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Bad Pick-Up Lines (Kaminari Denki)

(A/N: rewritten one-shot.)


"Yo, (Last Name)–! Are you French? Because Eiffel for you.~"

Rolling your eyes and shaking your head lightly, you continued walking down the hall beside Kaminari who was using the cheesiest of pick-up lines on you the entire time. Choosing not to say anything, you basically ignored the male as you made way to your next class—but that was practically impossible given you were mildly interested in what he had to spew at you today.

This had become a common occurrence as of late. Ever since he had bumped into you in the hall about three weeks ago, he had been trying to garner your attention by whatever means he could⁠—⁠such as little gesture, purposely bumping into you again to have an excuse to communicate with you, et cetera—but the pick-up lines had just started about a few days ago on the three-week mark.

He had also surprisingly found out your name through asking multiple people⁠ about it until he had finally struck gold with a student in your class who had then also come to "warn" you about how a certain blonde haired male with a black lightning bolt in his hair seemed to want to get to know you more and had his eye on you.

They continued to tell you that you should be upfront with him if you didn't want to be continually pestered and to end it then and there; however, you actually wouldn't mind getting to know Kaminari as you had a little bit of a crush on him albeit small since you had only had the pleasure of knowing him through glances here and there.

But it was still there.

The idea of the one and only Kaminari Denki trying to get to know you didn't seem like a bad idea. But you had soon come to the realization he wasn't really trying to communicate to you normally . . . or what the majority of the world would refer to as "normal" anyway.

Instead, he would just use all the cheesiest greetings anyone could come up with.

It was cute at first⁠.

That was until it became apparent he just didn't really know how to truly "pick-up" a girl having probably no doubt Googled all the lines he has been doing—a simple Google search had told you that after you had decided to see if they had been gathered off the Internet.

But it still was cute either way, if you were truly being honest with yourself . . .

"No? Uh..." He stopped in the middle of the hall after you had ignored another one of his little lines, trying to come up with another one in hopes you'd acknowledge it before running in front of you so you'd stop as well, "Uh . . . are you a cat? Because I feline a connection with you! Yeah? Yeah?" He looked at you expectantly.

However, you just gave a small shake of your head before continuing past him while he just stood there watching your form become smaller and smaller until you had soon disappeared around the corner though a small smile—unbeknownst to him—was present on your lips at his attempts at trying to talk to you while failing to realize that if he'd just act normal, talk to you normal, he'd be able to get much farther with you unlike with all of the cheesy lines he'd continue to throw your way . . .

Kaminari just slumped in defeat, but he instantly straightened himself up as a fire burned in his eyes while he looked in the direction you had disappeared from.

He wasn't going to give up that easily . . .


Boredly tapping your pen against the book that you had to go through for a certain class, you silently read it but failing to notice a certain blonde haired male making his way silently towards the table you occupied in the library of the school the next day.

"What a coincidence!" An all too familiar voice soon sounded causing you to look up from your book and stop tapping with the pen as you raised a brow.

"Hmm?" You had a feeling he only knew you gone here in the mornings before school from having studied you intently for the past three weeks, taking in all you did so he could always "coincidentally" be in the same area—not that you minded.

But you just hoped he wasn't about to bombard you with badly searched up pick-up lines today and would instead communicate normally with you which seemed rather unlikely and only wishful thinking on your end.

"So the library, huh?"

Well, this sounded almost normal . . .

Perhaps Kaminari had caught on to the little signs of you just wanting a regular conversation..?

Placing your chin on the palm of your hand, you nodded silently to the question a small smile gracing your features as you awaited for him to speak.

"Well . . ." He began to dig inside his pocket for something causing you to tilt your head before pulling out what appeared to be a library card that he had no doubt gotten when he was probably in kindergarten or something, " . . . It's a good thing I have my library card on me, because I'm totally checking you out."

Or . . . maybe not.

Sighing while shaking your head with the smile still present, you silently got up from your chair and gathered your things before exiting the library—leaving Kaminari there to watch as you left the library without another word in his direction.

"So that didn't work . . . guess I'll have to think of a better one . . ." Kaminari placed his hand on his chin going deep in thought.

Walking down the hall, you were making your way out of the school since the day had finally been finished.

With that said, you were surprised you hadn't seen Kaminari for the rest of the day. Usually, he'd be bombarding you with multiple cheesy attempts to get to you; however, today had been . . .

