Boku no Hero Academia Oneshots and Imagines

Cuts (Toga Himiko)

(A/N: Rewritten one-shot.)


(Gender Neutral)

Back arched, you hissed as the female sitting on top of you ran the knife down your stomach once again causing a little bit of blood to slowly prickle up from the superficial cut.

"I like when you make that face (Nickname)-(chan/kun). It looks so cute on you!~." Toga Himiko said with a sadistic look while you just glared at her shakily before squeezing them closed once again as she placed the knife to the side of your face though she didn’t cut you nor move it away.

Slowly, you opened them back up to resume glaring up at her. You couldn’t believe you had been so stupid . . . so stupid to have gotten caught by her. You knew something had been up when "Uraraka" had asked you to go somewhere with her that seemed a bit shady as well as using a phone that wasn't even hers to communicate with you—an unknown number you had decided to answer for some reason or another.

Though truly believing that it had been the brunette as well as it not having been too late into the day to go out, you had gone along with it and went to the agreed-upon meeting place—even if it were a bit odd.

After having had made your way to the designated place, you were greeted by a person who most definitely had not been Uraraka. Instead, you had been greeted by the mid-shift ash blonde blood-obsessed League of Villians girl, who you knew as Toga Himiko, while she changed back to her true form upon having had spotted you entering the premises.

Not being equipped for battle nor being able to fight well on your own because of the nature of your quirk, you had opted to try and flee from her since it was obvious this could end up in a battle of you versus her—even as embarrassing as that was to do so.

But you knew your limits.

Plus, she was way more skilled than you in the arts of combat.

Having had sped off, you had heard her giggle a bit before coming straight after you while yelling little things so as "I'll catch you eventually" and "nobody will come and help you" while using the nickname she had since dubbed you upon meeting you during the training camp that one time which, in turn, had seemed to create a small obsession towards you inside the female for a reason you didn't know "why" to.

Though as one could see, you had gotten caught from having had unluckily tripped over something⁠. With that little slip-up—literally—she had managed to catch up and capture you, soon taking you to some abandoned building in which you were currently at now . . .

Toga looked out the window of the abandoned place after having paused while the knife laid on your cheek, taking notice to the darkening sky, "It seems to be getting late (Nickname)-(chan/kun) I wonder how much longer it'll be until your friends notice you're missing and alert the teachers?~"

"And if they already have, I wonder how long it'll take them to find you . . ." Her tone seemed to darken a bit but it quickly went back to the cheerfulness it usually possessed, "Well, no matter. We still have maybe a few days to ourselves either way. But it'd be a bit longer if it takes them more time to figure you're gone!~"

She giggled before finally slicing your cheek causing yet another hiss to escape from you before you glared at her again though didn’t bother to say a word to her. Unlike you, she appeared to be having the time of her life with your current predicament.

With that, you could only hope your friends and your homeroom teacher, Aizawa, had already figured out you had gone missing and were already trying to find you⁠—if they could anyway⁠—but until then . . . you'd have to succumb at the hands of Toga as she'd continuously batter your body with cuts.

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