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Accidental Summon (Demon Bakugou Katsuki)

(A/N: Reposting this one-shot as well as rewritten. If you liked it, consider checking out my story Eclipse on my profile which is based on the original one-shot that was posted before if you hadn't already.)


The room was deathly silent besides the ticking of the clock on the wall.

Standing wide eyes and shaking in fear (not to the extent of what a normal person probably would though) while holding a bat you had snatched up on the way down the stairs upon hearing the noise that had brought you down in the first place—that of loud rattling and something having had fallen to the ground—you looked st the "creature" that stood before you.

You had a good idea of what was before you . . .

There was no denying it with the features that it possessed—a pair of sleek black horns and glowing red eyes with a ghastly smirk plastered on his face—that he was, in fact, a demon. However, even with that, the supposed "creature" could be considered roughly human with their general appearance of unruly ash blonde hair and their majority human build.

You also had a good idea as to why there was a supposed "demon" currently standing in front of you. Mainly for the fact one of your friends, Ashido Mina, had convinced you to partake in a "demon summoning ritual"—one that had all the elements you'd see on TV—a ritual that was supposed to be fake . . . one you swore to yourself up and down to be.

If it had not been for that fact, perhaps you’d be a bit more surprised by why there was a random "demon" currently in your home just staring at you as you did he.

However, it was still a hard pill to swallow considering you weren’t one to believe in silly things like demon summonings and such. Hence why you had done the summon in the first place—as a way to prove a point. You had intended to prove that this supposed "demon summon" was fake.

You hadn't planned on doing it in the first place. But the rest of the girls in your friend group were too scared to do it themselves and them all knowing you weren’t easily scared, urged you to do it and report back to them the next day—mainly Ashido begging and pleading for you to do it.

"So that's how you fucking treat someone who, mind you, got summoned due to your own shitty accord into your own damn home?” The mysterious demon male finally broke the silence, a frown gracing his features as his glowing crimson eyes practically pierced into your soul.

Swallowing, you took a few steps back and dropped the bat as you instantly realizing that it was probably useless against a creature such as himself and would most likely have better luck running away if anything.

"Who . . . who are you..? What . . . are you..?” Even though you had a good idea of what he was, you still wanted it to fall from his own mouth—or at least get a bit of closure from the guess you had even though it was undoubtedly right.

His smirk returned as he stepped forward—you taking one back—the moonlight from your window exposing his form even more than it was before,

"Bakugou Katsuki, and don’t forget it." The now Bakugou simply stated, "As for what I am . . .” He paused for a moment, his eyes appearing to glint, "I'm sure you already have a vague idea . . . you don't look that stupid. So why don't you take a damn guess?”

Furrowing your brows, you were unsure if to take what he had said before the question as a compliment or be slightly offended by it. Though pushing the thoughts aside, you decided not to dwell on it as it was the least of your worries with what was in front of you at the moment.

"A . . . demon.” The words were barely audible though you were sure he had heard them given the widening of the smirk he had.

"Bingo." The smirk soon changed into a scowl though, "But I’m only here because your dumbass summoned me, so what the hell do you want, girl? I can give you practically any fucking thing you want."

You blinked at him a few times, letting the question sink in—not fully grasping it until re-realizing he was a demon after all.

Usually, people who summon such creatures do so to strike a deal . . . to strike a deal with the devil himself; however, that had far been your intention in all this. Plus, you knew all too well that it'd most likely cost you your soul in the end, and you weren’t willing to do such a thing.

In fact, you refused to.

There was also no way you were giving up your soul to a demon that you didn't even know for more than maybe five minutes. It'd probably be a different story if this had been the intent of the whole summoning but it wasn't so, therefore, you wouldn't be risking your soul.

"I don't want anything."

The statement seemed to knock Bakugou off guard as he furrowed his brows in confusion though he soon composed himself as he realized that this whole summoning most likely had been unthought of on your part considering how you had acted when you saw him.

"Now I'd appreciate it if you’d leave . . . I'd rather not have a demon in my house . . ." You made your way to the front door, opening it, and ushering out with a simple hand gesture while patiently waiting for him to hoping that he'd comply.

However, Bakugou just stood there with furrowed brows with no attempt to listen to a mere human such as yourself. On another note, it appeared you didn't fully seem to grasp the entirety of the situation and lacked knowledge of how these summonings actually worked. It seemed he'd have to waste his precious time in explaining everything to you, something he despised, and give you a grasp of the situation you had put yourself into.

With the knowledge he'd give you, you'd soon realize that getting rid of a demon wasn't going to be as easy as it seemed and would be more than simply opening the door and asking one to leave.

However, if you did want to be fully free of his presence and you his, you’d have to do something you much rather not do unless you wanted to live a life bound with a demon always by your side for the rest of your day⁠s on Earth.

This was something Bakugou rather not have to suffer with and was sure you wouldn't considering the attitude you had displayed up to this point. But he wasn't the one to decide which option you'd choose once everything was said and done.

Your fate, and even his, relied on the choice you'd make in the end. Though if it'd be the right one . . . that would be unknown until the very end . . .

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