited manner.

“ One minute remaining. ”

Once all the males made it to the "die" door, Todoroki spoke, "Midoriya."

"Huh?" Midoriya looked at him.

"Do you have any idea of which one it could be?" Todoroki started making his way towards the "live" door.


"I wouldn't choose the skeleton one!" Hadou interrupted.

"Shut the hell up, airhead." Bakugou growled at the girl who didn't seem phased by his words at all.

"You're sure a rude one!"


"W-What will happen if we . . . we choose the wrong one?" Midoriya mumbled as he looked back at the rest of you.

You began to eye the two doors as a heavy silence came over the small group. You could feel your heart practically pounding in your chest and pondered the answer.

There was a fifty-fifty chance in this case scenario. But there was really no logical way to know which door was actually the correct one . . .

Actually, there was a way.

You gripped the straps of your bag, "The answer is 'live'." You muttered as everyone looked at you, "Open the door that says 'live'."

"How the fuck do you know?" Bakugou gave you a skeptical look.

You looked down and away from his gaze, "Because it's obviously the 'live' door . . ."

Hadou began to sniff the air as she looked around the room, "Hey, do you guys smell something?" This caused everyone to look at her before gazing around the room yourselves.

Midoriya soon gasped, "L-Look down!"

With that, everyone did as he had said, all looking down and seeing the smoke beginning to form up from the tiles of the floor.

"Fire?" Todoroki started as everyone began to move away from the smoke and began to cough as it got worse and worse.

“ Thirty seconds remaining. ”

"The answer is 'live'!" You stated again through coughs, "Open the door!"

"Open it yourself, you bitch!" Bakugou managed to cough out.

"What w-will happens when the time runs out?" Midoriya coughed out.

"We . . . we have no time!" You continued to cough.

Todoroki looked over at you, "Why do you think that's the answer?"

"Clearly, we can't choose 'die' can we?" You stated.

“ Twenty seconds remaining. ”

"I-I can't stand this smoke anymore!" Hadou whimpered as she passed you all and started towards the 'live' door.

She quickly began to fumble with the knob before opening it and hurriedly making her way inside; however, once she passed the doorframe, a laser shot out—instantly percent through her. And just like that, she fell to the ground, her body limp and unmoving as the door slammed back shut

Everyone stood frozen, eyes wide as they just stared at the now-closed door where the girl had gone through.

Midoriya's eyes tremored, "Did . . . did she . . ." But he couldn't finish the sentence, he didn't want to.

“ Twenty seconds remaining. ”

Hearing this, you quickly snapped your head towards the door labeled "die." It had to be that one . . . there was no other to choose from. Not wasting any time, you quickly raced towards it, opening it, and making your way inside—the other three looking at you while they remained where they were at. As expected, no laser did shoot through you.

“Five–Four–Three . . .”

Quick glances amongst themselves, they all raced through the door as well as the counter started counting down the seconds. Once it hit one and everyone had managed to get inside, a large fire exploded in the room right as Midoriya had closed the door.

“ The time limit for this room is one minute and fifty seconds. ” The AI stated once the door had shut.

You glanced around, it was a similar room to the one you had been in only seconds before. Two doors read the same above them, "live" and "die".

"She . . . she really died." Midoriya muttered.

"You were the one who killed that girl." Todoroki bluntly stated as he looked in your direction, a slight glare.

You just looked at him, emotionless, "You survived because of me, right?"

Bakugou suddenly grabbed your shoulder roughly, "You little bi–"

"If you guys keep doing what you did in the room before, you'll die just like her." You muttered.

His grip tightened on your shoulder momentarily before he let go of you, "Damn it!"

"What d-do . . . do we do now..?" Midoriya mumbled as he eyed both the doors, "D-Do we choose 'die' here, too..?"

"Since we chose 'die' last time, shouldn't it be 'live'?" Todoroki offered his suggestion.

"It can't fucking be 'die' twice in a fucking row!" Bakugou narrowed his eyes at him.

"It was just a suggestion." Todoroki muttered.

"But . . . but it is hard to choose 'die' . . ." Midoriya pondered.

"I'm sure this is a game for us to choose a sacrifice within the time limit." You came in.

"Sacrifice?" Todoroki repeated the word.

"There's probably no meaning to the doors." You stated, "It's probably about who's going to be the first to open it. Basically, they're telling us to choose one person in the allotted time."

Todoroki's eyes narrowed at you, "Like you sacrificed that girl . . ."

"Why don't you open the damn door then, huh?" Bakugou glared at you, "If you're so fucking high and mighty."

