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Number Neighbor (Kaminari Denki)

(A/N: rewritten one-shot also sorry for the crappy format since this doesn’t let you shift paragraphs.)


Hearing your phone vibrate on your desk, you checked to make sure the teacher wasn’t looking before looking down at the lock screen and raising a brow at an unknown yet also very familiar⁠-looking number⁠⁠—if it weren’t for it being one digit off anyway⁠—that was plastered on the screen.


Whaddup, number neighbor?

Furrowing your brows, you unlocked your phone and opened the messaging app before clicking the new message, just staring at it for a few moments while being unsure if you should ignore it and just delete it to never be bothered with it again or reply. Seeing no harm in humoring the random person as well as a bit bored in your English class, you decided to reply . . .


Number neighbor..?

Right as you sent that, it didn’t take long for you to receive another message—maybe around thirty seconds. It seemed the stranger on the other end would be an extremely fast replier and texter . . . though so were you, so you couldn’t really talk on the matter.


When you text someone that’s a number above or below your own, it’s considered a number neighbor!


Is that so..?
Well... I guess it’s a pleasure to meet you... number neighbor.


The pleasure is all mine!
I’m Kaminari Denki, by the way.

Eyes widening at the name—you knew exactly who that was.

He was in the renowned Class 1-A after all. Being in Class 1-C—having a quirk that wasn’t combat suited—you had heard a lot about them. And from witnessing them on the news and being in the U.A. Sports Festival while being able to see them in action yourself, it was hard not to recognize them—or him for that matter.

Seeing no harm in giving some information on yourself since it was obvious he probably wouldn’t know who you were, you typed away though did your best to be as vague as possible . . .

Who’d have thought that your number neighbor would be the one and only Kaminari!?


I’m (Last Name) (First Name).

You saw no harm in giving your name as you were practically a nobody in the school. There was no way he’d know who you were. Plus, you had heard how he wasn’t the brightest on some things, so you were sure he wouldn’t connect the dots any time soon.

After seeing the text that popped up on his screen, Kaminari’s eyes widened at the name—knowing it to be mainly used for females.

On cue, his mind began to subconsciously concoct an image of his number neighbor while changing your contact name to “Number Neighbor” while you changed his to his name with a basic emoji that described his quirk on his end.

Obviously, it was the wrong image that he had in his head of you, but that didn’t stop him from having the imagined image burn into his mind to forever keep as he messaged you—his eyes practically lighting up from the girl figure that curre tlt plagued his mind.

Oh, what the luck!

And, oh, how Mineta would be jealous right now, too! Since his number neighbor had been a guy it seemed in one of Class 2-C’s classes.

In fact, Mineta was the one who had had the “number neighbor” idea. His way of being more perverse in hopes some random girl would be his and send him a photo or two. Of course, that hadn’t been the case.

However, Kaminari was a bit interest—not for the possible photo aspect of it. Instead, he saw this as an opportunity to meet someone new and become friends, that is if the other person wanted to of course.

But it being a girl was just an added bonus!

Kaminari D.⚡

Female, I take it..?


Male, I take it?

Not that you didn’t know that.

Kaminari D.⚡

So, what’re you doin’?


Sitting in class, you..?

Kaminari D.⚡

Who’d’ve guessed, me, too!

You cringed a bit at the first word but a smile played at your lips as you contemplated what to type back—first making sure the teacher was still not looking in your direction though you were sure you didn’t have much to worry about since he was pretty chill and was too busy teaching away as you sat in the very back.


Oh, yeah?
What class are you in now?

Kaminari D.⚡

Modern Hero Art with Midnight...

But Kaminari frowned at the text he sent since he was unsure if you even knew who Midnight was. After all, aside from being the R-Rated hero, she wasn’t as heavily in the spotlight unless you went to U.A. High School.


Yikes. I don’t think you should be on your phone during that class then, considering how she can be...
And... I’m in English currently.

Kaminari D.⚡

I’ll be careful...
How do you know what she’s like?
Are you in U.A., too?!

Eyes widening, you mentally cursed yourself for practically giving yourself away⁠⁠—having not wanted to spill that you were from U.A. as well⁠ figuring it’d be for the best that he didn’t know⁠—quickly typing up an excuse as to how you’d know such a thing and making sure it was believable.


No... Just from seeing her on t.v. with the Sports Festival, lol...

Just how she seemed and from what I’ve heard about her...

Oh . . . that was right.

Kaminari had forgotten Midnight was the game head of the U.A. Sport’s Festival. So it was highly likely you did know her after that . . .

Kaminari D.⚡

Ah... makes sense, I guess...
Let’s get to know each other by asking one another questions!



Kaminari D.⚡

I’ll start off...
Favorite color?


(Favorite color)
Favorite pass time?

And with that, the both of you had begun to ask questions to each other and answer them after he had started it all off, you making sure to keep any relation to U.A. out of all your replies. But thankfully, most of what he had asked had little to no ties to U.A.

However, he had asked where you had gone to school, but you had given him a random school that was a decent bit of ways away from U.A.—at least for now . . .

After a few more questions between the both of you, he had then went into detail about some “crazy” events⁠⁠—ones you had already known about though pretended not to⁠—that had happened to him and his classmates thus far from attending U.A. High School.

However, it was interesting to hear his side of things and the exaggerated touch he seemed to put on each one.

Kaminari D.⚡

Hero training is starting, so gotta go.


Oh, alright. I’ll let you go then.
Good luck out there.

Kaminari D.⚡

Hopefully, we’ll get to chat some more!
I enjoyed talking to you, aha...
If only you were a bit closer.
It’d be cool to hang out with you... one day.

Seeing the last message caused your eyes to widen for a split second though you quickly composed yourself and shook your head as a small smile made way to your lips.


Yeah, it would.
Maybe one day. ♥

As you put your phone in your pocket after the message had been sent, you began to pack up your own things as you got ready to leave for the day.

Once Kamianri had gotten the message, a smile also graced his features as a small blush made way to his cheeks. He hoped he’d get to meet you one day when you both got closer . . .

However, little did Kaminari know that you both were closer than what he thought with the knowledge he had gained from you—some that had been false—and hanging out wouldn’t be as hard as it seemed.

But for now, he was fine with the current arrangements.

With that said . . . perhaps you’d tell him where you actually resided. Though for now, you’d just keep it at texting distances and remain as “number neighbors” for the time being . . .

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