Boku no Hero Academia Oneshots and Imagines

Time (Midoriya Izuku)

(A/N: rewritten one-shot.)


(Third person)

Blood pooled all on the ground underneath the girl whose body was battered with multiple cuts and bruises in different shapes and sizes. She was a pitful sight to look at, to say the least.

Her body, (hair color) locks, and clothes were practically caked in the crimson liquid as Midoriya just stared down at her in mild confusion while not having any recollection of what had happened prior to having caused her to look like this.

With that said, he was beyond puzzled and shocked at the sight . . .

"Please..." The girl finally called out with great strain while looking up at the male kneeling beside her with her dull and lifeless (eye color), no doubt from exhaustion and loss of blood, "Please . . . save me, M-Midoriya."

"I-I–" But Midoriya stopped once the girl began to try and sit up to the best of her abilities before roughly grabbing hold of the male's shoulders, tears appeared to start threatening to spill from her eyes at any given moment as her lips quivered.

Midoriya knitted his brows but made no attempt to knock the girl off of him as a multitude of questions began to flood his mind . . .

How did this girl know his name?

Who even was she?

It wasn't like he knew the girl at all, he had never seen her before . . .

Wait, no, that was a lie.

He had seen her before.

So many times before . . .

Yes, that was right.

It was all beginning to come back to him as he continued to examine the poor girl gripping his shirt tightly.

He had seen this same situation so many times but just in different scenarios, but all even more gruesome than the last . . .

Thoughts began to race in his mind as he contemplated on what to say to the expecting girl. But he already knew what he wanted to say. After all, he seemed to never have full control over the words that would always slip from his mouth over and over again every time he'd lay eyes on the girl below him as they'd always have this same conversation again and again . . .

It was like a broken record.

"I-I'll save you! I p-promise!"

This caused the girl's eyes to widen but they soon reverted back to normal as she soon began to weakly smile, "Thank you . . ." She gently touched the boy's cheek.

Midoriya just sat there frozen as his eyes began to tremor while he just stared down at the girl beneath him who had since removed her hands from him. After a few seconds of doing this, a blackness began to slowly take over the whole area a bit of ways from the two—starting with behind him.

It began to slowly swallow up everything, an all too familiar nouse began to sound—it sounded like the ticking of a clock . . .







Before Midoriya knee it, he was also starting to become sucked into the little dark void. Startled, he looked behind him, being greeted with the dark hole of sort before quickly looking back at you as you were becoming farther and farther from him.

"W-What . . . wait..!" He called out as he began to slowly get sucked into the dark shadow-like substance, "W-What's your n-name?!"

He watched as the girl gave him a confused look as if the question he asked was odd but a strained smile quickly returned to her face as she also started to disappear amongst the blackness that was beginning to overcome his vision.

"I'm–" Though all sound besides the ticking left and he could only see the moving of her lips as she told him but for some reason, he couldn't decipher it at all . . .

"What d-did you s–"

And just like that, the darkness soon overtook him—the sound of the ticking continuing in the background . . .

Midoriya instantly snapped his eyes open as he jolted up⁠—sweat rolled down his entire body⁠—his breathing heavy. He looked down at his right hand, lifting it up with wide tremoring eyes though soon closing them as he then ran his other hand through green locks.

He had been having that same dream, with different instances and scenarios for a while now, but he just couldn't understand them at all. But four things he did know for certain . . .

One: was that it was always the same girl.

Two: he never got her name.

Three: was she always asked the same thing of him, and lastly . . .

Four: he never did save her in the end . . .

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