You glanced at the doors then back to him, "I believe I'm the best suited to survive out of all of you."

"Huh?" Bakugou suddenly grabbed hold of you and slammed you against the wall rather roughly as he growled at you, "What the fuck did you just say?!"

If this game didn't kill you, you had a feeling he just might do the job . . . that is if he ended up surviving himself.

"K-Kacchan!" Midoriya reached out for him though didn't dare get much closer with the look Bakugou gave him.

Thankfully the AI sounded, “ One minute remaining. ”

"N-No ones going to open the door at this rate . . ." Midoriya mumbled as he looked between the two doors.

"So we're all just gonna die from the fucking fire?!" Bakugou looked back at him, his grip loosening a bit but it remained.

"Then why don't you open it?" You directed the words to him, "Why ask anyone when you can do it yourself?" But as you said this, smoke began to form—coughing beginning to slowly ensue between the group.

Though Midoriya soon clenched his fists, "I-I'll open."

This caused everyone to look in his direction with wide eyes, aside from you, upon the unexpected proclamation. Admittedly you were a bit shocked as well given the personality he had shown so far, but you weren't complaining either. As long as it wasn't you opening the door, it didn't matter . . .

Everyone—unmoving—watched as Midoriya slowly began his way towards the "live" door.

"The fuck, Deku?!" Bakugou came in but kept his hold on you.

Midoriya ignored them, obviously trembling, as he eyed the two doors back and forth before heading towards the one that read "die" on top of it.

"Midoriya, don't be provoked by her." Todoroki warned.

Midoriya slowly and shakily reached for the handle, gripping it but not opening it as he just stood frozen in his spot—staring down at it.

“ Thirty seconds remaining. ”

"Midoriya!" Todoroki shouted right as the male was about to open the door.

However, Midoriya didn't move and continued to shake in his spot. But his hand soon fell limply to his side as he just stared down at the handle before dropping to his knees.

He couldn't do it.

"See." You started, "You can't open it, you'd've even sacrificed that girl, too."

"Shut the hell up!" Bakugou roughly pushed you against the wall as he let you go.

“ Twenty seconds remaining. ”

"I'll fucking do it." Bakugou soon growled as he walked towards the door with '"live" above it.

Todoroki's eyes widened slightly, "Bakugou–"

"He has bad fucking luck anyway."

Midoriya looked back at his friend as he stopped in front of the "live" door, "K-Kacchan . . ."

"We'll take fucking turns." Bskugou muttered as he stared down at the door handle—his hand hovering over—before looking over at you, "You'll be next."

“ Ten seconds. ”

He looked back at the door.

"Kacchan . . ."

Taking in a deep breath and swallowing, his hand hovered over the door handle for a few more seconds before quickly opening it and dashing through.

"Kacchan!" Midoriya quickly scrambled up but stopped upon realizing his friend had successfully passed through.

Bakugou let out a sigh of relief as he realized he had passed through the door, unharmed, too. It seemed he had made the right call in the end.

“ Five–Four–Three . . .”

Once the second countdown started, the rest of you quickly started towards the door. And like the last time, once you had passed the frame upon the last second, a fire exploded in the room right as you shut the door this time.

“ The time limit for the room, one minute forty seconds. ”

Midoriya looked at his phone as the counter began, "The time l-limit is shortening each time."

Bakugou looked over at you, "Now you get the next fucking door." He soon got up from his spot as he trudged over to you, grabbing your arm rather roughly as he started to drag you to one of the doors, "I'll choose the damn door."

Your eyes widened, "H-Hey!"

He instantly slammed you against the door with the anime angel, "Live."

But you didn't budge as you just glared at him from against the door which didn't bode well with him it seemed as he was getting frustrated—though that seemed to be a natural occurrence with him anyway given from what you had seen thus far.

"Open it, damnit!"

Your brows began to twitch, "No . . ."


"Bakugou, calm down," Todoroki muttered from the other side.

"Don't tell me to fucking calm down, half-and-half!" He glared over at him.

Todoroki sighed as he glanced over at Midoriya who had been silent this whole time, deep in thought while sitting on the ground, "Do you have any ideas, Midoriya..?"

This snapped him away from his thoughts, "Ideas..?"

Todoroki made his way towards him, "You always say there's a solution for every problem."

"Uh, w-well yes, bu-but this isn't a game . . ."

"You're always solving things that seem impossible, you have to have an idea." Todoroki states.

"But . . . but this is no game." Midoriya's lips began to quiver as he looked down at the phone in his hand, "It's all about l-luck."

