Marichat: Fight or Flight


Marinette Dupain-Chang falls in love with Chat Noir after a heartbreak about Adrian Agreste. Having one of the worst villains out for her head, Marinette does everything she can to keep Paris-and her identity- safe

Romance / Adventure
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Chapter 1: 3rd POV

Time&Date: December 1, 8:55 am

Marinette woke to the sound of her alarm on her phone. “Ugh!” She turned off her alarm and got out of bed.

“Good morning, Marinette!” Tikki said.

“Good morning, Tikki. What time is it?” She looked at her phone and realized she overslept. “Oh no! I’m so gonna be late! AGAIN!!”

She jumped off her bed and scrambled to get ready. After grabbing her bag and Tikki flying into it, she ran out of her room, heading to school.

Adrien had just walked into the school when he saw Chloe looking a little nervous.

Curious, he walked up to her.

“Hey Chloe, are you alright? You seem nervous.”

“Yea it’s just- well the thing is- uh,” she started to fidget.

“Hey what’s wrong?” Adrien put a hand on her shoulder and smiled at her. She looked up at him and smiled softly.

“It’s just that, you have all your friends and I feel kinda alone. Sure I have Sabrina but I feel like she’s only friends with me because I practically make her. I just want to be friends with people who like me for me.”

Adrien was surprised. He hasn’t seen her so worried about having real friends since they were little. He gave her a small smile and gave her a hug. She froze for a moment before hugging her back.

“How about I take you to the park with me and my friends. Maybe if you be nice to them and show them you really want to make friends then they’ll give you a chance.”

She nodded. “OK, but can you tell them that I am trying to be their friend because you know they won’t believe me.” Adrien nodded.

Right as they got to class the bell rang. “OK everyone,” Mrs. Bustier said after quieting everyone down, “let’s get started.” Just then, Marinette ran in. “Ah, Marinette! Finally decided to show up I see.”

All she did was walk to her table and sit next to Alya, her best friend except for Adrien and Nino, Alya’a boyfriend.

Marinette wasn’t in her normal mood. She was kind of negative all day. She didn’t give anyone an attitude or be mean but she wasn’t smiling or as cheerful as normal. No one was sure what was wrong but after denying it Alya that morning, no one asked again. If she doesn’t tell Alya what’s wrong she won’t tell anyone. Not even Adrian.

The entire day those three, plus Chloe, paid no attention to what anyone said. They were all in their own little world. In English, Adrien slipped his three close friends a note saying to meet him in the park after school. After they read it, they put the notes away and continued ignoring what the teacher was saying.

After three more hours of school, everyone made their way to the park. Adrien told Nino that he would meet up with them in a bit and Nino asked where he was going.

“Uh, I have to go, uh, get someone. I wasn’t able to send her a note and all 5 of us need to talk about something important.”

“OK dude. See you there.” Nino waved and walked away.

Adrien walked up to Chloe who was putting get books into her locker. “Hey, Chloe. You ready to go?”

“It’s no use, you know they all hate me for how I treated them over the years. It’s hopeless.”

“No, it’s not. I’m gonna help you become friends with Marinette, Alya, and Nino. All you have to do is come with me to the park and let me talk to them. I can convince them to give you one more chance.”

She smiled and gave Adrien a hug. “Thank you!”

After letting go, they both headed to the park together.

Marinette and Alya got to the park 5 minutes before they saw Nino entering the park.

“Hello, ladies. Adrien not here yet?” Nino asked as Alya walked up to him and they hugged.

“He’s not with you?” Marinette asked.

“Nope. He said he had to go get someone to bring here.”

After talking for another 5 minutes, Adrien and Chloe arrived. Marinette was chuckling at a joke Nino said when she saw them walking up towards them. Part of her was so nervous about Adrien being here and her heart skipping many beats while the other half was annoyed with the fact that brought Chloe to the park. To hang out. With them.

“Hey, guys. I brought someone to hang out with us.” Adrien said, giving Chloe a small shove towards his friends.

They could tell that she was upset about something but they thought it had something to do with her hair or her “daddy”.

“Hi, guys.” She spoke nervously, unsure on how to go on with this conversation.

“What are you doing here Chloe? Here to brag about your rich daddy or how you think you and Adrien make the ‘cutest couple ever!’?” Alya frowned while cruising her arms.

“Not exactly.” She sighed softly before she continued. “I’m here to apologize for everything I’ve ever said, did, or bragged about to you about. I’ve had some time to think and, well, I realized that was a real jerk to everyone and practically forced Sabrina’s friendship all these years and other than her, I have no friends because of how I’ve been treating everyone.” She felt herself tearing up a little but she tried to hide it. She knew if they saw they would assume she’s faking it, since she would fake cry to get what she wants from people. “I want a chance to start over with everyone, starting with you four.”

Maybe she’s seriously trying to be nice for once. Marinette thought to herself. She looked to Nino and Alya, who were just as confused and conflicted as she was.

Alya nudged her head to the side, signaling for Mari to come to talk privately with them.

“Be right back,” Mari said as they walked away.

When they were out of earsight, they began speaking. “What do you guys think?”

“Honestly?” Alya spoke. “I feel like she’s lying. Like always.”

“I think so too. I mean,” Nino shrugged, “how many times does she try to get Adrian to help her with stuff like this?”

“To many to count.” Mari admited. She looked over at Chloe and Adrian, seeing them talk. The expressions on her face made Mari think she was actually wanting to change this time.

She sighed a little and looked over at Alya and Nino. After a long, long, discussion on it they should trust her, they finally decided to give her a chance.

They walked back over and explained some rules to her.

“First rule, You only get one chance. You can’t be mean, cause problems like your normally do, or tell “daddy” to make stuff happen for you, like getting someone fired for not giving you the last pair of shoes or something.” Marinette spoke

Chloe nodded, really listening this time.

“Second, is that you can’t always expect to get what you want. Sure it’s nice and all, but when it comes to the real world you have to realistic that you can’t always get what you want without working for it.” Alya spoke with her hands on her hips.

“But what if my parents offer me stuff?” Chloe said, a little whine in her voice.

“Then that’s fine but asking for it all the time isn’t.” Adrian jumped in. “It’s like my father, he always gave me what I wanted as well. But I never wanted all of it if I didn’t have anyone to share it with.” He spoke. “I hated always being in my room with no one to hang out with. After meeting everyone, I realized I wasnt alone anyone.”

They all smiled. They were happy they could be there for him.

Chloe sighed softly and nodded. “Alright, I understand.”

“There’s just one more rule.”

“Ugh seriously?!” Chloe whined. “What now?”

“No more throwing yourself at me.” Adrian smirked before everyone laughed.

“No promises.” She crossed her arms while everyone laughed again. She then peeked at them with a small smile.

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