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Magic- wandaxreader


Tony Stark's daughter. wanda is new at the avengers compound but you two soon become close friends... do you want more? ( you can control fire/ bethe human torch) :0

Fantasy / Romance
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Chapter 1

F.R.I.D.A.Y woke you up at 8.00 like you asked with an announcement. ′Your father and the rest of the avengers will be returning soon with a new recruit. He asks you to prepare her a room.′ You clamber out of bed and throw on your favourite lab outfit and make your way down stairs to the kitchen. You love it every time the tower is empty because the silence is calming after the rowdiness of living with 6 fully grown adults. Even though you love each of them like family they can get on your nerves sometimes.

You finish making a pot of coffee and head on down to your lab. It is covered in prototypes of your procrastination .It is so easy to get distracted by everything especially when you have access to literally anything you could every want. You stare at your hand painted bisexual flag on your back wall as you try and figure out what medical equipment to get out for the new arrival.

Every new addition to the team must be checked over by yours truly before giving them the go ahead to begin training and missions. You loved handling the medical side of the team as it gave you a chance to get to known the team better. For example only you know that if you scratch Bruce behind his ear he goes a little ‘Hulk-y’.

As time went on you grew nervously anticipating their arrival so much so that when the doorbell and and F.R.I.D.A.Y announced that they were here you almost ran to the door and hugged them all. That accidentally included the new recruit.

A young brunette girl around your age. You stopped breathing for a few second but you shook your self back to reality.

‘Hi, I’m y/n. nice to meet you.’

‘Wanda, Wanda Maximoff.’

A/N : Sorry its short but this is my first time writing a story so.... what do you think?

regan xx

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