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I'm Glad You're Okay (Bakugou Katsuki)

» Minor Manga spoilers (Ch.285 and Ch. 298). It's kind of vague, but probably still spoil-worthy given it's somewhat the scenario—if you aren't caught up (at least with those chapters), I still recommend skipping it unless you don't mind some summary.


It had been a few days since you had been at the hospital—surprisingly being excused to stay for such an extended period—as you waited for Bakugou to wake up from his injuries.

Todoroki had given you a small rundown of what happened when you had gone by his room to check on him along with some of the news outlets that had covered the big fight that had happened involving Endeavor, Todoroki, Midoriya, Bakugou, and many others as they had gone head-on against Shigaraki and the other League of Villains or now more commonly known as the "Paranormal Liberation Front."

No one had come out unscathed. Everyone involved, even the villains so you heard, had a small injury or another; however, only Midoriya and Bakugou had yet to awaken from the fight among the hero side of it—the ones you cared for anyway.

With that said, Midoriya was by far hurt the worse out of the three males, the doctors were unsure when or even if he would even wake up given his state. Visitation with him was also off-limits besides a handful of people.

Todoroki was fine in general though he was still knocked up pretty badly, having bandages all around his body in almost every area. He had been the only one you were allowed to see when you first arrived since the other two males had been in extensive care at the time.

Lastly and second-worst off between the three: Bakugou.

According to Todoroki, Bakugou had jumped in front of Midoriya—taking a hit originally meant for him. He had been horribly injured . . . pierced through the stomach to be more exact.

But even so, he had eventually been removed from the extensive care unit and brought into a room that you were able to visit freely since it seemed he had shown signs of high recovery which you were heavily thankful for.

With that said, the doctors had said he should at least wake up sooner or later though they were unsure when exactly. So here you were, currently patiently waiting for him—your boyfriend—to do just that . . .

You hadn't left his side since given free access to his room.

Nor had you eaten—not that you were hungry given the situation.

You hadn't even slept either!

Your eyes were growing heavier and heavier as the days passed by. You were even getting noticeable dark bags underneath them.

But you couldn't sleep . . .

You had to be there when he woke up—you just had to.

You tiredly glanced up at Bakugou, his face covered with an oxygen mask, his chest rising and falling at steady intervals. Similar to Todoroki, he was also covered in bandages—mainly his arms and you were sure his stomach.

Your hand subconsciously squeezing his own as you saw the pitiful state he was in albeit he looked just a tad bit better than the first time you had seen him.

Maybe a few minutes wouldn't hurt though . . . you'd just close your eyes for a little while and be right back up to resume your waiting.

Yeah . . . that sounded like a good plan.

With that in mind, you leaned over and laid your head down on the edge of the hospital bed—your hand still gripping his own—before slowly shut your eyes, instantly being grasped by the much-needed sleep you should have been getting the past few days.

However, the few minutes planned had soon turned into a few hours. And within the few hours, you still had yet to wake up while continuing to snooze away—deeply one might add. But because of this, you failed to notice or be alarmed by the slight stirring beside you . . .

Slowly opening his eyes, it took Bakugou a minute to adjust to the glaring white bright light. His eyes soon widened as he jolted up, a searing pain shooting through his abdomen as he removed the mask from his face with his free hand—his other one still clasped with yours though he had yet to take notice of you yet.

"Ouch!" He began to look around, taking notice of him being in the hospital, "What the–" But he stopped his words once his eyes landed on your sleeping form.

His eyes widened slightly as he finally took notice of your hand clasping his bandaged one. He could tell you were asleep. He wondered how long you had been waiting. With that said, he wondered how long he had been here. But from the dark circles under your eyes still that he could see, he didn't doubt it had been a bit.

But why the hell was he here?

With that in mind, he looked down at his stomach for a moment before placing his free hand over it. He instantly winced and hissed before quickly moving his hand away as he furrowed his brows and narrowed his eyes.

That was right . . .

Slowly, the events that took place began to flood his mind:

Him, Endeavor, Todoroki, Deku, and other heroes had been facing that head of the original "League of Villains," Shigaraki. It had been a long and grueling one, too. Every single one of them had gotten pretty knocked about through the entire fight.

The majority of the meat of the fight was a bit foggy in his mind still, though he had the gist of it. It had been a struggle, that was for certain if the short memories that passed through his mind had anything to say about it.

He looked back down at his stomach. But the events that had led him to his current situation . . .

His . . . his body had acted on its own. It was like he had zero control when he had jumped up and pushed Deku out of the way when the tendrils had originally meant to course through his form—not him.

His brows twitched before he glanced back over where you were still asleep, having not even moved an inch and just stared over at you. It was obvious you had most likely been here the whole time he had, not that he expected any less of you.