Well . . .

Pretty much silent.

It'd be a lie if you said you were not a bit disappointed. You may have wanted him to communicate with you normally, but that didn't mean you wanted him to completely stop saying a single word to you. Perhaps you should have been a bit more upfront about your own wants . . .

Though it seemed the silence wasn't going to last much longer as you heard your name being called. Turning around, you instantly came face-to-face with the one who had been flooding your thoughts. A pang of relief shot through your entire being as you watched as Kaminari was running up to you.

It didn't take long for him to make it in front of you. Once he had, he bent down a bit and placed his hands on his knees to catch his breath before straightening himself up with a big grin plastered on his face.

"Thought you had left already, glad I caught ya before you did!"

You shook your head, "No . . . I'm still here though I was just leaving."

Seemingly ignoring what you had said, Kaminari cleared his throat. You raised a brow though you had a good idea what he was probably about to do before he looked directly in your eyes.

"Is it hot in here, or is it just you?" He wiggled his brows for effect as you just blinked, seeing this he waved his hands in front of his face, "No, no, no. Wait." He pondered for a moment, "Did it hurt? When you fell from heaven? Huuuuh, huuuuh..?" He looked seeing as you just continued to blink at him, "No..? Well . . . a-are you a parking ticket? Because you got fine written all over you . . ."

Not getting any of the reactions he had been wanting, Kaminari continued using multiple pick-up lines—them all cheesier than the last—while you just continued to stare and blink at him with a strained smile plastered on your face with a bead of sweat on your cheek as you just listened to the horrible lines that shot through his lips.

"I must be in a museum because you're truly a work of ar–"

"Kaminari-kun . . ." You interrupted him finally—a bit tired of the horrible lines being thrown in your direction—which caused him to open his eyes as he had had them closed, your smile even more strained than when he had started this whole thing.

Seemingly catching your drift, surprisingly, and began to rub the back of his neck awkwardly as he laughed nervously, "I'm ruining any chances I've had to get to know you, aren't I?"

"I . . . wouldn't say that . . ." You looked to the side awkwardly, "Though you aren't going anywhere either, I'll admit . . ." Looking back, you gave him a small real smile, "You're trying a bit too hard."

He blinked, "Huh?"

"All you had to do was talk to me regularly. No need to be so . . . so Extra." You elaborated.

Kaminari's eyes widened, "You're telling me I didn't have to go all out?! All this could have been solved with me simply going up to you and starting a regular conversation or just asking you out?!"

"Exactly." You nodded, "Though maybe I should have been a bit more forward about that and told you straight up myself. It'd had saved a lot of time I think."

"No . . . It's my fault." He sighed, but soon looked to the side with an almost dejected look on his face, "I'm guessing it's too late to–"

"Saturday, six o'clock sharp at the movie theater downtown. I've been wanting to see (Movie Title) for a bit now . . ." Your cheeks warmed lightly and you looked down and squeezed your books to your chest, "T-That is . . . if you want to."

He snapped his head back to look at you with wide eyes, "I'd . . . I want to! S-Sounds good to me!"

This caused you to look at him with slightly wide eyes before you soon began smiling softly and tilted your head to the side, "It's settled then." But you looked down at your watch, "Though I have to go and get home now." You looked back at him, "It was nice finally talking to you Kaminari-kun. See you around."

His eyes widened as he snapped away from the little temporary daze he had been in from your words, "Y-Yeah, bye, (Last Name)!"

You gave a small wave at the boy before turning around and heading out of the school to go home, your cheeks warm and already ready for tomorrow to arrive.

Kaminari watched until you disappeared out of the school, leaving him in the hallway all alone.

He couldn't believe it.

He actually landed a date with you!

A light blush spread across his cheeks as a big grin made way to his face. He couldn't wait to tell his friends! However, something instantly dawned on him . . .

He was broke.

Ah, shit!

This new realization caused him to slump his shoulders. He didn't want you paying for it or any of it at all for that matter since he wanted to make a good first date impression. But he soon composed himself. He'd deal with that when the time came—maybe he could borrow some money from Kirishima or Ashido.

But right now, Kaminari would just bask in the ecstasy in knowing he had finally—after three weeks to be exact—landed a date with the girl that had caught his eye.
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