Souvenirs; Draco Malfoy


Souvenirs: French for memories Memories that's all they ever were. At least that's what he told her. He healed her, befriended her, maybe even loved her. A forbidden love that never got to happen, he'd never let it happen. 5 years after the war. Draco was finally forgiven, mostly at least. Maybe he could go back to her? No, he couldn't... She was dead.

Romance / Drama
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Hello fellow readers! This is my first ever fanfic, specifically a Draco fanfic. I have one other story on my page, go check that out. This can also be found on my Wattpad under the same username.

I'm really excited for this story, I don't get a lot of recognition, so please share this. I hope you enjoy.

This story won't be based on the books. I haven't gotten around to finish them yet. This story takes place 5 years after the war. Everything that you saw in the movies, happened, but there was a little love story that never came to light. I might twist the story around to fit with mine.

There may be smut. Who knows? Hehe.

I don't know everything about the wizarding world, so bare with me.

I also want to mention that none of these characters died:

-Fred Weasely

-Nymphadora Tonks

-Remus Lupin

your welcome ;)

Don't forget to vote and let me know what you think in the comments.

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