“ One minute remaining. ”

"Come on, think Midoriya." Todoroki urged, "There had to be a hint somewhere . . ."

"A hint . . ." Midoriya's muttered as he began to search his mind for something and as he did this, smoke began to come up from the floor—signaling time was growing short. He began to look all around the room, every square inch. His eyes began to widen, "Oh . . ."

This caused everyone to look at him.

"What is it?" Todoroki asked.

"Wait a minute . . ." Midoriya soon got up from the floor.

“ Thirty seconds remaining. ”

He walked towards the middle of the room, "BMW 523rd."

Bakugou's eyes narrowed at him, "The fuck are you spouting on about?"

"I-It was a BMW 523rd." Midoriya repeated.


"What are you implying?" Todoroki asked.

Midoriya looked down at his hand, "It's . . . it's 'die'."

"How do you know..?" You blinked at him.

“ Ten seconds remaining. ”

"There's . . . there's no time." Midoriya muttered, "I-I'll open the door." With that, he quickly headed to the door he had mentioned.

"Midoriya, a-are you sure..?" A bead of sweat appeared on Todoroki's cheek as he quickly headed to where the other male was.

Midoriya squeezed his eyes shut as he gripped the handle of the door, "P-Please . . ." With those words, He quickly opened the door, stumbling through.

No death laser.

“ Five–Four–Three . . . ”

Not wasting any more time, everyone else entered soon after him, Bakugou being the one to shut the door this time as a loud sound erupted behind it—no doubt the fore that had been making a presence every time time would run out.

“ The time limit for this room is one minute and thirty seconds. ”

"Do you know which it is now?" Todoroki questioned as he watched Midoriya become frantic as he looked around the room,

"The . . . the BMW 523rd is four meters and ninety-four centimeters . . . there was one parked outside." Midoriya started.

"What the hell does that have to do with anything?" Bakugou narrowed his eyes over at the other male.

"Well . . . T-The building is equivalent to four of them . . ." Midoriya stated, "That means the building is approximately twenty meters in length." He glanced over at the corner of the room before he headed towards the back, "M-My feet are twenty-eight centimeters long." He began walking towards the end you all were, "One, two, three–"

He stopped his actions, "It should be around s-six meters long. . ." He stated, "And according to the evacuation map . . . the elevator is at the corner of the building."

"So you're saying the building is square?" Todoroki asked.

"Y-Yes . . . and all the rooms are square-shaped, too." Midoriya confirmed, "Assuming that one side of the building is twenty meters and that the rooms are all six meters in size, there can only be three rooms on one side–"

“ One minute remaining. ”

"I-Is there something I-I can write on?" He asked as he began to look sround everywhere

"Uh . . ." You frowned, as you removed your backpack and soon pulled out a piece of paper and pencil before reluctantly handing it to him, "Here."

You weren't keen on doing so. But if it would get you out of here alive, you weren't going to complain too much or refuse him. He seemed smart so you were sure he was on to something, at least it sounded like he was.

He gladly took the paper as he instantly bent down to the ground and began scribbling across it, making a square with nine other squares inside of it, "I-Inside of a square building while assuming each room is also squared . . . this floor should have nine rooms."

"It's like a puzzle game . . ." You muttered as you continued to watch the male work.

"We started on this one." He marked in "X" on the lower left side, "The other girl . . . d-died . . . here–" He scribbled the area out as he started to draw a line from the original starting point, "Thanks to Kacchan, we moved forward . . ." He marked again, "Which means the door on the right can't be accessed. Then I opened the door to this room–"

“ Twenty seconds remaining. ”

"T-Through the process of elimination, these two rooms are a no-go . . ." He marked some more before looking up at all of you, "I-I'm sure of it!"

“ Ten seconds remaining. ”

He instantly hopped up as he looked towards the skull door, "The answer is 'die'! The 'live' door is a trap!" He quickly zoomed towards the "die" door, the rest of you following behind him.

"You better fucking be right!" Bakugou gritted his teeth.

“ Four–Three–Two . . .”

At the last second you, Midoriya opened the door, allowing you all to run inside—the laser bever showing up. You closed the door behind you as, once again, more flames seemed to have erupted behind the door.

God, did you hate these games!

“ The time limit for this room is one minute and twenty seconds. ”

Todoroki looked over at the male, "If your reasoning is right, we may all survive."

Midoriya looked down at the paper in his hand, "This game isn't based on luck . . . w-we can clear it together!" He looked up, "According to my drawing, the next one's 'die,' too!"

"Alright." Todoroki nodded as you all followed the green haired male's lead.

