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Whisper sweet lies (saiouma)


Kaede is killed as the result of her execution, Shuichi in a deep depression finds himself confiding in Kaito for support but one day after their training Shuichi decides not to go back to his dorm, and on his little night walk he finds kokichi out behind the school boredly picking at the grass.

Romance / Other
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Title: A/N

Hello, Hello :) I suppose this is my sort of debut book, the introduction of sorts since it’s quite frankly one of the first books that come up when you go on my profile, lol

Anyways This is a Shuichi x Kokichi book (obviously no shit), I’m not planning on focusing on too many other ships throughout the rest of this story. I haven’t written any Danganronpa stuff before so I apologize if its weirdly written, due to my lack of experience not to mention I haven’t personally played the games so I’m sorry if some things are lacking or whatnot (I watched a playthrough so most of what I know is coming from the videos I watched).

I also apologize in advance if the ship doesn’t feel completely in character or they simply don’t, I don’t really ship them?? I know that sounds weird because I’m literally writing a ship book on them?? Lol but I just wanted to mention it so if they feel somewhat unloving then I’m sorry. The story isn’t fully supposed to be romantic or at least completely since well the killing game y’know?

I just wanted to mention that, if I have anything else to add I’ll add it next chapter but see you next chapter :)

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224 words

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March 11/2021

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