"Hey." He slowly released his hand from your own—which wasn't hard to do—while he soon ran it through your (hair color) locks.

The action caused you to stir as you clenched your eyes tighter before they reluctantly began to open, the world around you a bit blurry as you didn't fully open them right away because of the light. But you managed to catch a slightly unfocused and blurry image of a person sitting up in the bed in front of you.

"Katsuki . . ." You sleepily muttered as you lifted your head up a bit, squinting your eyes still—it seemed you were still a bit groggy.

He kept his hand on top of your head, "Hey, idiot . . ."

You just stared at him for a moment, still trying to process your surroundings. But it didn't take much longer as your eyes began to widen and you instantly stood straight up causing him to instinctively retreat his hand.

"Katsuki, you're awake!" Out of instinct, you flung yourself at him—your eyes squeezing shut as tears pricked the corner of your eyes.

His eyes widened, having not expected you to get so excited, "W-Wai–"

But his words came too late as you soon made it on the bed with him and wrapped your arms tightly around him. He instantly groaned in pain from the force and tightness of your hold.

"Oh!" Your eyes widened, having forgotten about what Todoroki had said to you about what happened to him, before letting go of him and moving a bit back though you stayed on the bed beside him, "I-I'm sorry!"

He narrowed his eyes at you though there was pain evident on his face, "B-Be more fucking careful!"

You bit your bottom lip as you looked down, "Sorry, I forgot. B-But . . ." You looked back up at him, your lips forming into a quivering smile, "I'm . . . I'm just so happy to see that you're awake."

As much as Bakugou would like to be mad at you, he just fucking couldn't. You were his girlfriend after all. So you got a bit of leeway with some of your actions.

He sighed before straightening himself back up, "How . . . fucking long?"

You frowned as you answered, "Two days."

"Two days . . ." He repeated your words lowly as he looked to the side and narrowed his eyes, "Where..?" It wasn't that he didn't know where, but he wanted to know the specifics.

"Central Hospital."

He turned his gaze back to you, "What about Deku, Todoroki, Endeavor, and Aizawa..? What happened to everyone?"

"W-Well . . ." You knitted your brows as you swallowed.

With that, you began to explain everyone's current conditions from what you had managed to get from Todoroki. Bakugou listened intently to every word so he could fill in some of the missing points of his memories and the after-effects he had no possible way of knowing.

"Tch. So they're unsure if Deku will wake up . . ." Bakugou squeezed the sheet of the bed.

"That's what I heard."

"That idiot better not fucking die or I'll fucking ki–!" But he didn't manage to finish his sentence as he winced from the pain shooting through him.

"I-I'm sure Midoriya will be fine . . . but y-you need to calm down!" You placed your hand on his arm as you leaned closer to him, "You should be getting rest."

"I already fucking have, for two days!" He argued.

"It's not enough, you're still hurt!"

"You're the one who should be getting some fucking rest, idiot."

You blinked as a bead of sweat appeared on your cheek, "Huh..? What do yo–" You soon let out a yelp as Bakugou gripped your arm and pulled you down with and against him as he laid down. Your face started to warm at the closeness, "Katsuki, w-wha–"

"You've probably been here the whole fucking time."

"W-Well, yes . . ." You grasped his hand and encased it with both of yours—feeling the warmness that naturally radiated from them because of his quirk, "But I just wanted to be here when you . . . when you woke up. I-I was so worried about you." Your grip tightened on his hand.

Bakugou clicked his tongue, "Why do you always get so damn mushy?" He groaned though his hand squeezed yours back, signaling he acknowledged and appreciated your worry.

"Because I love you."

"Tch." His cheeks warmed at your words, "Just get some damn rest, idiot."

You hummed as you pondered his words before pressing a bit closer to him, "I am a bit tired." You admitted.

"That's what I fucking thought."

"Also . . ."

"What?" He raised a brow.

"Were you about to say if Midoriya died, you'd kill him?"


"Well . . . I don't think that'd work."

"Huh?" He blinked a few times
until he realized what you meant and narrowed his eyes at the ceiling before clicking his tongue, "Just shut up and go to fucking sleep."

You gave a small and weak smile even though he couldn't see it as you snuggled even closer to him while closing your eyes, "I'm glad you're okay . . ." You mumbled against him before sleep overtook you—the room becoming silent aside from the sound of your soft breathing.

Bakugou looked down at the top of your head, a frown gracing his features. He knew you had been fucking exhausted. But he only hoped you'd get some much-needed sleep before the class 1-A calvary—that was destined to soon come—popped up.

With that said, he was—as much as he hated to admit it—worried for Deku for the fact that the doctors were unsure he'd even wake up from the injuries he had sustained from the fight.

But for now, he'd stop worrying about the things he couldn't fully control and spend this temporarily quiet moment with you in his arms . . .
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