Boku no Hero Academia Oneshots and Imagines

Bite (Vampire Todoroki Shouto)

(A/N: rewritten one-shot.)


His shaky breath fanned over your neck lightly while one of his hands had a tight grip on your waist and he was leaning in a bit in a hesitant manner. Your back was pressed up against the wall and your face turned to the side to give the male better access to your neck—it flushed from the closeness of him even though you should have been used to this by now.

After all, this wasn't the first time something like this had happened or that you both had occupied this position . . .

However, no matter how many times you both (he) had done this, he was always so hesitant to continue on with what must be done in order for him to survive.

Mostly for the fact he had a fear he wouldn't be able to stop . . . to stop from sucking every last drop of blood from your body.

However, you weren’t too worried about that outcome because you knew he'd stop. But if it had been the beginning of your guys’ meeting, that'd have been a different story though that wasn't the case in this situation . . .

Turning your eyes while keeping your face to the side so when he was ready he could do it, you glanced at the top of the dual haired male's head—knowing he’d need a little bit of encouragement to continue, "Shouto . . ."

Hearing his name, Todoroki looked up from the crook of your neck before rising up to his original height causing you to officially turn your head back to look up at him. He looked directly into your (eye color) eyes with his own sad and worried mismatched ones before turning his head to the side from not wanting to look you into the eye for too long; however, you instantly place your hands on both sides forcing him to look back at you.

He swallowed before quickly glancing to the side but made no attempt to pull away or turn his face again. His cheeks appeared to flush slightly from the contact though it was hard to tell given the lighting in the room was very dim.

"Look at me."

In reluctance, he slowly complied. Once he did, you gave him a soft smile before slowly lowering your hands down to his shirt, gripping it tightly before roughly tugging him towards you⁠—you having had turned your head back to the side⁠—so he'd be back in his original position with his face back near your neck, earning a slight gasp from him.

Todoroki swallowed as your scent, once again, captivated and lured him . . . tempted him to take a bite from your neck. The scent practically taking over his mind, almost enough to send him over the edge. However, he'd never allow himself to do such, especially not to you.

He hated being this way, someone who required human blood to survive. If it weren’t for that fact, his life would be much easier—this relationship with you much easier . . . he wouldn't be so tempted by the scent of your blood with the constant urge to pounce you at any given moment he was near you.

"Go on . . . you need it." You mumbled, breaking the silence that had taken over for a few minutes while wrapping your arms around his neck and bringing him even closer to you.

Todoroki's fangs had, since then, began to obtrude out of his mouth. He knew you were right . . . his hunger was almost becoming unbearable. After all, he always waited to the very last minute where it was almost to the point he'd go into a state of bloodlust though always made sure to "feed" just days before so that wouldn't happen.

With great reluctance on his part, he finally leaned in even closer to your neck while opening his mouth slightly before biting down causing you to wince in pain for a moment at the two little prick feelings that surged through the side of your neck.

No matter how many times this had been done, it always was a bit painful at the start, but it always went into an almost nice and pleasurable feeling the longer he'd continue "feeding."

Your arms soon fell a bit as you began clenching the fabric of the back of his back while letting out small moans as the pain began to slowly vanish—your face warming even more—while his own hands squeezed your sides as he continued taking your blood.

It almost felt like an hour when it had only been a few minutes before he finally pulled away from your neck with you instantly turning your head back to fully face him—taking notice of a trickle of blood beginning to run down the side of his mouth while he looked down at you hazily, his fangs soon retracting back into their respective place.

A soft smile returned to your lips before you reached up and wiped the blood away. He seemed a bit shocked by your action as his eyes had widened a bit though it quickly was replaced by his more emotionless face but with his mouth slightly agape as he gripped your wrist with an almost sad yet loving expression—your smile never leaving your face as you continued to stare deep into his eyes silently . . .

Most would think a human and vampire relationship would never work out, even thinking of them as disgusting and vile creatures who had no right to love or be loved; however, you thought completely different.

They all, for the most part, deserved to love and be loved. Even if Todoroki thought otherwise because of his upbringing.

Vampire or not . . .

You loved Todoroki and that would never change as long as your liver, however long that would be . . .

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