"R-Ready?" Midoriya asked as he put his hand to the knob, "Come on!" He instantly opened the door and you all followed him inside.

No laser did appear.

“ The time limit for this room is one minute and ten seconds. ”

"What the hell's next?" Bakugou looked over at Midoriya.

Midoriya looked down at his paper again, "'L-Live' is next."

You all ran towards it, as he instantly opened the door before you all entered the room safely. Again, no laser appeared. So far, it seemed he had solved the puzzle to the rooms and you all were "home" free!

However, Midoriya's hopeful face soon disappeared once you all looked around upon taking notice at the two extra, and unplanned, set of doors.

“ The time limit is one minute for this room. ”

"T-There's no door in the f-front." His eyes began to tremor.

"Huh?" Bakugou looked over at him, "What the fuck are you goin' on about?"

"Uhm . . ." Midoriya bought out the paper snd pen again as he examined it.

"Would it be the left since the right is the one that the other girl died?" Todoroki asked as he also looked down at the paper as he headed towards the "die" door.

"W-Wait!" Midpriya screeched causing him to stop.

Todoroki blinked, "W-What..?"

"I-I may have mi-missed something . . ." Midoriya admitted.

“ Fifty seconds remaining. ”

"You can't be fucking serious!" Bakugou growled.

"The room that we're currently in is in the back left corner of the building . . ." Midoriya began to ramble, "The clear condition is to leave the building . . . we're compelled to choose the 'die' door that'll lead us out. B-But if I recall, there is no gap between this and the other building . . ." He paused for a moment.

". . . The 'live' door leads us, as Todoroki-kun stated, to where the girl d-died." He muttered, "But why is there not a door to the rear of the building..? I-I must have overlooked something . . . but what could that be..?"

You watched as he struggled to figure out what exactly he had missed as he ran his hand through his hair while looking between the two doors and the entire room.

"B-But there's no room for any tricks in this room. If that's the case . . ." He started back up his mumbling as he slowly looked up at one of the doors.

You furrowed your brows as you waited patiently for him to figure something out, but you all were running out of time! Any longer and you all would . . .

“ Thirty seconds remaining. ”

"Hurry up." You started, "We don't have time to waste."

"Shut the hell up! You're not doing shit!" Bakugou glared over at you.

"Neither are you." You muttered.


"Calm down." Todoroki frowned at you both, "She's right, however."

"Huh?!" Bakugou averted his attention to him, "You're on her side now, half-and-half?!"

"That's not what I said–"

Midoriya did his best to block out the bickering that had started as he began to wander back through all the rooms you all had been in. He went back to the first room . . . nothing stuck out as odd to him, but . . .

His eyes widened, that was it!

"There w-was no door . . ." Midoriya's voice caused everyone to stop their back snd forth bickering.

"What are you talking about?" You asked.

"There was no d-door in the room the girl entered . . ."

Bakugou furrowed his brows, "What the fuck are you saying, Deku?"

"T-There's a door there!" Midoriya pointed to the 'live' door.

Todoroki frowned, "You're saying–"

“ Ten seconds remaining. ”

"Y-Yes!" Midoriya showed the paper again and he marked a line at the half of the room, "The room it . . . it isn't s-square!"


"There's another room behind that door!" Midoriya exclaimed as you all soon began rushing towards it.

“ Four–Three . . .”

And, again, at the last second you all stumbled into the 'live' door—the laser not showing up—as you shut the door behind you as the basic fire erupted behind the door.

With little time, the AI soon spoke, “ The time limit for this room is ten seconds. ”

Todoroki's eyes widened, "Ten seconds..?"

"You gotta be shittin' me!" Bakugou grumbled.

"Which door is it..?" You asked as you looked between the "live" and "die" ones.

Midoriya's eyes widened st his phone before looking at both of them, "O-Over there!" He pointed to the "die" door as he rushed towards it—you all following behind.

“ Five–Four–Three . . .”

As it counted down, he quickly opened the last door with you all shuffling in right after him. Once everyone had made it into the safe room, Midoriya quickly shut the door. Neither of you bothered to wait to see what would happen as you each followed the dark hallway until you came to some stairs.

"Downstairs!" Midoriya said as he began down them—you all followed without question.

It didn't take long for you to reach the bottom, entering into a dump of a place with trash and all sorts of items scattered about on the ground though that didn't stop either of you to fall to the ground and out of breath.

Right as you did, each of your phones dinged, “ Game cleared. Congratulations. ”

"W-We . . . we did it." Midoriya said as he looked down at the phone with "Game Cleared" gracing the screen.

