Blessed (Part 2 Secret Relationship Series)


This is part two of the Secret Relationship Series! It's been a year since you and Trey separated. One encounter between you two and things turn around for better and worse. How will the second time around be? Will he forever commit to you, or will this relationship end again because of his known infidelity? Part One of the Secret Relationship Series is out now! Check out how this romance started!

Romance / Drama
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One Year Later


So, it's been a year since me and Trey seen each other. Since then, I been moving on with my life. Don't get me wrong, I still listen to his music but I don't talk to him anymore. I now work at Victoria Secret as a model and I love it. I get paid well, I look sexy, and I get to meet some cool people. Speaking of that, I got to get ready.


You get ready for work when you get a text from Ty.

Ty: Hey, did you hear?

Yu: Hear what?

Ty: Someone is coming to town.

Yu: Can you give me the name of that "someone?"

Ty: You will find out later. Just go to work.

Yu: Ok, bye Ty.

Something is going on that involves Ty. What the hell is she plotting?

You shrug it off and continue getting dressed. You wear your black tube top with dark blue skinny jeans. You put your hair in a messy bun and put on your black heels. You leave the house and go to the mall towards VS. You go to the back where the photographer stands to greet you.

P: Good morning sweetie.

Yu: Hey London.

L: You know where your things are, just be back in ten minutes. Jessica and Yasmin are there to get you ready.

Yu: Gotcha.

You leave and go where you change into your costume.

An Hour Later

You get to take a break, so you go to the food court. You go towards Panda Express and get your money ready. You order your food and find a place to sit to eat your orange chicken and lo mein. You look up and see Yasmin walking towards you.

Y: Can I sit here?

Yu: Sure, why not?

You pat the seat next to you as she sit down with her food.

Y: You looked really good today.

Yu: Thanks. I wouldn't be without you and Jessica.

Y: Thanks. Have you always wanted to be a model?

Yu: Kinda; before I wanted to be a dancer, but I chose to model because it's fun.

Y: Do you still dance?

Yu: No; I stopped dancing because I didn't want to remember the past I had.

Y: Oh I understand honey.

You giggle at her comment.

Y: It's about that time to get back to work.

Yu: You right. Let's go.

You both take your food and head back to the back of the store.

Later That Afternoon


Finally I'm done for the day. I lay on my bed and just let myself relax. I then hear my phone ringing.

Me: What the hell?

I decline it and laid back down, trying not to sleep. I then fall asleep until I hear the doorbell ring. I wake up and look at the time.


I get off the bed and put on my shorts and t-shirt as I walk to the door.

Me: I'm coming!

I open the door and I blink, surprised.

Me: Trey?
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