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Magic- wandaxreader

Chapter 2

'Wanda, Wanda Maximoff.’

‘Welcome to our home, Wanda!’ You smile in hopes that the awkwardness would leave the conversation. ‘Your rooms on the top floor, next to my room if that’s okay with you?’ You were unable to detect any emotion in her porcelain face until she broke out in a smile and hugged you again, this time on purpose.

′Of course I don't mind, I love it here!′ she looked around excitedly and upon spotting the stairs she rose up with her hands glowing a beautiful scarlet colour and almost flew to the top. Steve turned to look at you and said, 'Oh yeah , I forgot to tell you, she can do that.′ You stared at him and whispered 'What else can she do that I don't know about?′

‘Well, I can move things and read minds, I guess’ Wanda called from the top of the stairs. ′Is my room this way?′ You scuttled up the stairs and nodded. ′Along here, down at the end of the hall.′

After a few weeks, you two became very close friends. You did everything together: shopping, training, missions. The pair of you soon became inseparable. Even when you were on missions, you were an epic duo. She had your back while you were gunning down enemy agents and any one who got bast got the blast of your weapons and her power.

One afternoon in the compound, you were making up salad while Wanda was cooking the chicken when there was a blast from in your lab downstairs. ‘Wanda get the others, I'm going down.’ she tried to protest but you had already left. You summoned your Iron child fist (Tony’s suit but your design) as you skidded into the lab.

A man in a black bullet proof vest with a silver metal arm was scanning the broken room and upon seeing you advanced dangerously. He was a foot away when he was struck across the face with a shield knocking to the ground. As you sat on his chest to stop him getting up, you glanced at the door where Steve stood with his shield on his arm.

‘Why are you sat on a man?’ your dad asked from behind Cap. ‘I panicked and needed to keep him on the ground...’ a groan from the floor drew all your attention to the stranger on the floor.

‘Steve? Who are all of you? Why are you sat on me? Oh no.. what did I do?’ he said dropping his head against the floor as if giving up.
‘Wait, y/n move the mask off his face.’ Steve demanded crouching down. You listened obediently and looked worryingly at you dad, who only returned a shrug.

‘Bucky? Is that you?’

‘Hey man, sorry for making a mess in your room.’

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