You swallowed as you tried to catch your breath before standing up as you looked at the green haired male, "It's all thanks to you . . ."

"Is everyone okay?" Todoroki asked as he got up himself.

Midoriya got up, "Y-Yeah."

Bakugou looked at you then back at the other two males before getting up and dusting himself off, "Tch. Of course, I'm fucking okay."

You each began to look around the room, now having time to finally think. But you soon stopped once your eyes landed on a table in the middle of the messy room. You slowly made your way towards it, the males watching you, only stopping once you had made it in front of the table—taking notice of a "three of clubs" lying on top of it.

You slowly picked it up, the three males behind you now as they peeked over your shoulders at the small playing card. As you all just stared at it silently, each of your phones dinged once more. This caused you all to look down at them.

“ To the survivors of the game, we will now supply you with a visa. ”

Your screens popped up three club symbols with the words "We Will Supply All Game Survivors With A Three-Day Visa" as the clubs slowly turned white from the original black color.

Todoroki blinked at the phone, "Visa?"

But as they were confused, the sound of footsteps rang through the large room. This made you all look up, spotting an older-looking man with thick black lines around his eyes trudging towards you all—his clothes all tattered and bloodied—before stopping multiple feet from you all.

"Who the fuck are you?" Bakugou glared over at the man.

"I'm going to . . . drop out of this game!" He muttered at you all.

Todoroki just stared at him, "What is he–"

"You guys . . ." The man interrupted, "There is no end to this game no matter how many you clear.

Midoriya's eyes widened, "W-What..?"

"My visa ends today." The man continued, "Finally . . . t-this is the end." Right as he said this, a laser soon came from above and struck him—everyone's, aside from yours, eyes widened.

"W-What the . . ." Midoriya trailed off.

Suddenly, the lights of the building started to shut off one-by-one. With a sigh on your end, you soon began walking towards the man—the males subconsciously following behind you before you all stopped and looked down at his lifeless body.

"When it's a new day . . ." You started, "You'll die if your visa expires."

"Our visas will end, too." Todoroki stated as he looked back at his phone.

Midoriya swallowed, "T-Three more days."

"Seriously?" Bakugou muttered as he also looked down at his phone.

You looked at them, "If you don't want to die . . . you'll have to continue playing the games."

With a sigh, you started back walking to find a place to stay in for the night since you had successfully restored your visa—temporarily at least. But you'd worry about it when the time came to replenish it again.

"W-Wait!" You heard Midoriya call out.

You hummed as you turned around, the three males staring at you, "What is it?"

"Uhm . . ." He began to shift in his spot, looking to the ground before turning his gaze back to you, "Would y-you like to join us?"

Your eyes widened slightly, "Huh? M-Me..? That's–"

"You've gotta be fucking joking." Bakugou narrowed his eyes at Midoriya, "You can't be fucking serious."

"What? N-No . . . I-I just thought that–"

You watched as they went back and forth, though it was hard to hear all they were saying as they had started to talk lower amongst themselves.

Midoriya began to shift in his spot as he grew closer to the other two males in order to talk a bit more privately, "I-I just think that, y-you know, she–"

"I think it's a good idea." Todoroki interrupted him as he peered over at you before looking back at his two friends.

"Not you, too." Bakugou turned his glare at Todoroki, "She'd probably fucking do to us what she fucking did to that damn airhead!"

"That . . . that is a possibility." Midioriya muttered, the vivid image of Hadou's death crossing through his mind, "But . . ." He looked back at you, "She knows a lot more than us . . . h-having her with us would benefit us a lot."

Bakugou scrunched up his nose as he crossed his arms. He wanted to say more on the subject, but he felt like it'd all just end on deaf ears, "Tch. Whatever, if she fucking turns on us, it's your damn fault."

Midoriya soon broke away from the other two males as he took a few steps forward, "S-So will you..?"

You tilted your head as you studied the three males: Midoriya looked at you pleadingly, Todoroki just stared at you emotionlessly, and Bakugou wasn't even looking at you at all. You opened your mouth, about to say "no;" however, you closed it again as you thought about it a bit more.

Now that you thought about it, maybe going along with these three males wasn't such a bad idea—especially this Midoriya. At least for the time being anyway.

"I guess for the time being."

"R-Really?" Midoriya's eyes widened.

You nodded, "Yes."

"T-Thank you!"

And with that, it became official. You'd remain with the three males: Midoriya, Bakugou, and Todoroki. At least until they either died off from the games you'd all play together which was bound to happen or until you found them to be no longer of any use to you—whichever came first.
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