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🌱 oc x character 🍄 little nightmares II 🐚 I do not own little nightmares, I only own my oc.

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•chapter one• | Strange Meeting 🍄

The sound of water dripping was the only thing I could hear. My eyes shot open as I saw that I was in a dark room. And a gush of wind flew by, leaving a brown paper bag.


I quickly sat up, hitting my head on the top of this wooden platform. I saw that I was on a bunk bed. I climb down, well not really climbing down because I slipped and fell. The floor was made out of wood, dusty and old. I could hear some loud footsteps. Not knowing who or what it could be, I hid under a table.

The door swung open, showing a tall man with a bag over his face. He had an old coat on, as well as a hat. He let out a sigh and grunted. I climbed out from under the table. "You're awake. Now can you search the forest and see if anyone happened to find themselves here?" The man pointed at a dresser. There was a a large stick leaning upon it, and a mustard yellow jacket thrown on it. There was a pair of boots on the floor. Then the unknown man left. I walked to the dresser and saw myself in the mirror.

I had short messy hair and I wore a black shirt with a pair of jean shorts. My face had a bandage on it and my knuckles looked red. I look down and saw one of my legs with bandages on it. I put on the jacket and the shoes. Almost forgetting the stick, I walked back and brought it with me.

The house smelled weird, like a dead rat. The floor squeaked as I walked on the old wood planks. There were some pictures on the walls, they had pictures of people I didn't know on it. I made my way into the dining room. Sitting at the table, were three dead people who didn't move. They must have been stuffed or something. I finally found the door to get out of the house.

I saw that I was too small to reach the door knob. There was a dog door, so I decided to use that. I crawled through the dog door and saw the outside. A forest blanketed in trees. There were a few boxes outside, and a bathroom hut. I walked through the grass and mud. The leaves making a nice crunchy noise.

I decided to wander deep into the forest. I kept walking until a bear trap bit it's teeth into air. "So that's what the stick is for." I said to myself. I put out the stick in front of me, and walked again. I encountered a few bear traps before I found myself in front of a broken bridge. I then take a left and I realized I'm probably lost. "Well damn." I cursed.

I turn around and see a kid. They were wearing a trench coat and a paper bag over their head. Just like the one I saw in my dream. We stood there for a second. "Well, hi! My name is Mono!" The paper bag child said happily. "Pronouns?" I asked. "He/him." He replied. "What's your name?" I sweated nervously, I didn't know my name. "Oh, you don't remember? That's ok!" He held out his hand. For a handshake or holding his hand? I was about to take his hand but then he quickly retracted it.

"That pin." He pointed at my jacket. I looked at my jacket and saw a small pin with a marking on it. "So you're one of those hunters. Kid killers." He stated.
"What?" I took a step back in surprise. I wasn't aware of anything, because many of my memories have been washed away. Like I was brainwashed. I squinted my eyes, "If I was a hunter or something, wouldn't I be dead already?" I questioned.
"I mean, you do have a point. You're probably related to the hunter." He responded. "Well- ok." I sighed.

"Anyways, I'll be going somewhere." He spoke. He started to stomp off, then waddling back. "I don't like to be alone." He mumbled, shifting his feet. "You want me to come with you?" I said in a mocking tone. "What do you want me to do? Hold your hand?" Mono looked to the side and played with his fingers. It was quiet for a bit. "Fine." I sighed. I grabbed his hand and started to walk. And it was quiet again.

If it's quiet, somebody's gonna stir up a conversation. And I know it's not me. "So, uhm. Did you happen to have a dream where some random object flew by?"
I mean I did, but I don't wanna answer. "Not gonna answer, huh. Well, uhm. Can we be friends?" He asked. "No." I answered. And here comes the annoying stuff. "Whyyy?" He complained, extending the y. "I don't wanna get attached to someone because they're probably gonna die." He pouted, then smiled weirdly. "Or we could be more than that." He giggled.


"Ow!" He cried. "That hurt." I frowned at him, then continued to walk. "Bitch."
"What?!" He grabbed me by the collar. "I am not whatever you just called me!" He yelled. And of course, I happened to be standing over a ledge. I sighed, and we fell backwards. Rolling over in the mud, I saw that there was a log coming after us. Luckily, there were some trees nearby, stopping the log from flattening us.

"You almost got us killed!" I scold him. I look around, and he's gone. Kinda hope he's dead. "you're crushing my spleen." And my hopes went down, because I was laying on top of him.
(Author: Haha, no cute pinning down people and blushing for you.)
"Bet you don't even know where your spleen is." I get off him and dusted myself off. He got up as well and crossed his arms. "My plan is to turn you in, but now we're lost." He turned around, "Turn me in? To the hunter? Nah, how about we go somewhere else." He said frantically. I stared at him, "Give me a valid reason why I shouldn't."

He turned around and took off his paper bag. "Because I'm cute" he snorted. He had his thumb and index finger in a finger gun position.
(Author: Like 👈 but the thumb is more upwards)
I had an unamused look on my face. "Wow." I clapped slightly. I pulled the paper bag from his hands and smacked his face with it. "Put that back on." And grabbed his hand and started walking again. "Well there goes my chances." He sobbed.

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Ok I did reupload this from wattpad and continue to do so. But it is from my account on there
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